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Summon - HINARI Search (Module 3) PowerPoint Presentation
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Summon - HINARI Search (Module 3)

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Summon - HINARI Search (Module 3)
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Summon - HINARI Search (Module 3)

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  1. Summon - HINARI Search(Module 3)

  2. What Is Summon? • Summon is a Google-like search engine that provides fast, relevancy-ranked results: • Enter the search terms into a single search box or select Advanced Search options from the results page • Refine (limit) results by criteria such as date, subject, academic journals and other options • View results, and link directly to full text or more details

  3. From the HINARI Content page, open the Search inside HINARI full-text through database and article searching list to access Summon – HINARI search. Search results are limited to the full-text material available in the specific country.

  4. Now click on the Summon-HINARI Search link.

  5. A list of Summon search sites is displayed. Go to Nepal or another country on the list and click on the link. You will have access to ejournals and ebooks that, via HINARI, are available in Nepal or the country of your choice.. …

  6. If your country is not listed in the Summon search sites, it does not have a profile. Go to HINARI Summon General Use at the bottom of the list and click on this.

  7. Enter hospital infections AND developing countries in the Search box and click on Search.Note the icon to the Advanced Search option.

  8. The search returned 136,246 results. The availability of full-text articles and books is noted by a symbol. In the left column, there are numerous ways to Refine your search including Content Type and Subject Terms options. Content Type includes all material available from HINARI – Journal Articles, eBook, Book Reviews, Report…

  9. Click on Full Text Online to go to the document – in this case, #1 of the search.

  10. Now displayed is the Content available page. Click on the Article Full Text option. Note – this is not article that will be opened. We have clicked on the Full-text icon and displayed this page. Now we will click on the link to the Article Note also the Search for full-text journals at HINARI – Bosnia and Herzegovina option.

  11. We now have opened the Full-text article fromArchives of Disease in Childhood (the 4th article in the search results). Note the Full Text HTML, Full Text PDF and Supplementary Data options.

  12. The PDF of the article is displayed. results.

  13. Now click on the Full Text Online for the 8th article of the search. This is an Science Direct (Elsevier) journal.

  14. To access the full-text, click on (Elsevier) Science Direct – Click Here to Log in. Note: Wolters/Kluwer has a similar two step process.

  15. Now displayed is the initial page of the Science Direct Portal. Return to the Content Available page. This will be a separate tab on the web browser. Do not try to search for the specific journal article.

  16. After return to the Content is available page, click on Article Full Text.

  17. Now displayed is the html version of the article with a download PDF option.

  18. Now click on the Full Text Online for the 3nd article of the search.

  19. The link to the full text is Not Found.

  20. Return to the HINARI Content page and access the full text article via the Journals collection A-Z listing.

  21. From the A listing, the link to the Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control is displayed. Click on the link to this journal.

  22. The contents of the specific journal is displayed.The specific article will be in Volume 2 (2013).

  23. Click on the Preview (> arrow) – to display a summary of the article.

  24. Another useful tool is the save the items (+) option. This will highlight the + sign These results can be emailed or printed.

  25. The slide shows 1 Saved Items (+) option. Note the Export to, Print, and Email options and also how to Clear all saved items.

  26. The left column has several refine your search options – Content Type, Discipline and Publication Date.

  27. Scroll down the Filter options to Publication Date. Using the calendar symbol, Enter 01 Jan 2016 and 12/31/16 in the Publication Date boxes.

  28. Also added is the Journal Article Filter along with the Date Filter.The new search has 5616 citations.

  29. Note: for new searches, you can Keep search refinements or do a New search. Now refine the search to Any (Subject Terms) and Book / eBook (Content Type). The results for this search are 6,803.

  30. Displayed is the access to a Science Direct Book Full Text.

  31. One of the Science Direct ebook titles is displayed with Download PDFs and Export option. If you are unable to access the book from the Summon full-text link, go back to Hinari and open the book from the Books Collection A-Z 10/19/2019

  32. Displayed is the Summon Advanced Search option – (available to the right of the search box). Updated 2016 08