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Expanding your Market Place PowerPoint Presentation
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Expanding your Market Place

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Expanding your Market Place
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Expanding your Market Place

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  1. Expanding your Market Place AIMED 2.23.07 Daytona Beach Ronelle Ingram ronellei@msn.com www.ronelleingram.com

  2. What are you Going to Sell???? Be Realistic Be Creative ronellei@msn.com

  3. Expand Your Horizons Know your customer base Who are they? What do they do? What do they need? What can you provide? How are you going to find out? Rainbow or storm clouds? ronellei@msn.com

  4. Use Your Employees Sales Reps Service Techs Delivery Receptionist You Everybody (see scouting report) ronellei@msn.com

  5. Espresso Bar Airplane Charter Courier Service Car Detailing Wide format Delivery Service Childcare Public Printing Public Mail Boxes Answering Service Janitorial Service Storage Facility Sublet Office Space Nurses Exchange Auto Repair Bindery Plant Nursery Consignment Store Employment Agency Publish Newsletter Sell more Mailing Other Options ronellei@msn.com

  6. $ Think Long Term $ One time sale Aftermarket revenue Internet for realistic price points Don’t believe everything you hear Talk to other buyers and sellers Realistic start-up cost Training, Advertising, Inventory STRESS ronellei@msn.com

  7. Once the Decision is Made New Compensation Program Big bonus first 3 months Must sell new items to make quota Full line in the demo room Weekly sales meetings Fliers–Techs, Front Desk, Mailers, Sales Reps and shipping stuffers ronellei@msn.com

  8. FREEIndustry Periodicals ENX www.enxmag.com Locator www.asaypublishing.com Image Source www.imagesource.com ronellei@msn.com

  9. Fax Printers Laminating Coin Ops Binder Makers Scanners Laminators Duplicators Surplus Supplies Cleaning Products Training Center Tele Market outsource Recharging Center Service-Supply Broker Import - Export Shredders Storage Media Recycling Center Stationary Store Web Design / Hosting Traditional Extensions ronellei@msn.com

  10. Bulk Mailing Shredders Printers / Fax Supplies / Parts OEM NON-OEM Color Products Blind drop ship Power Protection MFP’s Warranty Depot Software Enduser Training Wholesale/Service Copiers . . . Themselves What are other’s selling? ronellei@msn.com

  11. Authorized Dealer Contracts Quotas Paper work Higher prices Required training Buy-Sell agreements Trips, prizes, advertising co-op, Training, technical support, warranty ronellei@msn.com

  12. Sharp Channel Certified Reseller through a Distributor Flexibility Agreements Lower prices Training Tech Support OEM Warranty Parts availability Leasing Options No Buy-Sell agreements Some trips, prizes, advertising co-op ronellei@msn.com

  13. If you are not COMMITTED, Don’t even bother A few of anything never makes $$$ Employees see new products as irritants You must sell to the employees 1st Sales reps forced out of comfort zone It they don’t sell, no one will buy Change is always a struggle ronellei@msn.com