what was it like to be a colonist n.
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What was it like to be a colonist? PowerPoint Presentation
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What was it like to be a colonist?

What was it like to be a colonist?

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What was it like to be a colonist?

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  1. What was it like to be a colonist? What were the motives for becoming a colonist?

  2. Baby Colonists? Clout – diaper made of linen, pinned with straight pins or tied with fabric tape Back fastened gown worn by girls until 12 or 14 and boys until 4 or 7 Breeching – time when boys (4-7) were given his first pair of pants Pudding Cap – padded hat tied on toddlers to protect their heads when learning to walk.

  3. What did men wear? • Men's Clothing

  4. What did women wear? • women's clothing • paperdoll

  5. What’s for dinner? • CORN! Boiled corn, roasted corn, corn cake, corn pudding • Pumpkin, squash • Maple syrup and maple sugar • Veggies • Beans cooked to mush = porridge • Lobster, clams, fish • Rabbits, squirrels, bear, deer, pork (smoked, dried and pickled) • Fruit (peeled, sliced and dried)

  6. Something to drink? Not many cows in early colonial period so not much milk Colonists thought water would make them sick. They drank cider made from apples, pears and peaches. AND THEY DRANK BEER! Children too, even at breakfast

  7. Table Manners? Children were “seen” and not “heard.” Some children had to stand during the entire meal. Early colonial period, one ate with their fingers. Some homes, one big pot was placed in the middle of the table. A trencher was a wooden board used as a plate, you shared with a sibling.

  8. How about school? Some went, some didn’t Dame School Hornbook Bible After Dame School, some boys went to another school and girls stayed home Schools were uncomfortable. Most were one room with hard benches. Students expected to bring wood for the fire. Students had to pay or board the teacher.

  9. Did Colonial Children behave in school? Whip Dunce cap Whispering sticks Card around your neck Idle boy Bitefinger baby Branch on your nose

  10. Worked!!! • Fed the animals • Worked in the fields • Made candles • Cleaned house • Sewed • Cooked What did children do when not at school?

  11. Boys • Balls made of leather and feathers • Drums • Popguns • Hoops • Marbles • Kites • Ice skating Did they ever get to play? Girls Dolls Rags Corn husks Wooden dolls Samplers Learn to embroider

  12. The Puritans were strict!!! • Sledding was illegal • Swimming was illegal • Dancing was a sin • You had to go to church every Sunday • Two hours in the morning • Two hours in the afternoon • Babies were put in “cages” • No wiggling • No sleeping – the tithing-man would knock you on the head • Smiling or whispering got you a fine! • No laughing on Sunday • No playing on Sunday • No work • No shaving • No kissing!