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  2. From the desk of the Education Officer Central Government has launched a scheme which aims at providing education and other important skills to the out of school girls in the age group of 11 to 14 years belonging to SC, ST, OBC and Minorities at elementary level. Under the scheme Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalyas have been set up. In order to raise the standards of education in Mewat,six KGBVs have been allotted to Mewat Model Schools Society,Nuh to be set up in each block i.e at Nuh, Tauru, F.P.Jhirka, Nagina, Hathin and Punhana. Taking into consideration the increasing strength, Sh. Ranjan Chatterjee, consultant, the Planning Commission (State Planning Division) on his visit in Mewat on 3/12/2009, has proposed the upgradation of these schools This will help the girls to continue their further studies so that they can compete in all fields because its very true that to be successful in life, what you need, is education only. I am greatly thankful to HPSPP, Chandigarh and SSA office at Nuh for their timely cooperation and co-ordination. I am also thankful to the parents, staff and students of six KGBVs for their faith and continuous support. Mrs.Jyoti Chikara, Education Officer,MMSS • Principals of Six KGBVs :- • Mrs.Nahid.Zaidi, Principal, KGBV,Nuh • Mr.Hukam Singh,Principal, KGBV,Tauru. • Mrs.Renu Saxena, Principal, KGBV,F.P.Jhirka • Mrs. Neelam Chaudhry, Principal, KGBV,Hathin • Mrs Mercy Titus KGBV, Principal, Punhana • Sh.Kamrudeen, Principal, KGBV,Nagina

  3. Location of six KGBVs KGBV Nuh (started in 2007) KGBV F.P.Jhirka (started in 2006) KGBV Tauru (started in 2007) KGBV Nagina (started in 2007) KGBV Hathin (started in 2006) KGBV Punhana (started in 2006)

  4. Profile of Mewat Historical Background   Mewat - Land of the Meos, has its genesis in its tribal inhabitants, the Meo tribals, who are agriculturalist. The area is a distinct ethnic and socio-cultural tract. The Meos, who trace their roots to the early Aryan invasion of Northern India, call themselves Kshatriyas and have preserved their social and cultural traits to a surprisingly large extent, unlike the other tribes of nearby areas.  During the regime of the Tughlak dynasty in the 14th century A.D., these people embraced Islam but till today, they have maintained their age-old distinctive ethno-cultural identity. , largely due to the situational peculiarity of the area and the non-sub-jugative attitude of the people. The destruction and devastation over the centuries resulted in backwardness and gross under-development of both the area and its proud people. According to the Census of India 2001, the total population of Mewat Historically, the region has been extremely turbulent and has been subject to repeated invasions and resultant plundering throughout the post-Vedic period was 9,93,617 (including Hathin Block of district Palwal) of which 46,122 (4.64%) lived in urban areas and the major chunk 9,47,495 (95.36%) of the population lived in rural areas. Out of the total population of 9,93,617, there are 5,24,872 males and 4,68,745 females. The SC population is around 78,802. The total numbers of households are 1,42,822 out of which 1,35,253 (95%) are in rural areas and remaining 7569 (5%) are in urban areas. The total number of BPL households are 53125 including Hathin Block.

  5. Objective of KGBV The Central Govt. in coordination with the State Government has launched a Project to open residential schools for girls belonging to SC, BC, Minority and BPL families, especially in educationally backward area in the age group of 11-14 yr. Six KGBV’s at Nuh, Tauru, Nagina, Hathin , Punhana & F.P.Jhirka have been allotted to the Mewat Model Schools Society at Nuh. Objective of KGBV: The Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India has a scheme for setting up of Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidalayas with boarding facilities at elementary level for girls in the age group of 11-14 years belonging predominantly to the SC, ST, OBC and Minorities in educationally backward areas. The scheme is being executed through Haryana Prathmik Shiksha Pariyojna Parishad in the state of Haryana. KGBV in Mewat: The Mewat Model Schools Society is running six Model Schools in district Mewat and rendering contribution for promotion of elementary education especially for the girls. Keeping in view the performance of the Society, the Parishad has sanctioned six Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidalayas in favour of Mewat Model Schools Society for setting up at Nuh, Nagina,Tauru Hathin, Punhana and F.P. Jhirka. of district Mewat which are most educationally backward. Funding of KGBV: The KGBV will be funded by Central and State Govt. simultaneously. These residential schools run through Haryana Prathmic Siksha Pariyojna Parisad at Chandigarh have a capacity of 100 girls. Financial Assistance by MDA: Financial assistance by MDA will be for construction of Girls Hostel only. 20 lacs per hostel per KGBV except for KGBV Nuh & Nagina.

  6. Six KGBVs Current Status KGBV Nuh Model no.1 Hostel- Work has been started, shuttering has been set, 50% ceiling work is completed, other is in progress, and all other works yet to be done. ClassRooms -Floor. Doors, Windows, sanitary works and electricity fitting are to be done. Boundary wall also must be constructed for the safety of girls. KGBV Nagina Model no.1 Hostel-It is also incomplete just like other. Building is being used for toilet by the villagers. Boundary wall is also damaged and should be raised more to ensure the safety of girls. Construction work is suspended till further orders. Class Rooms- Electrical, doors and Windows fitting along with finishing and sanitary works are yet to be done. KGBV Punhana Model no.1 Hostel: - Doors, Windows, sanitary and stair work is yet to be done. Plaster of entrance, reception and toilets has not been done. Height of boundary wall may be raised up to four feet at least. Class Rooms- Woodwork, plaster and electrical work has not been done. KGBV F.P.Jhirka Model no.1 Hostel: - Doors, Windows, sanitary and stair work is incomplete. Plaster of entrance, reception and toilets has not been done. Class Rooms-there is no provision of class rooms so construction work of classrooms has not been started yet. Serve Siksha Abhiyan Department has been requested to construct theclass rooms. KGBV Tauru Model no.1 Hostel :- Electrical , doors & Windows fitting along with sanitary and stair work are pending. Plaster of entrance , reception, toilets is yet to be done. Class Rooms: ­- Although construction work has been started but the class rooms have not been constructed. KGBV Hathin Model no.1 Hostel: - Furnishing & Sanitary work is pending. Water tank is to be installed. Windows are to be fitted in some of the bathrooms. Plaster and whitewash work is yet to be done. Mercury Lights are also required. Boundary Wall`s height may be raised up. Class Rooms: - All three-class rooms have been completed and V1-V111 classes arebeing run in these rooms.  On 23.01.2010, meeting was held under the Chairmanship of SPD Sh.P.K.Das, regarding building completion. The meeting was attended by the Education Officer and she requested that the building construction may be completed as early as possible. She also requested to depute one JE for re-estimating the remaining construction work.

  7. Student Strength Graph showing increasing student strength

  8. Board Result Class VIII Graph showing camparison of results

  9. Meetings held • On 11.12.2009, meeting at Chandigarh was held which was attended by the Education Officer, Head of K.G.B.V. along with the Accountants of six KGBVs. Records maintainance, Vocational training of Crotia and Cutting & Tailoring for the V1class and V1I class along with planning of the new session was discussed. • On 23.01.2010, meeting was held under the Chairmanship of SPD Sh. P.K. Das, regarding building completion..The meeting was attended by the Education Officer and she requested that the building construction may be completed as early as possible. Shed also request is considering and deputed one J.E. for re-estimating the remaining construction work. So that same may be completed as soon as possible. • On 29.01.2010, PTA was held at Hathin. Interaction with the parents of all classes was held. Satisfactory response of the parents was noted down. Interaction with all classes regarding Moral Values & Modern Values, How, Why and When we follows. No matter what you say or how you say it. Your communication always Reveal your true thoughts and attitude. • Words are but picture of your thoughts. Self-Acceptance and a sense of self-worth help us to dream positive and live a positive life Self-Acceptance and a sense of self-worth help us to dream positive and live a positive life. • As per the decision of the meeting held in the month of January, re-estimation of the construction of hostel building has been started. We hope that within six months the work may be completed. Financial Status • Rs.30.00 Lac has been booked up to January,2010. Proposals for the purchase of materials for & excursion Rs.9.00 Lacs already been sent to H.Q. for approval, still awaited. Amount.Rs.20.50 Lacs has been received from S.S.A. office in the month of February, which will be incurred on various items up to 31/03/2010.

  10. Workshop for working teachers Haryana Prathmik Shksha Pariyojana Parishad organised two days workshop on Capacity building for the teachers of all KGBVs at Chandigarh from 30.09.2009 to 1.10.2009 The following points were discussed in the training programme:- • Emotionally attachment with the students by Mr.P.K.Das, Director Haryana Prathmik Shiksha Pariyojna Parishad. • Emotional attachment with the students which works in developing their personality and mental maturity which brings all happiness in their lives. The teachers can be exemplary role model for their students. • Adolescence Behaviour by Dr.Ranjna, Professor of Psychology, Kurukshestra University • Students may be guided regarding gender identity and hormonal changes.Periodical checkup is must at this stage. • Women Empowerment by Mrs.Savita, lecturer SCERT, Chandigarh • Quality Aspects by Ms. Kalpana. • Quality is necessary for education and 1:40 is the ideal ratio for a ideal classroom. • Sanitation and hygiene promotion by Dr.Rajiv Vats. • It is necessary for sound health and development of the country. • Stress management, personality development and balanced life by Dr.C.R.Darolia, KU. • Academic excellence and overall personality that is inside (inner power) makes a perfect personality. Stress management is the key to success. Treat students as we want our children to be treated. • Positive attitude by Mrs.Savita • There is dire need to look into this matter especially in Mewat. The foundation of their lives should be strong. t The teachers who attended the training programme were very grateful to SSA for organizing such workshops. Mrs.Jyoti Chikara, Education Officer, Mewat Model Schools Society, assured the authorities that the teachers working in six KGBVs of Mewat will remain no stone unturned to bring excellence and provide quality education in Mewat.

  11. Parents Review We are satisfied with the studies of our daughter Bilkish (class VIII). Her studies has improved a lot.. Arrangement may be made for class IX so that students can continue their studies. Sh.Shahid Khan My daughter, KomalRani (class VIII), has learnt a lot here. This school is good in all ways. The teachers teaching here are very hardworking. Sh.Chet Ram In addition to her studies, my daughter Pooja (class VIII), has also learnt social behaviour, how to come forward and be Confident. Sh.BabuLal My daughter Hamesha, class VIII, has Learnt reading and writing . She has also learnt how to deal with others. She has also started speaking in a different manner which will add to her personality. Sh.Liyakat Ali We are very happy with the Education and management of the School. My child is doing well. Mr.Mahender f/o Annu,class VII Level of education has Improved. Class IX Should be started so that Students can continue their education further. Mr.DeenMohd., f/o Mahib, class VII Eating habits, general behaviour and social interaction of our daughters has improved. Next classes should be started so that Girls can continue here itself. Mr.Mubeen f/o Sahiba, Most of the parents were very happy with the way the schools are working. The teachers are teaching with sincerity and devotion. Most of the parents have requested that class IX & X should be started in the schools so that students may continue their further studies.

  12. Coming Up Educational Tour to Science City Educational tour to Science city has been planned for all the six schools in three phases. In first phase, girls of KGBV Nuh & Nagina will avail this facility. All the expenditure will be born by SSA. One day trip to New Delhi One day trip Red Forte, Qutab Minar, Nehru Planetarium & Zoo is also being planned for all the six schools. The expenditure for the same will be born by SSA. Infrastructure for all six schools Very soon the six schools will be fully equipped with all basic infrastructure like furniture, water coolers, black boards etc. Sanction has been accorded by SSA for the same. Process is in progress. Vocational Training Programme Vocational training of cutting & tailoring and crotia will be given to the girls of KGBV. This training programme will be organised after school hours for class VI & VII. In three crotia and in other three cutting & tailoring training will be started from Feb.23 to 3 March 2010. Starting class IX On demand of the parents and considering the background of the area, verbal permission has been granted to start class IX in all six KGBVs from the coming session.

  13. 3RD ROUND 1ST ROUND 2ND ROUND 4TH ROUND DATE DATE CLASS VI-VIII CLASS VI-VIII DATE DATE CLASS VI-VIII CLASS VI-VIII 13.04.2010 02.11.2010 MATHS MATHS 21.12.2010 20.07.2010 MATHS MATHS 20.04.2010 09.11.2010 HINDI HINDI 27.07.2010 04.01.2010 HINDI HINDI 27.04.2010 16.11.2010 ENGLISH ENGLISH 11.01.2011 03.08.2010 ENGISH ENGISH 23.11.2010 04.05.2010 SKT/URDU SKT/URDU 18.01.2011 10.08.2010 SKT/URDU SKT/URDU 07.12.2010 11.05.2010 S.ST S.ST 17.08.2010 27.01.2011 S.ST S.ST 13.07.2010 14.12.2010 SCIENCE SCIENCE 24.08.2010 01.02.2011 SCIENCE SCIENCE WEEKLY TEST SCHEDULE 2010-2011

  14. s.no. s.n. Competition Competition Date Venue Date 1 1 Painting Painting 20th April’2010 KGBV Nuh 16th April’2010 2. 2 Rangoli Making Cooking without fire 22nd July’2010 KGBV Hathin 14th May’2010 3 3 Mehandi Rangoli Making 29th Oct.’2010 KGBV Nagina 16th July’2010 4 4 Solo Singing Rakhi making 30th Nov.’2010 KGBV Tauru 23rd August’2010 5 5 Card-Making Mehandi 18th Jan’2011 KGBV Punhana 22nd Oct.’2010 6 6 Children’s Day Celebration Salad Making 23rd Feb.’2011 KGBV F.P.Jhirka 14th Nov.’2010 7 Solo singing 26th Nov.2010 8 Kho-Kho 17th Dec.’2010 9 Card-Making 21st Jan’2011 10 Salad Making 19th Feb’2011 TENTATIVE ACTIVITY SCHEDULE 2010-2011 Tentative Inter School Competitions (KGBVs Mewat)

  15. Acknowledgement & Thanks His Excellency, the Governor, Haryana Hon'ble Chief Minister, Haryana State Project Director,HPSPP Commissioner, Gurgaon, Division, Gurgaon Dy. Commissioner, Mewat Additional Dy. Commissioner, Mewat All the members of Board of Governors Community of Mewat

  16. Life is so precious, In addition, each day is a gift, So enjoy every minute, As it were your last to live, Cherish your loved ones, Hug them tight, Share with them your heart, And your time, Nothing is forever, Moreover, life goes so fast, Each minute that passes, Is one you cannot get back? When trouble arrives, And knock of your feet, Stand up and smile, And remember life is too sweet, Every morning when you wake, Decide right from the start, That “To day will be a good day.” And let it all in with an open heart. Newsletter developed at :- HQ , MMSS,Nuh.