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Informative Speaking

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Informative Speaking. Chapter 15. Informative Speech . Communicates knowledge & understanding about a process, an event, a person or place, an object or a concept. Informative Speaking Environments.

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Presentation Transcript
informative speech
Informative Speech
  • Communicates knowledge & understanding about a process, an event, a person or place, an object or a concept
informative speaking environments
Informative Speaking Environments
  • Environments in which speaker has expertise or knowledge that audience needs but doesn’t already have
types of informative speeches
Types ofInformative Speeches
  • Speeches about:
    • Processes
    • Events
    • Places & People
    • Objects
    • Concepts
speeches about processes
Speeches about Processes
  • Show how to perform or understand a process
speeches about events
Speeches about Events
  • Help an audience understand:
    • what happened
    • why it happened
    • what effect it had
speeches about places people
Speeches aboutPlaces & People
  • Help audience understand:
    • importance, nature, appeal, charm or integrity of a place or person
    • contributions person has made to an organization or community
speeches about objects
Speeches about Objects
  • Describes components or characteristics of something
  • Audience better understand why important or valued
speeches about concepts
Speeches about Concepts
  • Helps audience understand:
    • a concept
    • its history
    • its characteristics
    • its effect on societies or individuals
student video example
Student Video Example

Informative Speech

by Chelsey Penoyer

(partial: 35 sec.)

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organizing informative speeches
OrganizingInformative Speeches
  • Chronological
  • Spatial
  • Causal
  • Topical

See Rachael Rota’s

Informative Speech on p. 329 or on the Interactive Student and Professional Speech Videos Website.

tips for giving effective informative speeches
Tips for Giving Effective Informative Speeches
  • Bring topic to life
  • Tailor information to audience
  • Use clear & unbiased language
bring topic to life
Bring Topic to Life
  • Engaging material
  • Relevant
  • Stay audience centered
  • Share human side of topic
engaging material
Engaging Material
  • Draws audience in & excites or interests them
  • Useful or something for jobs, life in community, or informed decisions
tailor information to audience
Tailor Information to Audience
  • Stay audience centered
  • Include information most educational
  • Adjust content to match level of knowledge, expertise & experience
use clear unbiased language
Use Clear &Unbiased Language
  • Define new terminology
  • Break complicated processes into steps
  • Explain terms or phrases specific to particular field or activity
ethical informative speaking
EthicalInformative Speaking
  • Based on careful research
  • Unbiased information
  • Honest presentation of information