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DoD Fresh Produce Program Update and Issues PowerPoint Presentation
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DoD Fresh Produce Program Update and Issues

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DoD Fresh Produce Program Update and Issues
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DoD Fresh Produce Program Update and Issues

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    1. DoD Fresh Produce Program Update and Issues ACDA Annual National Conference Kansas City, Missouri April 6, 2008

    2. DoD Fresh Update DSCP business model change: Centralized contracting Weekly market price analysis Automated ordering and receipt system Deliveries established on current schedules Seasonal availability issues Customer Reps remain in the field Goal remains to provide full selection of highest quality produce at current market prices

    3. DoD Fresh Produce Program Update All field offices closed on/before March 28, 2008 45 contracts to replace 800 BPAs 21 awarded and implemented DSO transition team at DSCP Philadelphia will finish school year 14 areas to be re-solicited and implemented before September 1

    4. DSCP Long Term Produce Contracts 18 month base with 3 - 18 month options Possible 6 year coverage Includes military troop locations in same zone Similar food service operations Vendor establishes catalog items based on commercial sources, seasons, customer feedback Prices checked each week by contract specialist Final Delivered Price - Vendor invoices electronically after School inputs Receipt in FFAVORS Web

    5. DSCP Produce Contract Awards Awarded and Implemented: Upper NY (Carlo Masi) Tennessee (Adams Brothers) PA/NY/NJ (Gargiulo) Missouri (C&C Produce) Virginia (Produce Source) Iowa (Loffredo) North Carolina (Foster Caviness) New Mexico/So. Colorado (Quality) South Carolina (US Foodservice) Utah (Muir Copper Canyon) North Florida (East Coast) Dallas (Hardies) Mississippi (Adams Brothers) El Paso (Segovia) Arkansas (Robertson) San Diego (Coast) Wisconsin (AJ Produce) Los Angeles (Coast) Illinois (Fox River Foods) Alaska (DiTomaso) OH/KY/IN (Robys Country Gardens)

    6. DSCP Produce Contract Awards Awarded; implementation by May 1 Central Florida (Weyand) South Florida/Virgin Islands (Produce Connection) Houston (Third Coast) To be Awarded New England Louisiana Nevada Georgia OK/TX MD/DE/DC Florida Panhandle/Alabama Arizona San Francisco Work being done by DSO transition team at DSCP

    7. Contract Zones to be Resolicited Currently supported by DSO transition team South Carolina Ohio (partial) Michigan Colorado Washington Oregon Idaho Wyoming Nebraska North Dakota South Dakota Minnesota Puerto Rico Guam

    8. FFAVORS Web Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Order and Receipt Systemon the web Every ordering person receives user id/password from DSCP Actual weekly market prices Funds and balances Receipt, Receipt, Receipt Let us know personnel changes Back out correctly SPAM blockers

    9. Delivery Dates in FFAVORS Web (Vendor requires Orders 72 hrs in advance) If you want a Monday delivery, order by previous Tuesday If you want a Tuesday delivery, order by previous Wednesday If you want Wednesday delivery, order by previous Thursday If you want Friday delivery, order on Monday of the week you want delivery For example: To look at the system on Monday, April 7, you will see 5 business days available for delivery (No delivery on Sat, April 12 and Sun, April 13) Delivery dates available: Fri, April 11 Mon, April 14 Tue, April 15 Wed, April 16 Thur, April 17

    10. DSCP Points of Contact

    11. Customer Representatives Ken Wilmoth - 804-413-1535 (Southeast Region/North and South Carolina) Larry Munoz - 757-438-2707 (Virginia) Allan Reif - 407-947-0187 (Florida/Mississippi) Greg Sankovic - 407-947-1592 (Florida/West Virginia/Puerto Rico) Sam Turner - 205-966-0020 (Alabama) Todd Baxley -- 904-483-6239 (Florida/Georgia/Caribbean) Vera Strilchuk - 410-977-0003 (Mid-Atlantic - NY to Washington DC) David Lucht - 508-726-7371 (New England) John Woods - 816-200-4263 (Central States) Yvette Newell - 817-538-1484 (Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma) Sylvia Sanchez - 817-538-1546 (Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma) Russ Brooks - 303-961-1195 (Rocky Mountains) Karen Kenton - 303-961-1235 (Rocky Mountains) Steve Covington - 213-216-4536 (Los Angeles) Mike Espinoza - 619-666-1728 (San Diego/Arizona) Nels Johnson - 510-812-4717 (San Francisco/Export) Reggie Ali - 510-812-4763 (San Francisco) Genaro Cordova -- 559-862-3950 (California/Nevada) Curt Cadogan -- 951-232-3547 (California/Nevada) Dave Edmondson -- 253-261-7170 (Northwest, Alaska) Tessie Vez - 253-261-7171 (Northwest) Joe Miller - (Mid-West - Kansas through Dakotas)