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  1. AGSS Corp Brief Introduction

  2. What is AGSS? AGSS provides products and services: • AGSS identifies, engages and evaluates suppliers of products and components. • AGSS designs, and quality controls products to ensure its product line is the most competitive. • AGSS does not manufacture. However alternative might assembly components from the most competitive factories. • Besides providing AGSS brand of products, we also provide sourcing solutions.

  3. What is AGSS products? AGSS stays competitive on pricing and technology: • AGSS is involved in sourcing the best and most competitive OEM/ODM manufactures. • Alternatively AGSS is involved in designing, assembly and quality controls key products. • AGSS does not physically own a factory, instead it has a flexible operational model allowing always to source products or components from more competitive provider or a latter technology. • AGSS is in essence: flexible and product oriented. Without the burdens of the traditional factories, AGGS is never tied to promote a uncompetitive product or add a heavy profit to our products to maintain a large operational cost. We simply seek the best and most efficient manufactures of components and products and integrate them in a solution.

  4. AGSS main product segments

  5. AGSS services: sourcing Why source and procure through AGSS? • We identify, research and compare alternativessources. • Our main principle is to attain a more competitive pricing for the buyer. • We also try to identify better, higher quality or newer tech product options. • By engaging locally with suppliers we reassure their qualifications and reliability. • We execute the procurement and follow up to ensure satisfaction.

  6. We specialize in products and components based in Taiwan and China

  7. Why be a supplier of AGSS? AGSS products and services are meant to grow your business: • AGSS works with a large buyer database. • We identify, match and engage with potential buyers of specific products. • By linking procurements from different buyers we enhance supply of goods. • We enhance the customer experience during the procurement stage. • Our goal is to create a constant revenue stream for your company.

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