1 oh public performance richard wright n.
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1. OH! PUBLIC PERFORMANCE ( Richard Wright)

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1. OH! PUBLIC PERFORMANCE ( Richard Wright) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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1. OH! PUBLIC PERFORMANCE ( Richard Wright). Richard’s first day at school. Teacher asked him to write his name on the board. Richard was nervous and shy. He could not write anything. Other students laughed at him. He felt upset and ashamed.

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1 oh public performance richard wright
1. OH! PUBLIC PERFORMANCE( Richard Wright)
  • Richard’s first day at school.
  • Teacher asked him to write his name on the board.
  • Richard was nervous and shy.
  • He could not write anything.
  • Other students laughed at him.
  • He felt upset and ashamed.
2 let s respond to india s call dr a p j abdul kalam
  • Speech by Kalam at Hyderabad.
  • Kalam’s 3 visions for India – freedom, development, and strength.
  • Media should not be negative.
  • We should have self respect.
  • We must have civic sense.
  • We obey the rules of foreign countries , so why not in our own country?
  • Instead of becoming living room critics, we should act for our country.
3 a nice citizen abraham lincoln
3. A NICE CITIZEN ( Abraham Lincoln)
  • A letter to his son’s teacher -
  • Teach him to be honest, brave, dedicated and just.
  • Teach him to love books, and believe in his own ideas.
  • Teach him to be strong in character and gentle in behaviour.
  • My son is a fine fellow; make him a nice citizen.
4 the goldmine of indian health tradition panel discussion
  • Our traditional health practices are rich.
  • It has a tradition of 3000 years.
  • But we consider it unscientific as it is not validated by the western science.
  • Modernization and Commercialization has destroyed our rich tradition of health.
  • We need to validate our traditional medicines, and standardize our drugs.
  • We should educate the younger generation about the importance of traditional medicines.
5 dreams of a girl gurdeep pandher
5. DREAMS OF A GIRL (GurdeepPandher)
  • Profile of KalpanaChawla. (Adapted from “Life and Dreams of KalpanaChawla”)
  • Born on July 1, 1961 , in Karnal , Haryana.
  • Belonged to a middle class family.
  • Kalpana wanted to be astronaut.
  • Family and society resisted.
  • Kalpana studied aeronautical engineering and immigrated to US.
  • Completed Ph. D.
  • Married JP Harrison.
  • First space flight in Columbia (1997)
  • Second flight (Feb.1, 2003) ended in a crash.
6 an irish rose a j cronin
6.AN IRISH ROSE(A. J. Cronin)
  • Cronin met Rose Donegan in Dublin.
  • Rose was 14 years old.
  • She had 4 siblings to care of – the youngest was baby Michael (9 months old)
  • Her mother had died and her father was a drunkard.
  • Rose had the responsibility of her family.
  • Cronin helped her to find a job in a farm house.
  • The family at the farmhouse adopted Michael.
  • Rose was very depressed after leaving the baby.
  • Once Michael became very sick and Rose went to treat him.
  • Michael recovered but Rose was sick and later she died.
7 best buys for health editorial from the hindu
7.BEST BUYS FOR HEALTH (Editorial from The Hindu)
  • Health issues in developing countries.
  • More than 13 million children die every year.
  • Death rate can be decreased by life style changes, adopting simple strategies of prevention and proper interventions.
  • Different data is provided.
  • Suggestion – Positive health interventions that are inexpensive and effectual should become a part of national health policies.
8 the world renowned nose translated by r e asher
8. THE WORLD RENOWNED NOSE(Translated by R E Asher)
  • Story by VaikkomMuhammedBasheer.
  • The nose of a 24 year old cook began to grow.
  • He was illiterate and ignorant.
  • His nose became an attraction and his mother made money out of it.
  • He became a millionaire and popular.
  • People wrote stories , biographies and made films about him. He got many awards.
  • He joined politics and the opposition party spread a scandal that his nose was made of rubber.
  • It became a big issue and the government interfered.
  • The panel of doctors tested his nose and found it original.
  • The President nominated him as an MP.
9 the open window saki
  • Mr. FramtonNuttel went to Mrs. Sappleton’s house.
  • Vera, her niece, welcomed him.
  • She told a tragic story about her aunt.
  • She said that her uncle and her aunt’s brothers had died 3 years back, but their bodies were not recovered.
  • Her aunt was mentally upset after that.
  • Nuttel was upset to see Mrs. Sappleton.
  • She was cheerful and said she was waiting for her husband and brothers to return from hunting.
  • After sometime they came through the open window.
  • Nuttel believed they were ghosts and ran away.
  • Vera told a new story about Nuttel to the family.
  • Vera was a tricky girl and loved to tell imaginary stories.
10 the patriot an old story robert browning
10.THE PATRIOT – An old story ( Robert Browning)
  • The patriot came to the town one year back.
  • He was welcomed with cheers and celebrations.
  • People loved him.
  • But now , after one year, he is a prisoner.
  • People throw stones at him.
  • His hands are tied and he is taken to the place of execution.
  • The patriot believes that he will get justice in the heaven.
11 the king who limped monica thorne
11. THE KING WHO LIMPED(Monica Thorne)
  • A new king took charge of the palace.
  • He came with a limp and a bowler hat.
  • The people in the court were sycophants.
  • They imitated the king and tried to impress him.
  • They made foolish remarks in the dog issue.
  • The king revealed his real self.
  • The king expelled them out of the court and replaced them with honest people.
12 on viewing television david considine
  • Children need to become critical viewers of TV.
  • Critical viewing is the ability to analyze the images, signs, codes and other elements.
  • There are 5 important elements to consider:
    • The content of the program.
    • The internal construction of the frame.
    • The external forces that influence the program.
    • Comparisons with other medias and reality.
    • Responding critically about the program.
13 interview adoor gopalakrishnan by gowri ramnarayan for frontline
13.INTERVIEW: ADOOR GOPALAKRISHNAN(By GowriRamnarayan for Frontline)
  • Student of Pune Film Institute.
  • “Elipathayam” won the British Film Institute Award in 1982
  • Adoor talks about casting in the films.
  • He says, all his films have some autobiographical element in it.
  • A director’s life is like a tight rope walk.
  • He had done many experiments in his films.
  • He prefers healthy debate to controversies.
  • He doesn’t like violence in cinema and also avoids too many symbols.
  • He says he respects his audience’s intelligence.
  • He has struggled a lot to be a film maker.
14 the making of a film satyajit ray
14.THE MAKING OF A FILM( Satyajit Ray)
  • Ray talks about the different phases in film making.
  • Writing a scenario, Shooting and Editing.
  • Cinema is a product of gadgets/machines.
  • The style of the cinema is dictated by the views and attitudes of the director.
  • Eg: The script of PatherPanchali.
15 making of the kid charlie chaplin
15.MAKING OF “THE KID”(Charlie Chaplin)
  • Chaplin describes how he found the little boy, Jackie Coogan for his film “The Kid”.
  • He was looking for a new idea for a film.
  • Saw Jackie’s performance at a Theatre.
  • Decided to make a film about a kid and a tramp.
  • Little Jackie was very active.
  • The film had a combination of comedy and sentiments. This was an experiment.
  • People said it would be a failure.
  • The film became a hit.
17 middle age kamala das
17. MIDDLE AGE(Kamala Das)
  • The sadness of a mother who is rejected by a teenage son.
  • When he was a small child he needed mother always.
  • Now, he thinks she is old and unwanted.
  • He loves to be with his friends and takes his own decisions.
  • Mother feels alone and sad.
18 the lottery ticket anton chekhov
18. THE LOTTERY TICKET( Anton Chekhov)
  • Ivan Dmitrich and Masha are middle-class couple.
  • Masha had taken a lottery.
  • Ivan looked up the result.
  • But before seeing the complete result, they spent some time dreaming about their fortunes.
  • Their dreams go wild and at the end they begin to hate each other and also their little house.
  • They didn’t win the lottery, and get frustrated.
18 the dear departed stanley houghton
18. THE DEAR DEPARTED ( Stanley Houghton)
  • Abel Merryweather had 2 daughters – Amelia and Elizabeth.
  • He was living with Amelia, her husband , Mr. Slater and their daughter, Victoria.
  • Abel came home drinking and went to bed.
  • Amelia thought he was dead.
  • She took this chance to steal his property before her sister arrived.
  • Elizabeth came in with her husband , Ben Jordan.
  • The greedy sisters had a big fight over father’s property.
  • Abel woke up from sleep .
  • The daughters tried to impress him.
  • But the father understood their real nature.
  • He declared he did not want to live with his daughters anymore. He was going to marry a widow.