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Homepathy-Why symptoms are important? PowerPoint Presentation
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Homepathy-Why symptoms are important?

Homepathy-Why symptoms are important?

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Homepathy-Why symptoms are important?

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  1. Homepathy-Why symptoms are important?

  2. Homeopathy • Unless you know the cause of a problem and understand why it occurs, you can never find a solution. • This is exactly why while treating ailments all therapies focus on trying to understand the symptoms. • Homeopathy also works on in depth study of the triggers that make one ill. Then the right remedy is proffered. • With the number of homeopathic products online, it is clear that many people have faith in its ability to cure. • There are now easy ways to buy homeopathic medicine online. However, even if you know the symptoms, do discuss with a doctor first.

  3. Why some remedies succeed • The answer is simple and tricky. A remedy only succeeds when the specialist is able to identify the symptoms or indicators that have triggered the ailment/sickness/ache & pain or any other condition that bothers the patient. • In a way, the right diagnosis and understanding the signals or symptoms is crucial for homeopathy doctors. It is then they are able to dispense the right pills. • Once the dispensation is done then it is quite easy to buy homeopathic medicine online. For any remedy to be appropriate, the right dilution is important. • Not all homeopathic products online need this kind of focus. Items like shampoos, normal cough syrup, balms, and creams can be ordered via the internet. Two people may have the same symptoms but the medicines will be different.

  4. Be Patient • Many patients are quite impatient as they are unable to understand their symptoms. • Often when the doctor asks them what is the problem they are unable to articulate and explain. • A trained doctor will be able to find out if ‘it is all in the mind’ or there is something more to the visit to the clinic. • For example a patient may say,” Oh I have frequent headaches.” There are as many as 70 different remedies for that headache in homeopathy. The headache is a mere indicator, but there are other symptoms to focus on like indigestion, weak eyes, tiredness etc. • Even depression has almost 749 different remedies. But, what are your symptoms? Only a qualified consultation will be able to detect the right issues with the patient. • A diagnosis takes longer with a homeopath than with any other doctor. The treatment is determined by the symptoms that occur. • Homeopathy is a successful health care format is often brushed aside by other practitioners. But, it is key to survival is the symptoms that the patient speaks of.

  5. What constitutes symptoms? • A patient may be able to say, “I am getting pain in the body’. However, when he says he is depressed the symptoms are non-existent. There is no pain, no ache no sensation so how does one find out what has triggered the statement, “I am depressed.” • Then after a while, the patient speaks of hurt, or tiredness. The ‘pain’ or ‘tiredness’ is different but the label given is depression. There could be sadness or unhappiness too involved. • With over 500 remedies which will be useful? A homeopath will continue to probe to understand the symptoms. He will also ask which part of the body hurts more or when are the symptoms are local, what time they occur and with what frequency.

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