Enviromental degradation and extinction of some species
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Enviromental degradation and extinction of some species ·SPAIN·. Endangered species in Spain.

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Endangered species in spain
Endangeredspecies in Spain

In Spainthere are 176 endangeredspecies. Most of them are plants. Ifwedon´ttakecaretheywilllikelybecomeextinct. Spain has lawstoprotectthem, forexampleforbiddinghuntingorcollecting and protectingareas.

Nowlet’sseesome of the 64 endangeredanimals.

Enviromental degradation and extinction of some species spain


  • The Eurasianbrown bearis a mammalia. A full grown male weighs between 250 and 300 kilograms.

  • In our country they live in the north.

  • Nowadays there are only 130 specimen. Bears’ extinction in Spain is caused by the men action. So we must take care for them and today if you kill one bear you can be fined with 300.000 euros.

Enviromental degradation and extinction of some species spain


  • This kind of eagle (Aquila adalbert) only lives in central and south-west Spain. The Spanish Imperial Eagle averages is 2.5–3.5 kilograms, 78–82 centimeters in length and 180–210 centimeters in wingspan.

  • Nowadays we can find around 250 couples of this kind of animals.

Iberian lynx

It is a kind of the cat family, typical of the southern of the Iberian Peninsula.

This animal has got a robust body, that measures between 65 cm and 1.30 m in lengthand it is covered by a dense, soft fur.

There are no more than 200 lynxes in Spain.

Cantabrian capercaillie

The grouse is a bird that lives in the north of Spain. It is protected since 1986. They have great sexual dimorphism. Its maximum size is 105 cm .

They are characterized by feathers under the beak beard and a red tubercle on eyes.

A population of 1300 animals is estimated.

Enviromental degradation and extinction of some species spain

Gallotia Simonyi

GallotiaSimonyiis a specie of lizardthat can befound in El Hierro island, one of theCanaryIslands. There are lessthan 300 copies in a single location, a smallarea of 10 km2.

The Hierro Giant Lizard is omnivorous. They can measure about 60 centimetres long, with a thick body. Adults are dark grey to brown in colour with orange patches in his sides.

Actias isabellae

The Spanish Moon Moth, Actiasisabellae, is a moth of the family Saturniidae.

At the end of April and beginning of May the moth begins to hatch after overwintering in the cocoon.

  • The caterpillars suffer a high mortality due to the fumigation with chemical products.

Bearded vulture


It eats mainly carrion and lives and breeds on crags in high mountains in southern Europe. The Bearded Vulture is sparsely distributed across a considerable range.

This can swallow whole or bite through brittle bones up to the size of a lamb's femur and its powerful digestive system quickly dissolves even large pieces.

Common chamaeleon

The Common Chamaeleon is insectivorous, capturing insects by stealth and the rapid extension of its long tongue which has a terminal pad which grasps and adheres to the prey. Adults are known to eat young chameleons and have been observed to eat fruit.

Enviromental degradation

Environmental degradation is the destruction of ecosystems through depletion of resources such as air, water and soil. In Spain some of the problems are concerned to

  • Spanish coastline destroyed by overbuilding.

  • Soil degradation and desertification.

  • Air and waterpollution.

Enviromental degradation and extinction of some species spain



  • Accordingtothe ONG Ecologistas en Acción one of themostimportantimpact in Andaluciacoastsistheoverbuilding.

  • Other cause isthe dumping wasteintothe sea.

Enviromental degradation and extinction of some species spain

Algarrobico Beach

Itis in the Natural Park of the Cape of Gata-Níjar, Almería.

A huge hotel with more than 400 rooms has beenbuilt and destroysthe natural area.

This hotel isillegalbecauseitdoesn’tcomplytheCoastalLaw and it’sinside a protected natural park. Many ecologist associations have got to stop the construction but it hasn't demolished yet.

La b arceloneta beach
La Barceloneta beach

La Barceloneta is a beach located in the seaside neighborhood of CiutatVella in Barcelona. On this beach buildings have been built around it. This has been causing a biodiversity decrease of the area.

Soil degradation

Asturias, in the north of Spain, is one of the places where soil degradation is affected.


Water or wind erosion, salinization, nutrient depletion, deterioration of the structure, desertification and pollution.


Impact on agriculture by reducing crop yields and water resources. The economy and the environment as a whole, such as industry and trade, are affected due to flooding or sediment accumulation in rivers, dams and ports.

Chemical industry in huelva
Chemicalindustry in Huelva

The industrial activity exercised by the chemical pole in Huelva is responsible of the rapid degradation of a place that has remained in his natural balance during thousands of years.

To conclude

Topreventenviromentaldegradation and extinction of speciesjustremembertheChief Seattle's speech of 1854: “Theearthdoesnotbelongtotheman, manbelongstotheearth. Allthings are connectedlikethebloodthatunitesusall. Mandidnotweavethe web of life, he ismerely a strand in it. Whatever he doestothe web, he doestohimself”