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Do Clients Need to Sign a Home Cleaning Contract? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Clients don\'t need to sign a contract when using our cleaning services. We want our clients to enjoy flexibility with their time and home cleaning needs. To find out more about this, read these slides.

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Presentation Transcript

Do Absolute Domestics

Clients Get Tied with a

Home Cleaning Contract?

Absolute Domestics don’t believe in home cleaning contracts. We don’t have a contract for the

client because we believe that we aim to make you happy with our cleaners. We have a very large

selection of cleaners of course to choose from. We believe that we will find the right cleaner for

the right client in the right home to do a good job for you.

IN THIS VIDEO: contracts. We don’t have a contract for the

Absolute Domestics

answers the big

question: do I have to

be locked into a home

cleaning contract?

Click through to watch full video.

Want to find the contracts. We don’t have a contract for the

right match?

Our home cleaning services are guaranteed

to meet your home cleaning needs.

Get in touch with us today to find out more.