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  2. GIANT PANDASby Destiny, Marlen, and Alexa • Today the news is about pandas. Pandas are endangered animals. • So read all about it!

  3. PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS • They are about as big as an American black bear. • They can only be as tall as 4-5 feet tall. • A panda weighs about 200 pounds.

  4. FOOD SOURCES • Pandas eat trees and they also eat a lot of bamboo. Bamboo looks like straws stuck together. • Some pandas get their food with their claws.

  5. HABITAT • Today Pandas in Southwestern China are dying because people are destroying homes and food that they need to live and eat.

  6. YOUNG • Two cubs are born to their mom, but one of the cubs usually dies. • Sometimes when pandas are captured, pandas have surgery to see if they are healthy. When baby pandas are about 1 year old they are set free to go on their own.

  7. Why are pandas endangered? • They are endangered because there is not enough space for them to live and find food.

  8. What are we doing to help protect pandas? • People find and save the babies and take care of them when the mother won't take care of them. • The people of China have passed laws protecting pandas and the places where they live.

  9. Interesting Facts About Pandas • The Chinese people call the giant panda “da xiong mao”. In the summer pandas live high in the mountains. Baby pandas are born in a safe place called a den. • Did you know that when pandas want to communicate to say hello they do a barking sound?

  10. Snow Leopardsby Kodi • Did you know that snow leopards are endangered animals? • If you didn’t know that, you can read all about it!

  11. Habitat • Snow leopards are very interesting animals. The snow leopard is found in central Asia specifically the Himalayas and the Hindu Kush.

  12. Food Source • The snow leopard’s prey includes wild sheep, wild boars, and gazelles. • They stalk their prey and usually spring from a distance of 20 to 50 feet.

  13. Young • Snow leopard young are born up to four at a time in a warm den lined with mama leopard’s fur.

  14. Why are snow leopards an endangered animal? • The snow leopard is endangered because they are hunted and killed for their fur.

  15. What are we doing to help protect snow leopards? • The people that are taking care of the snow leopards are putting tracking devices on them to keep track of where they are and are building preserves to keep them safe.

  16. Interesting Facts About Snow Leopards • What I like about snow leopards is they live in high places.

  17. Sea TurtlesBy Johnel and Emily • Today’s news is about green sea turtles. Sea turtles are endangered animals. So read all about it!

  18. Habitat • Green sea turtles are very interesting animals. • Green sea turtles live in Florida, from the space coast to the gold coast.

  19. Physical Characteristics • Green sea turtles weigh about 500 pounds. • They can live from 12 to 50 years!

  20. Food Sources • The green sea turtles eat chiefly marine vegetation .

  21. Young • All female turtles lay their eggs and let them go by themselves. They lay their eggs on the beach and bury them in the sand. When the eggs hatch, the little turtles they crawl to the sea.

  22. Why are sea turtles endangered animals? • People have been destroying their habitats. • Sometimes they get got in fishing nets. • People catch the turtles for food or to make things from the turtle shells.

  23. What are people doing to help save sea turtles? • People are making laws so other people won’t kill sea turtles.

  24. Most Interesting Facts • They look old, but they are really young. • Another interesting fact is that their skin has scales to protect them.

  25. TEST TIME! • Now you need to get some paper and your pencil and be ready to answer some questions the boys and girls have made about the power point. • Are you ready? • Good Luck!

  26. Panda Questions • 1. What do pandas eat? • 2. Where do pandas live? • 3. What happens when the panda mother does not have enough food for both her cubs? • 4. Why are pandas endangered? • 5. What are people doing to protect them?

  27. Snow Leopard Questions • 1. What do they look like? • 2. Where do they live? • 3. Why do you think they are called snow leopards? • 4. What do they eat? • 5. Why are they endangered? • 6. What are people doing to protect them?

  28. Sea Turtles Questions • 1. What do sea turtles eat? • 2. Why do you think they bury their eggs in the sand on the beach? • 3. Where do they live? • 4. Why are they endangered? • 5. How are people protecting them?

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