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SAS Online Training - Trainingicon

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  1. Training Icon - SAS Training and Certifications

  2. SAS or Statistical Analysis System is a software suite used for data management, advanced analytics, predictive analytics and business intelligence. It was developed by the SAS Institute and is advanced analytics’ largest market-share holder. Info @ http://www.trainingicon.com

  3. It was developed from 1996 to 1976 by the North Carolina State University after which the SAS Institute was incorporated and SAS was developed further until the 1990s when more statistical procedures and components were added. The software underwent further developments such as the incorporation of a social media analytics product and a point and click interface until 2010. SAS courses are very popular because of the utility of the software in business operations and in the job market. SAS training deals with teaching students how to use the SAS software suite to mine, manage, alter and retrieve data from several sources and to carry out a statistical analysis of the data.

  4. Students are taught the SAS programming language. In SAS programming, there is a Data step which is used to retrieve and manipulate data and a Proc step which is used to analyze data. SAS programming involves a series of statements that are fed into the software. Online SAS Training - Trainingcion

  5. SAS has a good scope in India it is the world’s most powerful and fast software for data mining, management, statistical analysis, business modeling, data warehousing, report writing and applications development. SAS data is published in a number of formats including excel, pdf and html. There are many options for SAS training online and students can choose from a number of flexible schedules to complete the course. The software is employed in carrying out tasks such as creating reports and devising marketing strategies on the basis of data analysis. It is not only used in business related operations but also in clinical research and management and analysis of clinical data.

  6. The job market has a high demand for SAS professionals and this is one of the reasons why SAS coursesare becoming highly popular. To meet the demand, many institutes are also offering online SAS trainingfor interested students.

  7. The average entry level annual salary is around 4 lakh rupees for an analytics professional, around 5-6 lakh for mid-level professionals having two to five years of experience in the industry, around 8-9 lakhs for those with five to ten years of experience and around 15 lakh for those with over 10 years of experience in the analytics industry. SAS online training opportunities are concentrated in areas where there is a very high demand, both for the course and for trained professionals.

  8. The highest demand for SAS professionals in India is in Bangalore, followed by Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad. A higher number of jobs is available in the functional area of analytics followed by IT software, BPO/KPO, finance and healthcare.Visit http://www.trainingicon.com

  9. It is rather a base on which most business decisions are made. It involves working and aligning with stakeholders to identify gaps in the business and to use this as a guide for the manipulation of gathered data. This in turn helps in deriving important insights and to make recommendations that lower costs and increase revenue. Visit http://www.trainingicon.com Many people who are unaware of these software tools think analytics just involves the gathering of data and the use of software tools for creating reports. Only those receiving offline or online SAS training will know that analytics using SAS goes beyond just the handling of data.

  10. This benefits the company’s bottom line. SAS coursesequip students with the ability to carry out data management, business intelligence and data warehousing that are of utility to businesses.

  11. Many students choose to go for SAS training online because of the flexibility of timings and the ability to learn at one’s own pace. This is especially beneficial to those who are already studying elsewhere or are working and prefer to learn from the comfort of their own desktops. In order to be good at analytics, one should be a good problem solver, logical thinker and diligent. Analytics are often expected to work with other people and help solve problems. Apart from analytics, those taking training of SAS online or through classes should know that there are various other careers through SAS.

  12. One should be wise while making decisions regarding a career in SAS because the different careers have very different roles and what may suit one may not really suit another. If a student has good analytical and logical abilities, he may find interest in working as a business analyst, helping companies make decisions that drive their business. The student may rather find interest in something more technically challenging and may choose to go for data scientist as a career. Whatever be the choice of career, one must know that there are varying roles and responsibilities for each.

  13. According to the McKinsey Global Institute’s report, it is predicted that there will be a shortage of around 1.5 million analysts that can make decisions based on data by the year 2018. SAS online training is thus increasingly becoming popular.

  14. While choosing a SAS training institute, one must find out the course duration, practice hours, course content and certification offered. It is always best to be trained under trainers who don’t just have teaching experience but also have industry experience. Relevant experience in the industry counts, even for trainers, as they will be able to better train students through an industry-centric approach.

  15. Training Icon is one of the best training institutes for SAS online. Courses are broken into modules and designed in such a way that students get a good grasp of the subject. Through industry-centric teaching approach, the institute aims at making the students industry ready.

  16. Because the training is online, students have the luxury of timing-flexibility. The demand of SAS professionals is always on the rise because data analysis drives almost all business decisions and companies base their marketing and business strategies on relevant data. Students who are unsure of which career path to choose (analytics or data scientist) can always research their own interests and the job roles associated with these careers to be at a better predisposition to decide what is best for them.

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