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  1. 2014 Smarter Balanced Field Test Secure Browser WebcastNovember 26, 20139:00 a.m.Presenters: Michael McDaniel and Daniel Stanley

  2. Agenda • What is the Secure Browser? • Technology and System Requirements • Installing the Secure Browser • What Next? • Resources and Support Note: Throughout the presentation, we will be referring to the Technical Specifications Manual (TSM), available at:

  3. What is the Secure Browser?

  4. What is the Secure Browser? • The secure browser is a type of software that needs to be installed on each computer for the 2014 Smarter Balanced Field Test. • The secure browsers prevent students from accessing other computer or Internet applications or copying test information. • There are different versions of the secure browser for different device types and operating systems. • The correct secure browser must be installed on each computer that will be used for the Field Test.

  5. What is the Secure Browser? • Field Test secure browsers for Windows, Mac, and Android devices were released during the week of Nov. 18 on the Smarter Balanced Portal Web page ( • Other versions (Linux, iOS, and Google Chrome OS) will be released in the coming month. • Replaces the Practice Test secure browser. • Reminder: Need to uninstall Pilot Test version of browser, if previously installed.

  6. What is the Secure Browser? • Secure browsers will be replaced annually. • When should the browsers be installed? • Depends on available resources, number and type of devices, and other factors. • In general… the sooner the better!

  7. Technology and System Requirements

  8. Technology Requirements • Ensure that your LEA meets the requirements indicated in the Smarter Balanced Technology Requirements: • • For more specific information about technology requirements, see TSM 5–16. • For more background on overall Tech Readiness, watch the Tech Readiness Webinar recorded November 4 at TSM 5–16

  9. System Requirements • For desktops and laptops: TSM 13

  10. System Requirements • Supported mobile operating systems and browsers: • If you plan to use Android-based tablets, be aware of the Smarter Balanced device certification process outlined at TSM 14

  11. Hardware Requirements Reminders: • Headphones are required for each test station • Microphones not required • External keyboards required for tablets • 10″ diagonal display or larger • 1024 x 768 display resolution

  12. Installing the Secure Browser

  13. Installing the Secure Browser • All secure browsers can be downloaded from the Smarter Balanced Portal Web page: • • Windows, Mac, and Android secure browsers are now available for download. • Other secure browsers and the Chromebook app are not yet available. • For specific information on operating system availability, see TSM 26. TSM 26

  14. Smarter Balanced Portal Secure Browser Web Page:

  15. Options for Installing the Secure Browser on Desktops and Laptops • One-by-One manual installation: • Access the Internet and download and install the browser; OR • Download and save the browser onto a media device (i.e. flash drive) and then copy and install the files onto each computer; OR • Download and save the browser to a network folder and then copy it onto each computer. • For additional information on one-by-one manual installation, refer to TSM 27–36. (Note: Instructions vary by system!) TSM 27–36

  16. Options for Installing the Secure Browser on Desktops and Laptops • Network installation: • You can push the browser out to all computers through a network by copying browser files from the network to individual computers or through third-party programs to run the installers. • For additional information on network installation, refer to TSM 37–41. TSM 37–41

  17. What Next?

  18. I’ve Installed the Browser, Now What? • Run the Practice Test. • Open the browser and select “Training Test.” • Refer to the Practice Test User Guide: • Run the Network Diagnostics Tool. • Open the browser and select “Network Diagnostics Tool.” • Run at various times of the day. • Review checklists for other tasks.

  19. Technology Coordinator Checklist TSM 71–72

  20. Technology Coordinator Checklist TSM 71–72

  21. Other Reminders • Complete the Technology Readiness Tool. • • Review Field Test window assignments. • And don’t forget… there are still some paper tests to administer for CST, CMA, CAPA, and STS. (STS is optional). Reminders for the paper testing: • Test administration setup • Ordering deadline is December 2 • Pre-ID

  22. Resources and Support

  23. Resources and Support • Additional training coming soon. • CalTAC help desk is there to support YOU! • We can help determine the installation option that works best for your LEA. • Consider putting your technology coordinator in touch with your CalTAC representative, who has access to technology experts. Phone: 800-955-2954

  24. Questions?