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connectnd ndus financials update 2 4 04 n.
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  1. ConnectNDNDUS Financials Update______________________________________________________________________2-4-04

  2. Agenda • PeopleSoft Assets • Questions

  3. What Is PeopleSoft Assets? • System to record and track fixed assets and certain non-capital assets • Replacing our legacy Fixed Assets module

  4. PeopleSoft Assets

  5. PeopleSoft Assets

  6. PeopleSoft Assets

  7. PeopleSoft Assets

  8. PeopleSoft Assets

  9. PeopleSoft Assets

  10. PeopleSoft Assets

  11. PeopleSoft Assets

  12. PeopleSoft Assets

  13. PeopleSoft Assets

  14. PeopleSoft Assets

  15. PeopleSoft Assets

  16. PeopleSoft Assets

  17. What information will be converted?

  18. What are the challenges? • Cost is required for PeopleSoft Assets • Some of our assets don’t have cost • Will use cost, then capitalization, then insurance value • Some of our assets have none of these values • Convert with cost and accumulated depreciation of $1

  19. What are the challenges? • Some funding information is obsolete • Can’t convert unreliable information

  20. What are the challenges? • PeopleSoft uses Location to identify where asset is • Location is very broadly used field

  21. What are the challenges? • Some fields that we have currently don’t exist • Federal use and title • Investigating how to use existing fields

  22. What about…? • Is it possible to not convert assets under $5,000 (Type 08)? • Yes.  The asset conversion will only convert assets that have not been tagged for deletion.  Any assets tagged for deletion will be skipped.

  23. What about…? • Do I need to go into HECN and delete these assets?  Would it be possible to run a job to update the status to "delete"? • When the capitalization limit went to $5,000, a program was developed to convert capital assets under $5,000 to non-capital assets. That program (JCLFA900) can be used to tag the non-capital assets for deletion.

  24. What about…? • Our departments maintain Excel spreadsheets with additions, deletions and transfers of minor equipment.  We would prefer that this process remain in place and the assets not be converted to PeopleSoft with a status of 'TRACK'. • While I don't have the authority to require campuses to convert non-capital assets, I would strongly encourage campuses to consider it.

  25. What about…? • All capital assets over $5,00 converted (equipment, land, etc.). HECN doesn’t track all these. Can we add these? • All capital assets except buildings (Type 03) will be converted • Current system does have other assets • PS Assets can be used for all assets

  26. What about…? • Will assets with only an insured value be converted? Will assets owned by foundation be converted to campus or foundation? • Yes, according to rules above • Yes, if the department in HECN system is mapped to foundation business unit

  27. What about…? • Will existing tag numbers, serial numbers, title and all current information in HECN be converted to the PeopleSoft system? • Tag numbers will convert • Old UND 12345 will be CNV****12345 • Serial number will convert • “All current information” won’t be • Exceptions noted already

  28. What about…? • Will I be able to query the system with only a tag number? • Yes, by using the conversion scheme

  29. What about…? • Will the building number stay the same in PeopleSoft? • No. PeopleSoft uses Location for “places” • We will use an available field for Room

  30. What about…? • Can PeopleSoft maintain different cost, capitalization, and insurance values? • Capitalization is based on cost in PeopleSoft • Cost should equal capitalization • Replacement cost field used for insurance

  31. What about…? • We have one non-capitalized asset per department that’s a composite total for insurance purposes. Can we convert those? • Yes, if only those, tag non-capital assets for deletion and then “undelete” those specific assets

  32. What about…? • Currently HECN tracks funding source and agency for Grants and Contracts reporting purposes.  Will this be retained in PeopleSoft?  If not, can a report be run to capture that information or will they have access to HECN after the conversion? • As noted, there is no reliable way to convert some of this info • Archival reports will need to be produced

  33. What about…? • Could we merge the archived records with Peoplesoft to retain the integrity of historical funding, federal funding, etc? • As noted, because there is no way to ensure the integrity of converted data, we are recommending that the old records be archived in a manner that allows them to be accessed if needed in the future.

  34. What about…? • We need the ability to include the funding source an item was purchased with, and to indicate if the asset was purchased with federal funds. • For converted assets, the issues identified above apply. • For new assets in PeopleSoft, there is no limit to the funding information that can be maintained on an asset. • We will use a PeopleSoft delivered field to indicate whether Federal funds were involved in the acquisition.

  35. Questions Anyone?