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HINARI Website

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HINARI Website - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HINARI Website. MODULE 2 HINARI Website . Instructions This part of the course is a PowerPoint demonstration intended to show a guided tour of the HINARI Web-interface. This part of the module is off-line and intended as an information resource for reference use.

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HINARI Website

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    1. HINARI Website

    2. MODULE 2 HINARI Website Instructions This part of the course is a PowerPoint demonstration intended to show a guided tour of the HINARI Web-interface. This part of the module is off-line and intended as an information resource for reference use. This part of the module should be taken before using the live tutorial on the HINARI website and does not require a HINARI training password.

    3. Welcome to the HINARI Homepage http://www.healthinternetwork.org/  http://www.who.int/hinari/en/ Welcome to the HINARI Homepage. This tutorial will look at how to use the HINARI website.

    4. The HINARI website address To access the HINARI website enter the URL http://www.who.int/hinari/en/

    5. Choose a language option Choose a language option. This tutorial will be in English.

    6. Registration 1 Your institution must be registered for you to gain access to the full-text electronic resources. Click on “Registration Form” to register.

    7. Registration 2 Only one registration per institution is required. Click on “Send Registration”. Once your institution is registered, the librarian will receive a HINARI username and password. All members of your institution –researchers, teaching staff, librarians, students etc – are entitled to use the institution’s username and password.

    8. Logging in to HINARI 1 Log-in to the HINARI website by clicking “HINARI LOG IN”

    9. Logging into HINARI 2 You will need to insert your HINARI User ID and password in the Log In box and click on the “Sign On” Icon

    10. The “Journal” area of the website Once you have logged-in you will be taken into the “Journal” area of the website. From here there are a number of ways to access full-text resources.

    11. Accessing journals by title 1 Journals can be accessed by title from an alphabetical list. To find “The Lancet” click on “L”.

    12. Accessing journals by title 2 Select the desired journal in the list containing all the journals beginning with “L”.

    13. Accessing journals by title 3 Select a title in the list to select a journal

    14. Accessing journals by title 4 Another window will open at the journal publishers’ website.

    15. Other methods of finding journals Articles can also be found via PubMed, Subject listing, Language, and publisher.

    16. Accessing journals by via PubMed Click on the link to find articles through PubMed, see the PubMed module for more on this resource.

    17. Accessing journals by subject 1 Pull down the drop down menu to find predetermined “Subject” Categories.

    18. Accessing journals by subject 2 From the drop down list, we selected the “Infectious Diseases” categories.

    19. Accessing journals by subject 3 An alphabetical list of Infectious Diseases Journals is now displayed with links to the journal websites.

    20. Accessing journals by subject 5 Click on a journal title to launch the journal in a new browser window.

    21. Accessing journals by Language 1 Pull down the drop down menu to select journals by language of publication.

    22. Accessing journals by Language 2 In this example we will look for French language journals.

    23. Accessing journals by Language 3 An alphabetical list of French language journals is displayed.

    24. Accessing journals by Language 4 Select a title from the list and a new window will open at the publishers’ website.

    25. Find journals by publisher 1 You can also access full text resources from partner publishers’ websites by selecting from dropdown menu.

    26. Find journal by publishers 2

    27. Find journal by publisher 3

    28. Partner publisher services 2 Once you have selected a publishers’ resource a new window will open.

    29. Other Full Text Sources There are a number of other full text resources in addition to publishers’ journal collections, these can be accessed from the pull down menu on the right hand side of the webpage.

    30. Partner Publisher Services

    31. Databases and Indexes

    32. Reference Sources (1) From the pull down menu, we will select Cochrane Library by clicking on the name of the resource.

    33. Reference Sources (2) Here is the Cochrane Library resource. This is a portal and is available to HINARI registered institutions.

    34. Other Free Collections There is a list of various free medical journal collections listed at the bottom of the website, these sites are free to all Internet users and do not require HINARI registration. To select PubMed Central just click on the link in the Other free collections list.

    35. PubMed Central http://www.pubmedcentral.gov/ PubMed Central is a free archive of articles that have been deposited in this free repository.