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SAS BI online training | SAS BI Training in Hyderabad India

SAS BI OVERVIEW: SAS has developed end to end business intelligence solution named as SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform. It enables the users to extract and transform enterprise wide data into fully integrated reporting warehouse, leading to more usable business data and more effective decision making. With the way; the platform is structured and the way metadata (The metadata is explored in details at the below sections) is handled; it becomes feasible to represent the single version of truth to the intended users. Why SAP BEST ONLINE TRAINING: SAP BEST ONLINE TRAINING is a Standard e-Learning Center for different Courses. SAP BEST ONLINE TRAINING offers its students a range of technical/functional courses in accordance with Course standards. Course Details: Course Duration: 60 Hours Access: With 2 months Server access Trainer Details: 6 Years Real Time Consultant Prerequisites: Any Graduate, It is not compulsory, Fresher’s also can learn this course. FEATURES OF SAP best Online Training: • Lower cost • mentors available 24 x 7 • proven Effective learning content • 92% pass rate • We are having ample of experience in SAS BI Online training. • After every session recordings will be provided and soft copy of SAS BI Online Training material will be provided. • After the sessions SAS BI project support will be provided. • CV preparation will be done with the ongoing clients.. Other Offered Modules: SAP: BPC, BASIS, BI,BO ADMIN, FICO, MDM, CRM TRAINING, HANA , FSCM, Ithis is the text that will type when you click your cursor on a form field, then click on Sample Button 1S UTILITIES, BO DATA SERVICES, APO. DWH: ABINITIO, INFORMATICA, DATA STAGE, AJAX, HADOOP, WEBSPHERE TRAINING and many more Top technologies in the IT Market.

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SAS BI online training | SAS BI Training in Hyderabad India

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  1. Contact Us: www.sapbestonlinetraining.com USA: +1666-313-4151 India:+91 8688888976 Email id: info@sapbestonlinetraining.com SAS BI OVERVIEW www.sapbestonlinetraining.com

  2. SAS BI Overview: • Business Intelligence overview • Business Intelligence Information Consumers • Navigating in SAS Data Integration Studio • What is change management? • Repository types • Using change management www.sapbestonlinetraining.com

  3. Designing The Course Data Mart • Planning a data warehouse • Building a Data Mart • Defining the source data • Defining the target tables • Loading the target tables www.sapbestonlinetraining.com

  4. Creating Reports • Report Transformations • Using the Transformation Generator Wizard • SAS Data Integration Studio and stored -processes Transformations for Slowly Changing Dimensions • Defining slowly changing dimensions • Using the SCD Type 2 Loader transformation • Using the Fact Table Lookup transformation www.sapbestonlinetraining.com

  5. Debugging & Interpreting Error Messages • Scheduling SAS Data Integration Studio jobs SAS Data Integration Studio and Data Quality • SAS and Data Quality • Using the Data Validation transformation • Using the Apply Lookup Standardization transformation • Using the Create Match Code transformation www.sapbestonlinetraining.com

  6. SAS/Enterprise Guide • Starting SAS Enterprise Guide • SAS Enterprise Guide windows • Basic elements of SAS Enterprise Guide • Entering data • Creating a list report • Producing a frequency report www.sapbestonlinetraining.com

  7. Reading Data From Files • Opening a SAS data set from your local computer • Opening a SAS data set stored in a SAS library • Opening a Microsoft Excel file www.sapbestonlinetraining.com

  8. Creating Reports • Creating a simple report • Changing titles and footnotes • Changing column labels and formatting values • Defining your own formats • Creating a grouped report • Selecting a style for the report www.sapbestonlinetraining.com

  9. Working With Data In The Query Builder • Opening the Query Builder • Selecting columns • Creating a new column • Ordering and removing columns • Filtering data • Sorting the data rows www.sapbestonlinetraining.com

  10. Joining Two Data Files Together • Opening the two data files to be joined • Joining tables • Filtering the data • Modifying the type of join www.sapbestonlinetraining.com


  12. SAP BEST Online Training • Contact Us: Email: info@sapbestonlinetraining.com Wed: www.sapbestonlinetraining.com Ph No: +91 8688888976, +1666-313-4151 www.sapbestonlinetraining.com

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