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Deep D ive into the Grants Suite 9.2 Functionality, including best practices and lessons learned from a 9.2 upgrade. Agenda. The Grants Suite – PS 9.2 Deep Dive into Grants 9.2 Features Review of People Tools 8.53 Best Practices for maximizing your 9.2 upgrade Lessons Learned

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Presentation Transcript

Deep Dive into the Grants Suite 9.2 Functionality, including best practices and lessons learned from a

9.2 upgrade



The Grants Suite – PS 9.2

Deep Dive into Grants 9.2 Features

Review of People Tools 8.53

Best Practices for maximizing your 9.2 upgrade

Lessons Learned

Key Takeaways


Combined over 50+ years experience with ERP

Involved in 10+ Grants Upgrade / Implementations

Formerly on the Oracle-PeopleSoft Customer Advisory board

Currently on the Quest SIG Leadership team


Mike Castronovo

Parker Madden

what is the grants suite

What is the Grants Suite

The Former ESA Suite Modules

Market Perception

The Grants Suite Modules




grants suite in 9 2

Grants Suite in 9.2

New Features that Wow Users

Notable Integration Points

New Invoice Formatting Tools

new features that wow users

New Features that Wow Users

Grant Proposal Project Budgets

Entry within Proposal Navigation - proposal integration

Grants Portal

9.x Feature

Concept is Spot On

Implementation is Challenging

Grant Portal Tree Not Based on Budget Rollup Accounts


Notable Features

  • Grants/Contracts Workbench
  • Fund Distributions
  • Billing Dashboard
notable integration points

Notable Integration Points


Professional Data

Budgets with KK

Cost Collection

Billing -> AR


Third Party Proposal Mgmt Systems

new invoice formatting tool

New Invoice Formatting Tool

BI Publisher (XML)




Learning the Tool


Interfaces Similar

May not be an End User Toolset

people tools 8 5x overview
People Tools 8.5x Overview
  • PS Upgrade Manager (PUM)
  • Work Centers / Dashboards
  • Enterprise Search
  • Form Builder and Approvals
  • Pivot Grids
  • Activity guides / Trains
  • Interaction Hub
  • Mobile Support (fluid 8.54)
  • Test Framework
  • Data Migration tool
  • Breadcrumb Navigation
  • Type Ahead
  • Customize login page
  • Sort navigation

Note: You have to upgrade to 8.53 to Upgrade to 9.2

peoplesoft update manager pum
PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM)

PeopleSoft Upgrade Manager is a new way maintain patches and fixes for PeopleSoft

  • Choose individual fixes from bundles and patches. Creates custom change package
  • New changes can be selectively applied from PeopleSoft Update Images released approximately every 10 weeks
  • No longer have to maintain a patched demo environment
work centers
Work Centers

The Work Center combines transactions, analytics, workflow notifications, and reports into a configurable framework that can be tailored to each role-based user in the enterprise.

  • Preconfigured by user role – Can personalize
  • Supports day in the life activities
  • Contains 4 embedded pagelets:
    • Main (my Work)
    • Reports
    • Queries
    • Links
    • Processes
  • Supports Pivot grids
  • Supports related actions, new pages
oracle secure enterprise search ses
Oracle Secure Enterprise Search (SES)

Oracle Secure enterprise search enables you to search on key words, brining back relevant search results. Replaces the verity search engine

  • Users search with freeform text – Result pages are pulled from designated PS areas, and other linked content repositories. Users can then take direct actions from results.
  • Requires setting up these links and a separate environment
forms and approval builder
Forms and Approval Builder

Create custom forms that can be routed for approval, and linked to component interfaces to feed PeopleSoft tables

  • Create basic forms in PeopleSoft
  • Has basic workflow capabilities, link to worklists
  • Eliminates paper and email based forms.
activity guides and trains
Activity Guides and Trains

Activity guides allow you to define guided procedures for users to complete. Users are presented with a list of actions, or tasks, that need to be completed to finish the procedure.

  • Good for infrequent tasks such as self service or complex tasks such as month end close
  • There can be a train stop for each step of the process. This allows the user to know exactly where they are in the process and what comes next.
interaction hub
Interaction Hub

A configurable user interface with single navigation across all applications powered by a new global search capability. It contains numerous web 2.0 features. Used to be called enterprise portal. Limited License

  • Common security Framework
  • Role based self service platform.
  • Aggregates content from multiple sources (PeopleSoft and other external sources).
  • Integrated workflow
  • Custom Pagelets
  • Branding Framework
  • Content Management
  • Search
  • Themes and Pagelets
  • Fluid user interface 8.54
best practices new investment cycle
Best Practices New Investment Cycle
  • Former ROI model based on Software Release Cycle / Client Upgrade (3-8 Years)
  • New Model – Major Upgrade every 3 years,
  • minor every year
  • Incremental Opportunities every quarter
  • Will / Should impact the way you invest in PS opportunities
  • Upgrades should not just be technical
best practice stakeholder engagement and alignment
Best PracticeStakeholder Engagement and Alignment
  • Leadership engages at project conception
  • Leadership develops a common enterprise narrative
  • Engage Stakeholder groups – Identify/ manage expectation gaps
  • Deliver Value Proposition to each stakeholder group
best practice business process analysis improvement
Best PracticeBusiness Process Analysis / Improvement
  • Start with a Common understanding of the business process
  • Layout Processes with key components
  • Look for pain points or areas of opportunities
  • Review industry benchmark
  • Develop KPI’s
  • Determine ROI for improvement steps
best practice road mapping
Best Practice - Road Mapping
  • Review your PeopleSoft application list vs. existing PeopleSoft offerings after each major release.
  • Determine if unused applications are fit for purpose – If fit, place on roadmap
  • Review business process features – enhancements – Determine if they should be placed on roadmap
  • Prioritize Roadmap based on ROI
best practice develop a competency center
Best Practice – Develop a Competency Center

A Competency Center maintains and enhances the alignment of the People and the Systems that they use

Natural tendency for People and systems to come out of alignment .

  • Cross functional team – Business led
  • Monitors usage, Changing requirements, and alignment of people and technology
  • Trains / Retrains Users
  • Recommends Process changes, etc…
reality of upgrading to 9 2

Reality of Upgrading to 9.2

Staffing for the Upgrade

Technical Staff – Customizations and vanilla may not work – AR Update

Functional Staff– need strong functional leads, software more complex, and more feature rich, help remove customizations

After the Upgrade

Execute on ROI

oracle s upgrade strategy


Oracle’s Upgrade Strategy

Two Releases Back and your Out

Ease into New Releases

Customizations Can Come or Go

Upgrade Anywhere

In-house or Hosted

Local Resource or Remote

You are in it for the Ride - All the Way

lessons learned

Lessons Learned

Strict Tech Upgrade is not Realistic


Search Engine Changes



Replacing with Vanilla

PeopleCode Changes

Data Considerations


“Bad Data”

Get Educated on 9.2


Key Takeaways

  • Grants suite has expanded to include other modules not just ESA
  • Lots of clients till conduct the initial Grants proposal management still outside of PeopleSoft.
  • Analytics – still not prime time
  • No longer a technical upgrade, use the new ROI Model
  • Grants Portal –right idea, hard to implement
  • Any report in Crystal is going away - BI publisher is Kludgey but a respectable replacement for Crystal Reports.
  • Work Together!
contact us for more information
Contact us for more Information

Mike Castronvo


Parker Madden


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