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McDonalds Corp. PowerPoint Presentation
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McDonalds Corp.

McDonalds Corp.

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McDonalds Corp.

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  1. McDonalds Corp. Home Latest news for McDonalds: Well We opened this month, we got more service than we expected, I’m guessing a lot of people didn’t want turkey for Thanksgiving this year. What’s going on: We are open for business this month. We have great specials and free things check out our calendar. Specials: Nov. 12th 2 free cookies with every $5.00 purchase. Nov. 16th Sundae Day! Chocolate, Strawberry, or Carmel with a purchase of a small fry. Nov. 21st Introducing the McCafe. Nov. 23rd Free Egg McMuffin with a purchase of $2.00. Nov. 27th 2 Filet-O-Fish $3.00. Nov, 14th Introducing the Dollar Menu.

  2. About Us Come in,Sit,Enjoy We are an all new fast food or sit in restaurant. Some of our restaurants have play areas for you children that can’t sit still and eat this lets you eat and give your child a chance to play even if its cold or rainy outside. We have great food, we have good hour and were open everyday except Christmas were open even on Thanksgiving. We close early on Sunday. Our Song and Slogan. We now offer WiFi at participating local stores.

  3. Contact Us You could contact us by the following: E-Mail, Telephone, or Fax. You could come in and ask for the manager or anyone who is there to assist you, when you come in try something off of our NEW! Dollar menu or even our new McCafe. Our information is located at the bottom of the screen, but remember if you contact us via E-mail, Telephone or even Fax you wont be getting the oppurtunity to sit, and enjoy our delicious food. Turn off McHarding Street. Go toward the giant yellow building and turn right in the McDrive way. Then you can come in and order or even go through the McDrive Thru, and order off the McMenu. Primary Business Address 1782 Main St. Crestline Oh 44827 Phone: 419-683-2250 Fax: 417-555-6125 E-mail:

  4. Product List A few of our more favored items are: The Big Mac Hot Fudge Sundae Hot French Fries Chicken McNuggets

  5. The employees at McDonalds have great manners and great employment status. We have meetings with hundreds of people asking if they can work for us. Out of those hundreds we pick the finest they go thought plenty of higher status workers and go through a series of tests, to make sure they are ready for this job. Thou it may look easy it is harder then it looks. So stop in get an application and maybe you will be deemed one of the best. Employee List Jessica Richter Skyler Weirdo Skyler is a good worker he makes most of the food, the main things like the sandwiches and salads. She is a good worker she listens well. She, mostly runs the drive thru and makes drinks, she is very careful so she never messes up. E-mail: Jessica Tesso She stands at the registers and takes order for the people inside. She has been working here for a long time so she has experience mostly every where, E-mail: Amber Lapene Amber cleans up and runs the register, she makes sure fries are always cooking. E-mail: Brianna Ewers She makes coffee, all the dessert items, she helps with the registers and helps clean. E-mail:

  6. Related Links For information on our website and our company you can visit or look us up on the following sites: Or E-mail us at