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Counselling by best Counsellors

The Counselling institute offers advice, relationship, Family, Pre marriage, child-Teenage, marriage, remarriage counselling, sex therapy, workshops, mediation, personal coaching consultations and support face-to-face, by phone and through this website.

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Counselling by best Counsellors

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  1. The Counselling Institute Marriag ,Addiction,ChildCounselling 9810076659, 011-26108134/35 counseslling@thecounsellinginstitute.in www.thecounsellinginstitute.in

  2. Love can be created again if you wantWhile reading this you must be having the following questions in your mind Is it really worth creating the marriage againShould I go for marriage counselingHow can I win my husbands love backHow can I get peace of mindHow to get peace in married lifeHow to deal with infidelity in a marriageHow to deal with in-lawsHow to have a peaceful married lifeA fact that is not known to all of us is that a little bit of knowledge and skills can get all the answers to these questions. And using these time tested skills, you can create the magic and reverse the situations in your life. We help you step by step to build the marriage that has always aspired you. Marriage counsellinghttp://www.thecounsellinginstitute.in/marriage_counselling.htm

  3. DE ADDICTION COUNSELLINGhttp://www.thecounsellinginstitute.in/deaddiction_counselling.htm

  4. DeaddictionCounsellingWelcome to THE COUNSELLING INSTITUTE ! When a person is searching for deaddiction counseling, they are often in search for hope for a normal life. Our goal is to build that normal life back again through the TCI Intensive program. Discover how to resolve the conflict within the body and the mind. And restart your life NOW.START A NORMAL LIFE AGAINAll types of addiction disorders are complex but they are definitely treatable. Many people try a lot of ways and after when they fail repeatedly they become hopeless for recovery. Even when they find some success, it is very temporary and a common complaint is relapse. It is very important to understand that no single treatment is appropriate for every individual. It is very normal that the person is unable to leave the substance physically or psychologically even after trying his / her best.A very important fact is that the psychological dependence (the obsessional thoughts of taking substance) needs to be essentially worked upon. It has been researched that dependence is a chronic disorder due to its psychological factor. When a person works on the psychological dependence on a regular basis, the chances of living a normal life go very higher. Hence it needs a long term psychological intervention to get long-term recovery. Treatment for addiction needs addressing of specific, individual patient needs and must take all the areas of his life into account.And treatment for addiction at THE COUNSELLING INSTITUTE comprises of an integrated methodology of treatment so that an addict can start living a normal life back again. Our approach is to build a life time support for the client by strengthening the support system and focusing on the way of living.

  5. Child Counsellinghttp://www.thecounsellinginstitute.in/child_teenage_counselling.htmChild/ Teenage CounsellingWelcome to THE COUNSELLING INSTITUTE ! When a parent is searching for a psychologist for the child or teenager, they are often in search for hope for a normal life for their ward. Our goal is to build that normal life back again through the TCI Intensive program. Discover how to resolve the conflict within the body and the mind of your child. And restart his / her normal life NOW.TEENAGE IS THE PRECIOUS TIME WHICH IS TO BE CHERISHED THROUGHOUT LIFEChild and teenage counselling helps the young people who are not able to deal with their issues. Parents who feel that their children are displaying some abnormal behaviour, can seek help at THE COUNSELLING INSTITUTE. We help them create a fully functional life.We help the teenager to foster this wonderful time where he/she is turning into a young adult. This period helps the teenager to create identity for their themselves.We are there to help them find the answers to their questions like -How can I do what I want to doHow can I become bigHow can I live my dreamWhy am I aloneWhat do I do when I am boredHow can I make my life interestingHow to do well in studiesWhat is wrong with meWhy am I so sadWhy am I so lazyWhy do I get irritated easilyWhy do I get angry so fastWho am IWhy do i need to liveIF YOU ARE A TEENAGER -If you are teenager and you are seeing that you have difficulty in finding the answers to the above questions, we are there to help you. All your dreams can come true ! Really. All you need is the right information and right guidance to make it happen. We are there to understand your feelings and help you deal with the hurdles that are coming your way. We understand your pain and help you deal with it in the right way. You have pools of energy to make life go its way. We make you understand the technique and show you that IT WORKS !IF YOU ARE A PARENT -To be a parent is a challenge in today’s time because of a difference in the awareness levels of the teenagers because of media and internet. A very important task is to observe the difference in the behavior of your child. Simply reacting to the odd behaviours of teen age children can be disastrous as they are influenced by a lot of hormonal changes in the body. At the same time a very strong need to create a self identity makes them get racing thoughts. It is very obvious for them to think irrationally because they are so creative at that time that rationality is not the concern at all. Their self image is the most important agenda for them. As a parent you have to understand them and their state and just be there with them. There are times when you find them doing things that they are not supposed to do, but you need to stop that urge and do right at that moment. We help you know what is right for them. All you can do is play your role well, and we help you with that.

  6. You Can Catch me on Social networking Site http://counsellinginstitute.blogspot.in/ http://www.youtube.com/user/Jamalrashid1 http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Counselling-institute-httpwwwthecounsellinginstitutein/453665024655889 http://www.linkedin.com/profile/edit?trk=tab_pro

  7. Thank You.Warm RegardsDr. KamalKhurana9810076659, 011-26108134/35drkamalkhurana@gmail.comwww.thecounsellinginstitute.incounselling@thecounsellinginstitute.in

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