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Sadaf C. 4A

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Sadaf C. 4A. Apple crumble recipe. Wash your hands. Peel the apples. Core the apples. Dice the apples. Put the apples in a pan. Add the sugar and cinnaamon to the apples. Stew the apples. Stew the apples Until tender. Put the flour,butter and brown sugar

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Sadaf C. 4A

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Presentation Transcript
sadaf c 4a

Sadaf C. 4A

Apple crumblerecipe


Wash your hands

Peel the apples

Core the apples


Dice the apples

Put the apples

in a pan


Add the sugar and


to the apples

Stew the apples


Stew the apples

Until tender

Put the flour,butter

and brownsugar

In a bowl


Rub the flour, butter

and sugar to make

the crumbletopping

Put the apples in

the dishes


Put the crumbletopping

on top of the apples

Put the applecrumble

in the oven


Cook for 30


Get the dishes out of the oven

Serve warm

with ice-cream