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Expanding Your PDA

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Expanding Your PDA Or… What ELSE Can You Do with Your PDA? (Hardware and Software!) Address To Do Memo Date Book Mail Expense Calculator Core Software Applications… Address To Do Date Book Memo Mail Expense Calculator A World of Expansion Possibilities Groupware :

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expanding your pda

Expanding Your PDA


What ELSE Can You Do with Your PDA?(Hardware and Software!)

core software applications


To Do


Date Book




Core Software Applications…
a world of expansion possibilities


To Do

Date Book





A World of Expansion Possibilities
  • Groupware:
  • Lotus Notes
  • Novell GroupWise
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Enterprise Productivity:
  • Business Information Management
  • SQL Database Transactions
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Field Force Automation
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Time & Resource Tracking
  • Server Management
  • Data Communications:
  • Remote access & synchronization
  • Web browsing
  • Internet e-mail
  • Paging
  • Faxing
  • Global Positioning Systems
  • Development Tools:
  • Metrowerks CodeWarrior
  • Conduit SDK
  • 3Com HDK
  • C, C++, Java, Assembly, Forth, …
  • Shareware & Freeware:
  • Graphics
  • Sound
  • Games
  • plus much more…
  • Synchronization with:
  • all major desktop PIMs
  • major LAN-based e-mail packages
software expansion

Software Expansion

For Palm: 80,000 Downloadable Applications!

expansion capabilities
Expansion Capabilities
  • The Portable Office
  • Handheld Communications
  • Business Tools
  • Life Management Tools
  • Travel Tools
  • Games and Multimedia Applications
the portable pda office

The Portable PDA Office




Printing from your Handheld

pda office on the go
PDA Office on the Go
  • Your PDA: The more memory the better!
  • Keyboard: suggested!
  • Document Editor: Create and edit large documents in MS Word format
  • Spreadsheet: Create and edit Excel spreadsheets and charts with macros
  • Database: Manage data
  • Document Reader Read documents and e-books in the Palm .doc format
  • Print: IR Print Capabilities
pda office ebook document readers
PDA Office: eBook Document Readers
  • Other popular document readers include:
    • The Palm Reader
    • iSilo
    • TealDoc
    • Mobipocket Reader
    • TomeRaider
  • More:
    • http://www.the-gadgeteer.com/docreaders-review.html
pda office printing software
PDA Office: Printing Software
  • IRPrint:
    • http://www.irprint.com/
  • TealPrint:
    • http://www.tealpoint.com/softprnt.htm
  • PrintBoy:
    • http://www.bachmannsoftware.com/products-printboy.htm
  • PalmPrint:
    • http://www.stevenscreek.com/palm/palmprint.shtml
  • Comparisons:
    • http://www.its.uiowa.edu/cs/sp/pda/palm-printing.pdf
pda office printing hardware ir print adapters
PDA Office: Printing Hardware: IR Print Adapters
  • You have an IR port on your PDA, we've looked at several programs to enable your PDA to print on IR enabled Printers
    • But, if your printer or fax machine is not IR enabled, you can make it so!
  • http://www.alphasmart.com/languages/german/produkte/pc_ir_podde.html
  • http://ucables.com/products/IR-Adapter/
  • http://www.tekram.com/hot_products.asp?Product=IR-210
  • http://www.bachmannsoftware.com/infraready.htm
handheld communications

Handheld Communications


Internet Access


handheld communications palm e mail solutions
Handheld Communications: Palm E-Mail Solutions


  • MultiMail:
    • http://www.actualsoft.com/
  • PocketFlash for AOL E-Mail:
    • http://www.powermedia.com/pilot/index.shtml
  • Eudora for the Palm OS:
    • http://www.eudora.com/internetsuite/
  • The Palm Mail FAQ:
    • http://www.palm.com/wireless/E-Mail/faqs.html
  • An Introduction to Palm Pilot E-Mail
    • http://www.palmpower.com/issues/issue199807/handson001.html
handheld communications internet access
Handheld Communications: Internet Access
  • Off-Line Browsing
  • Live Web Browsing
handheld communications off line internet access
Handheld Communications: Off-Line Internet Access
  • If you suffer Web withdrawal every time you leave your desktop computer, AvantGo www.avantgo.com may offer the antidote
    • After registering on the AvantGo site and downloading and installing the free PDA software, you can select from a large and growing array of Web sites (called "channels" by AvantGo) from which to capture content
handheld communications off line internet access22
Handheld Communications: Off-Line Internet Access
  • Avantgo channels can be restricted to text to save space and download time, or include images (more successfully on color models than on grayscale models)
    • Every time you HotSync while online, the content for your chosen sites is updated
      • There are hundreds of channels available, organized topically, and if your favorite site isn't represented you can create a custom channel for it with a bit of tweaking
        • While surfing, you'll also find sites that have an AvantGo link to let you download and HotSync specific content appropriate for a PDA
          • Your options are limited only by the memory aboard your PDA (you can limit the amount of RAM allocated to each site) and your tolerance for long HotSyncs
handheld communications live on line internet access
Handheld Communications: Live (On-Line) Internet Access
  • One you have a modem, a cell phone connection or wireless access, grab a browser and surf the web dudes!
    • Review: Web Browsers:
      • http://www.palmspot.com/software/Internet/Browsers/
handheld communications fax software
Handheld Communications: Fax Software
  • Use Your Palm as a Fax Machine
    • A PDA can receive pages, send faxes, make printouts, and transmit information wirelessly
      • Mobile WinFax by Symantec
  • http://www.zdnet.com/downloads/pilotsoftware/launchpad/mobilewf.html

NOTE: Requires a modem or wireless connection

multimedia capabilities

Multimedia Capabilities

E-Book Libraries

Photo Albums


Creativity Software


multimedia capabilities e book libraries
Multimedia Capabilities:E-Book Libraries
  • http://www.ebookmall.com/palm/
  • http://www.memoware.com/
  • http://www.fictionwise.com/
  • http://www.textlibrary.com/palm_free_ebook_library.htm
  • http://www.pdabookstore.com/
multimedia capabilities movies photo albums
Multimedia Capabilities:Movies & Photo Albums
  • Manifest Technology Site
    • Products, Screen Captures, Comparisons
      • http://tinyurl.com/mvc
multimedia capabilities movies photo albums34
Multimedia Capabilities:Movies & Photo Albums
  • http://tinyurl.com/mvd
    • PhotoSuite Mobile Edition
    • Video at 30 frames a second
      • Video files
        • .MOV .AVI .WMV
      • Photo files
        • .JPG .TIF .GIF .PNG .BMP
multimedia capabilities movies photo albums35
Multimedia Capabilities:Movies & Photo Albums
  • http://www.tealpoint.com/softhome.htm
    • TealPaint
    • TealMovie *wow*
  • FireConverter with Video
    • http://www.firepad.com/products/fireconverter/
multimedia capabilities creativity software
Multimedia Capabilities:Creativity Software
  • Music
  • Language
  • Painting and Drawing
multimedia capabilities music creativity software
Multimedia Capabilities:Music Creativity Software
  • Your PDA device can teach you how to finger a guitar chord, record simple melodies, be a tuning fork, or even be a metronome!
    • http://tinyurl.com/mvf
multimedia capabilities language creativity software
Multimedia Capabilities:Language Creativity Software
  • Visit http://tinyurl.com/mvh
    • Over 400 programs available for download!
      • Your PDA can teach you Japanese, translate individual European language words, even act as a simple phrase interpreter
multimedia capabilities paint draw creativity software
Multimedia Capabilities:Paint & Draw Creativity Software
  • Picasso Palm Paint
    • http://tinyurl.com/mvk
  • PDA Drawing Programs
    • http://tinyurl.com/mvl
genealogy software
Genealogy Software
  • http://www.ghcssoftware.com/gedstar.htm
    • GedStar works closely with your PC-based genealogy program, and is fully compatible with any program that can export data in the standard "GEDCOM" file format.
      • This includes all known free and commercial products that are currently on the market.
multimedia capabilities palm games
Multimedia Capabilities:Palm Games
  • http://www.palm-games.com/
  • http://www.palmtown.com/
  • http://www.palmgamingworld.com/
  • http://www.whitehorsegames.com/
  • http://www.astraware.com/
  • http://www.handmark.com/products/games.html
hardware expansion

Hardware Expansion

Modems and GPS and Beepers, Oh My!

hardware expansion capabilities
Hardware Expansion Capabilities
  • Data Communications Hardware
  • Sled Expansion
  • Memory Expansion Types
  • Handspring Springboard Modules
  • Other Fun Stuff
flexible data communications hardware

Paging card

CDPD wireless modem

EthernetHotSync™ cradle

(in development)

Serial portHotSync™ cradle

Modem cable

GSM adapter

HotSync™ cable

Flexible Data Communications Hardware

Two-way text pager with IR


Data/fax modem

data communications hardware beeper
Data Communications Hardware:Beeper
  • Your paging options are a PageMart card (which replaces the battery door on an old Palm Pilot, Palm PDA, or WorkPad model) which can receive pages
  • Or a OneTouch cable/software kit that lets your Palm PDA plug into your existing beeper
    • Need your Palm PDA to vibrate instead of beep?
      • Get a TaleVibes doodad that plugs into your Palm PDA's HotSync jack
data communications hardware pager

modified memory door

Data Communications Hardware:Pager
  • Compatible with all versions of the Palm PDA
  • 2MB of RAM + Motorola Flex Pager
  • PageMart Wireless Service
    • local, national and international roaming options
    • http://www2.pagemart.com/personal/palm.html
data communications hardware pager and e mail
Data Communications Hardware:Pager and E-Mail
  • Supports SkyTel’s SkyWriter or MCI Interactive Service
  • Two-way & One-way messaging
  • Send/Receive E-Mail
  • Group pages and E-Mail
  • Uses Palm address book


data communications hardware phone
Data Communications Hardware:Phone
  • GSM phone adapter for Palm devices
  • Supports over 40 mobile phones including Ericsson, Nokia, AT&T and Sony
  • Supports remote HotSync, SmartCode products - HandStamp, HandFax & HandWeb
  • SMS support with Handphone application


data communications hardware gps


Data Communications Hardware:GPS
  • Magellan, the originator of the hand-held GPS receiver, introduced the GPS Companion for the Palm Vx connected organizers
    • The small, lightweight receiver combines two devices into one by clipping onto the Palm for a sleek, comfortable fit without cables
      • GPS Companion shows the user's position on a map, tracks a course, and provides navigation details such as speed, distance and time of arrival
      • Great for travel or outdoor activities, the GPS Companion is not only the most affordable GPS clip-on, it's the most versatile
        • Alternate the software for applications such as golf, mapping, restaurant guides and more
sled expansion palm digital camera
Sled Expansion: Palm Digital Camera
  • Lightweight and miniature-size digital still cameras are available that can capture color images
  • Some models feature a rotating lens so you can take pictures from various angles
sled expansion wireless modems
Sled Expansion: Wireless Modems
  • Novatel
  • OmniSky
  • Yada Yada
  • Earthlink Mobile:
    • http://www.earthlink.net/mobile/
memory expansion types compact flash cf
Memory Expansion Types: Compact Flash (CF)
  • Aimed largely at enterprise users, the TRGpro is a Palm III on steroids, with 8MB of RAM, a beefier speaker, and a Type II Compact Flash card slot.
    • The latter provides many interesting possibilities, including the storage capacity of the IBM Microdrive, currently available in sizes up to 1GB.
memory expansion types secure digital sd mmc
Memory Expansion Types:Secure Digital (SD) / MMC
  • The latest entry in the Palm OS race at this writing is the Sony Clié, which provides memory expansion in the form of Sony's Memory Stick modules.
    • Palm itself now sports multiple models with an expansion slot which accepts postage sized memory in SD and MMC formats
memory expansion types sony memory stick
Memory Expansion Types:Sony Memory Stick
  • Enjoy virtually unlimited data storage with your handheld. Memory Stick media comes in 8MB, 16MB, 32MB, 64MB, and 128MB
  • Transfer digital content between your CLIÉ handheld and other Memory Stick compatible products including digital camera, digital camcorder and PC
    • Store your favorite music, video, and pictures on Memory Stick removable media and take them wherever you go
other fun stuff c pen scanner
Other Fun Stuff:C Pen Scanner
  • C-Pen is a digital reader pen that reads, remembers, processes and transfers printed text, cordlessly or by cable, to your Windows-equipped PC and PDA products.
    • C-Pen is in essence an electronic highlighter that saves the text you are marking


other fun stuff seiko ink link


Other Fun Stuff:Seiko Ink Link

The ultimate tool for instantly capturing your handwriting or drawings directly to your handheld, laptop, or desktop PC -- easy to use, works on ordinary paper up to legal size and easily clips onto 50 page tablets. Comes with its own carrying case that fits in a pocket or purse.

more options
More Options?
  • If you want to follow that various hardware upgrades I purchase, keep track of what’s in my Palm at:
    • http://www.technoweenies.com/palm/mygear.html
hardware wireless ip modems
Hardware: Wireless IP Modems
  • Novatel, Minstrel, OmniSky, Yada Yada
    • Compatible with Various Palm Models
      • Bundled with POP3 client and text based web browser
      • External battery recharger
      • CDPD wireless technology
      • Compatible with most ISPs
  • Now, once you have one of these, or any wireless device…
the starbucks locator


The Starbucks Locator!


  • Search for starbucks
  • Click on Starbucks Store Locator
  • Download the tiny, free .pqa file, HotSync and you are good to go!
    • Might need Where-2-Go
      • http://hotfiles.zdnet.com/cgi-bin/texis/swlib/hotfiles/info.html?fcode=001DF2&b=zdpalm%20