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Simulation and Robotics

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Simulation and Robotics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Simulation and Robotics
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  1. Simulation and Robotics Case Koralli-Tuote Company: Koralli-Tuote Oy, Kokkola,Finland Description: Demonstration of factory simulation possibilities in furniture production: material flow, bottlenecks, capacities, utilizations, waiting times, lead times, throughput etc. Final conclusions: Company has already recognize where bottleneck might be. Simulation showed that supposition truth. Also things which are mentioned in description helped company to develop production process.

  2. Simulation and Robotics Case Raita-Sport Oy Company: Raita-Sport Oy, Oulainen,Finland Description: Demonstration how virtual design can be used when planning robotisation of dasher board manufacturing for ice-hockey arenas. The manufacturing process is currently fully manual. Final conclusions: Company´s benefits from case: -One idea from robot cell and how it might work -Estimate of costs -Simulation video from working cycle

  3. Simulation and Robotics Case Siipotec Ltd Company: Siipotec Ltd, Kalajoki,Finland Description: Build up few simulation demos for helping company products marketing and finding best layouts as possible for robot cells. Final Conclusions: From demo cases company achieved great help for marketingand layout design

  4. Reverse Engineering Case Mäkelä Racing Team, Huoltoasema Mäkelä Company:Mäkelä Racing Team, Huoltoasema Mäkelä ky, Rantsila,Finland Description: Demonstration how use accurate 3D- measuring system to helping 3D-modelling. Demo based company needs to get accurate 3D-model from frame to FEA analysis before true frame stress tests. Final conclusions: Company´s benefits from case: -Accurate measuring data from Frame -Ready 3D- model from frame made by other company

  5. Reverse Engineering Case Mäkelä Auto-Tuning Company: Mäkelä Auto-Tuning Oy, Kannus, Finland Description: Demoing 3D-scanning and scanning data prosessing to CAD-model. Final conclusions: Company´s benefits from case: -More knowledge about 3D-scanning and Reverse Engineering

  6. Reverse Engineering Case Sievi Tools Oy Company: Sievi Tools Oy, Oulainen, Finland Description: Help, support and develop Sievi Tools Oy quality Assurance and 3D-modelling solutions/services. Final conclusions: Company´s benefits from case: -Support to Faro arm quality assurance measurements with PowerInspect -More knowledge about 3D-scanning and Reverse Engineering in Shoe Molding

  7. Parametric Desing Case Parametric Design Scancool Company: Scancool Oy, Kokkola, Finland Description: The DIM personnel created a 3-dimensionall model of a butterfly valve which would stay accurate from size DN50 to DN350. Final conclusion : The models will aid the designers in their creation of larger scale models and assemblies.

  8. Parametric Desing Case Parametric Design Mesmec Company: Mesmec Oy, Kokkola, Finland Description: The DIM personnel created a practical parametric model that would be the base for creation of new models in various dimensions. It would aid the company in their job of creating different size- and shaped-models quickly. Final conclusion : The design-models will cut the company's time to present a preliminary model of the product to the client, and to give an advantage to the creation of a new product. Material-handling will be more effective, and the overall time from the beginning of a project to the closure will be shortened.

  9. Parametric Desing Case Parametric Design Seimec Company: Seimec Oy, Kokkola Description: In this part project DIM personnel created and tested a practical parametric design model using skeletal technique for quick drawings. The same parameters was used for FEM –stability calculations in excel to secure the rigidity and stability of construction. Final conclusions: Company´s benefits from case: -Considerably shorter pre-planning time for project quotations (drawings, material- and labor costs, etc) -Rapid FEM- stability check and calculations -Shorter production start after received order

  10. FEM/FEA Case Modeling for FEM-test Company: Timo Peltola Consulting, Kokkola,Finland Description: The goal was to create a model of the dump bed that would allow it to be tested in FEM stress tests, and to develop the idea that the customer had. The final goal was that it would be approximately 5000 kg lighter than the ones made by manufacturers of the real product. Final conclusion: Weight loss is possible , but with the cost of durability and rigidness. Therefore the need of reinforcement and further planning is required.