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  1. Absolutism Rodrigo Montero, Julio Sanchez, Fernando Quiroz

  2. Learning Outcomes • By the end of the lesson every one should understand: • what is “Absolutism”. • Main actions of Louis XIV. • What lead to the French revolution. • What the term “world power” means. • England as a world power. We want you…TO LEARN about our reading!!

  3. What is Absolutism? • Absolutism means that the ultimate authority in the state is rested in the hands of a king who claims to rule by divine right. It is a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator and has complete and unrestricted power in government. Since the kings received their power from God, their authority was absolute. Under absolutism the king has the power to make laws, administer justice, control the state's administrative system, and determine foreign policy.

  4. STARTER Activity! • What time is it?!?! Its DRAMA time!!

  5. Louis XIV • King Of France (1642-1715) • Also Known as Louis the Great. • He wanted to eliminate the feudalism in France. • He become one of the most powerful kings of France. • He reigned for 72 years. • He was the unique French leader, the only one who had power (ABSOLUT POWER) • “I am the state” • When the absolutism was at its most important point, he reign.

  6. French Absolutism • As said before, absolutism means the complete power in hands of a single ruler. In this case the ruler was Louis XIV but the absolut power was state since the late reign of Louis XIII. • Louis XIV had a lack of governmental skills, this led to many national problems and to some foreing. • During the most difficult part of Louis XIV reign the Fronde begun. (Fronde is a series of civil wars that least 5 years) • The absolutism continue till Louis XV but slowl y started to decay.

  7. World Power • A nation or other political entity having the power to influence the course of world events. • A state that possesses sufficient power to influence events throughout the world POWER!!

  8. The Emerge of England as a WorldPower • Onlythecreation of a modernarmycouldtheenglishkeep pace

  9. In 1603, when Elizabeth I died, James VI tookthethrone. He ruledScotland and England. • 1603-1623: James I Stuart ruledwithoutthevoice of thepeople, he despisedParliament. Wrotethebook “The Trew Law of Free Monarchies”, which talks about advocating the divine right of kings. • Charles I 1625-1649: He instilled fears among the populace about a return to Catholicism. He imposed taxes in order to support th English navy. That angered most of the populace and lead to the English Civil war