How to shoot a jumpshot
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How to Shoot a Jumpshot. By Anthony DelCoro. Elbow In.

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How to shoot a jumpshot

HowtoShoota Jumpshot

By Anthony DelCoro

Elbow in
Elbow In

As you can see in the photo of NBA player J.J. Reddick, that he has his elbow at a perfect 90 degree angle, or in other words, his elbow is in the shape of an L. Doing this will allow you to have the greatest rate of success when shooting the basketball.

Stay square to the basket
Stay Square to the Basket

  • Another key aspect of shooting a jump shot is staying square to the basket.

  • This means that your toes, knees, and elbows are pointed directly towards the target, not off to the left or right.

  • This allows you to have greater accuracy and consistency when shooting a jump shot.

Feet shoulder width apart
Feet Shoulder Width Apart

As you can see in this photo, Ray Allen is getting ready to attempt a free throw. Even though it isn’t a jump shot, a free throw has the same principles. If you focus on Ray Allen’s feet you see that they are about shoulder width apart. By doing this, you will achieve your greatest possible balance to be successful in jump shooting.

Bend at the knees
Bend at the knees

If you focus on this photo of Rudy Gay, you have to focus on his knees, Rudy slightly bends his knees to allow him to get extra power and arch on his shot, this allows him to get the basketball over the front of the rim.


  • Your eyes are very important when shooting.

  • Many people aren’t consistent shooters because they don’t focus their eyes in the right spot when they are shooting.

  • When shooting, you have to focus your eyes on the back of the cylinder.

Follow through
Follow Through

This a photo after Steve Nash just shot a jump shot. As you can see he is holding his hand up after the shot was released. This is known as the follow through. This is probably the most important part of the jump shot, because the follow through is know as the finishing part of the jump shot. If you don’t follow through then you will miss shots when they feel like they are going to go in.

Bringing it together
Bringing it Together

  • This video just gives you some extra tips that ties everything together.

  • Jump Shot Video


Good Form

Good Form

Bad Form

Bad Form

Question 1
Question 1

What letter should your elbow look like when properly shooting a jump shot?

  • L

  • T

  • C

  • W

Question 2
Question 2

How wide should your feet be when shooting a jump shot?

  • Shoulder width

  • An inch a part

  • 2 inches a part

  • At least wider than shoulder width

Question 3
Question 3

You should have slight knee bend during a jump shot?

  • True

  • False

Question 4
Question 4

Where should you focus your eyes when shooting a jump shot?

  • Front of the cylinder

  • Left of the cylinder

  • Right of the cylinder

  • Back of the cylinder

Question 5
Question 5

What is the most important part of a jump shot?

  • Elbow positioning

  • Knee bend

  • Where your toes are facing

  • Follow through

Game winner
Game Winner

  • I can teach you everything I know about how to shoot a jump shot, but sometimes you just get lucky.

  • Sectional Championship






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