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Spanish 2 and Minigame

This is fuckin shit. I gave up on it and this is the end product.

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Spanish 2 and Minigame

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  1. Congrats! You’ve Won a Month’s Supply of ! My Spanish 2 PowerPoint Adam Carver Left Click Level 2!!! Hurry! Spam Sucks!!! Get in!!! It’s gonna Blow!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That was ridiculous… Let’s see if level 2 is any good. Level 2

  3. You Probably Thought That You Won Some Delicious Spam… NOPE!!!

  4. And Cursor

  5. Find Waldo in 60 seconds (or less)

  6. Level 3 Be Back In 5  Wait… X = Death Wait = Waldo

  7. You Lose!

  8. I have no reason to live anymore!

  9. Editor’s Note • Due to unfortunate placement I must tell you that whichever answer on the next level is assigned number 4 is correct.

  10. Level 4 • What was the 2nd Level? • 4. Bowser’s Castle • 7. Finding Waldo • 1. Exploding Spam • 9. This one Cast your vote by choosing a circle and then by holding <number> and pushing enter/return.

  11. Take me to Spanish Crap YOU FAILED! Let’s do the Spam thing again… • Instructions/Tips • Spam Kills You • Try not to stop moving the mouse or • your cursor will disappear… • The cursor is your character. • If it moves, then it’s probably dangerous. • Cheats in case you are stuck. • Alt + A makes cursor visible again

  12. You Win! • Congrats! That was the only answer that doesn’t move you backwards! You beat this shit!

  13. Cheats! Level-Jumping Stop Time • Right Click>New Slide> • 1: Spam • 4: Bowser’s Castle • 7: Where’s Waldo • 11: Trick Question Right Click Spam: Click inside mouth several times to speed up progress Bowser: Right Click, move cursor to axe, Left Click Waldo: Click the Waldo in the very center. Even though I screwed up the hyperlink, you can just click the waldo on the failure slide. Trick Question: Choose the bottom option but do not use the enter/number combo.

  14. Hey Guys Hey Guys! Hey Gu Hey Guy Hey G Hey He H • Hey everyone! I am in Spanish 2 with Mr. Alonso and one night I decided to make a PowerPoint of everything we learned over the year. I hope you all find some use for it :)

  15. Index • Ser and Estar Usage • Possessive Adjectives • Present Tense • Preterite Tense • Object Pronouns • Imperfect Tense • ~Se~ • Adverbs • Chapter 1 (Health) Vocab • Familiar Commands • Por and Para Usage • Reciprocal Reflexives • *Stressed Possessive Adjectives • Chapter 2 (Technology) Vocab • Subjunctive

  16. Prev. Index Next Ser and Estar Usage HEL PRONTO *The acronyms, PRONTOand HELcan help you remember when to use Ser or Estar. Ser Estar Health Emotions Location • Personality • Religion • Origin • Nationality • Time • Occupation • P • R • O • N • T • O • H • E • L

  17. Prev. Index Next Possessive Adjectives In English, we only use the singular version. “My book. My books.” In Spanish, they match the possessive adjective with what is being possessed. “Mi libro. MisLibros.”

  18. Prev. Index Next Possessive Adjectives(Examples) • Mi casa estu casa.My house is your house. • Sus padres. His/Her/Your (form.) parents. For more practice visit this website http://www.studyspanish.com/lessons/possadj.htm or click here.

  19. Prev. Index Next Present TenseVerbs (-ar, -er, -ir) This is the standard format for conjugating present tense verbs. However, there are several verbs that do not follow these guidelines. We call them Irregular Verb Conjugations.

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