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Role Of Counsellors PowerPoint Presentation
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Role Of Counsellors

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Role Of Counsellors - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Role Of Counsellors

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  1. Article: ROLE OF COUNSELLORS A counsellor is a person who is knowledgeable enough to give advice on any given subject about a particular situation. Counsellors in Bethesda MD give unbiased opinions. Their profession is not only based on giving of advice, but it is also about building trust and relationship with their clients. The main purpose of counselling is to strengthen awareness in a person. Counsellors help their clients come to terms with various issues including bereavement, job loss, childhood trauma and many others. Counsellors in Bethesda MD rebuild self-esteem and provide the option to make life easier for clients. They will allow you to talk and discuss your problems. There will be no interruptions as they will allow you to explore your feelings, behavior, emotions and thoughts. Counselling is generally good advice for everyday problems, but in most cases it is only the beginning of seeking professional counselling. You will find a wide variety of counsellors inBethesda who work in many different areas like business, law, architecture, government, education and in all areas of medicine. Most often, when looking for counsellors, you are looking for professionals in the area of psychology. These types of counsellors include family therapists, psychiatric nurses, social workers and mental health workers. Although they often specialize in their own area of expertise, they counsel the individual through one-on-one communication and group counselling. Counsellors can be as diverse in their counselling as the people living in this huge community. They can be found to suit the individual who is seeking the therapy. Some of the situations that people need counselling for their family and family conflicts, marriage and family; this also includes child counselling, affairs and infidelity, sexual assault and incest recovery, transition therapy, eating disorders and phobias, addiction problems with drugs and alcohol as well as depression and mood disorders. Bethesda counseling is a responsibility that consists of high moral standards and a strong sense of integrity. Therapistsare people who have made it their profession to respect and understand the problems that people have. They are willing to do what it takes to alleviate the problems brought to them by the individual and help to construct a better personal life for their patient. Bethesda counsellors are there to offer you advice and help you to understand yourself. They do not run your life, nor can they be expected to make all your decisions for you. Doing the proper research, talking to a family doctor and asking questions from friends are all ways of finding a counsellor for yourself. Many of the therapists can be found through family doctors, local health clinics and the yellow pages. Another source to look into is the Internet. in Bethesda MD offers a wide variety of counsellors well suited to your requirement. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Kristen Smithson is an independent therapist in Bethesda MD who has been associated with guest lecturer-ship and publishing articles about the importance of self-reflection and counselling. She strongly recommends as the right place to be for complex troubles involved in life.