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Madeleine Leininger

Madeleine Leininger

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Madeleine Leininger

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  1. Madeleine Leininger “Caring is the essence of nursing” Madeleine Leininger

  2. Answering her calling… During her career with the US Army Nurse Corps, she pursues her degree in Nursing and becomes the first to graduate the PhD program

  3. Dr. Leininger packed up and headed to New Guinea It wasn’t hard for Dr. Leininger to know that her expertise was needing to be refined in order to bring home the need for transcultural nursing. She spent a lot of time with the Gadsup tribe in New Guinea to learn how to obtain knowledge on providing health care to those of a different culture.

  4. Madeleine on a mission and becomes involved in higher education to pursue her target Dr. Leininger recognized the need for change in the medical community and what better way than to head up the department of education herself. She began with a deanship of nursing at the University of Colorado, then was the director of the doctoral and transcultural nursing program at the University of Washington, to finally, in 1981, heading to Wayne State University as a professor, retiring in 1995.

  5. Madeleine’ssunrise model Dr. Leininger’s idea of holistic care that is culturally congruent.

  6. Dr. Leininger’s Transcultural accomplishments • Founded the society in 1974 • Established the caring convention in 1978 • Visiting scholar to over 70 University’s • Wrote and published 25 books • Published over 200 articles • Developed a software program • Lectured around the world • Has given over 850 keynote speeches

  7. Dr. Leininger positively impacted our world WWII was where Dr. Leininger found that caring for those without consideration for ones culture negatively impacted their mortality. She set the stage to aggressively make the change to education and create a pathway to recognizing and accepting cultural diversity, which continues to this day. Dr. Leininger’s firm belief in her faith was her stronghold to affirm that all human beings are capable of caring for not only the person, but the welfare of that person as a collective whole.