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Paraphrasing vs. Quoting

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Paraphrasing vs. Quoting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Paraphrasing vs. Quoting. Big 6 Step #5 Synthesis. Paraphrase Definition. Paraphrasing is when we borrow ideas, language, or phrases from another person’s text; you write these using our own language and sentence patterns

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paraphrasing vs quoting

Paraphrasing vs. Quoting

Big 6 Step #5 Synthesis

paraphrase definition
Paraphrase Definition
  • Paraphrasing is when we borrow ideas, language, or phrases from another person’s text; you write these using our own language and sentence patterns
  • It allows the reader to understand the important parts without having to read all of your sources.
misunderstandings about paraphrasing
Misunderstandings about Paraphrasing
  • If you switch words around you are OK-NO
  • If you learned about the topic somewhere else, you don’t have to cite it-NO
  • You only have to cite direct quotes and not paraphrases because you use your own words-NO
  • Quoting is better than paraphrasing- NO
paraphrasing vs quoting1
Paraphrasing Vs. Quoting
  • Should I paraphrase or quote?

In general, use direct quotations only if you have a good reason. Most of your paper should be in your own words and have lots of paraphrasing.

difference between paraphrase and quote
Difference Between Paraphrase and Quote

using your own words

uses exact words

requires citation

about same length as original



located inside of a sentenece

avoids plagirarism

keeps same idea

not used often

more specific than summary

Used often

paraphrasing vs quoting2
Paraphrasing Vs. Quoting
  • Quote only when
    • authors supports your opinion or point
    • present an opinion that you will critique
    • to include language that is moving or historically important
    • If paraphrased, meaning would be lost
  • Paraphrase when
    • you want to use the idea and not specific language
    • you can express the same meaning or message with fewer words.
how to paraphrase a source
How to Paraphrase a Source
  • Read the passage carefully
  • Decide the main ideas of the passage
  • Identify important words or phrases
  • Put the main points in your own words
  • Don’t look at original text



identifying effective paraphrase
Identifying Effective Paraphrase
  • With a partner, visit the site below and see if you can identify good examples of effective paraphrase.