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SAS FINANCIAL Online Training with Project Senarioes-AcuteSoft

AcuteSoft is the foremost online training service provider of SAS FINANCIAL. Our Online Training Services is a full service IT professional and end-user training provider. Our training services can supplement the needs of the organization by providing project scoping, implementation and rollout services and everything in between. Communicative interaction between trainers and trainees.<br>

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SAS FINANCIAL Online Training with Project Senarioes-AcuteSoft

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  1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SAS Financial Course Content SAS Financial Introduction Getting Started with the SAS System Getting Familiar with SAS Data Sets Producing List Reports Enhancing Output Creating SAS Data Sets DATA Step Programming Combining SAS Data Sets Producing Summary Reports Introduction to Graphics SAS Programming Introduction Controlling Input and Output Summarizing Data Reading and Writing Different Types of Data Data Transformations Debugging Techniques (Self Study) Processing Data Iteratively Combining SAS Data Sets SAS SQL : Introduction Basic queries Combining tables Creating And Modifying tables Additional sql features Overview of tables and column Names SAS Macros: Introduction to the Macro Facility SAS Programs and Macro Processing Macro Variables Macro Processing Scopes of Macro Variables Macro Expressions Macro Quoting Interfaces with the Macro Facility Storing and Reusing Macros Macro Facility Error Messages and Debugging Data Cleaning Techniques ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INDIA Acute Soft Solutions India Pvt Ltd USA Phone: +91 40-42627705 Email: info@acutesoft.com | www.acutesoft.com Mobile: (0) 9848346149 Phone: +1 973-619-0109 (USA) Phone: +1 312-235-6527 (USA)

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