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How to Rent Your Home for a Movie Shoot PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Rent Your Home for a Movie Shoot

How to Rent Your Home for a Movie Shoot

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How to Rent Your Home for a Movie Shoot

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  1. How to Rent Your Home for a Movie Shoot

  2. As the number of both television and video channels increase, and so is the demand for properties as filming location.

  3. Until now, the most in demand properties are those of private homes. After all, it is typical for the characters of the movie to shoot in a house.

  4. You can capitalize this need for filming locations by listing your property among film productions.

  5. You can start with online directories like which features a list of houses for movie rentals. Be a wise property owner though, it is important that you are aware about how to really rent your property for a movie shoot

  6. Here are some considerations to take into account:

  7. How many days will they stay within your property?

  8. The amount to charge will depend on their length of stay. Settle the place where you will transfer during these days when the movie crews are renting your house.

  9. It is wise to also consider whether you are amenable of the setup of transferring to another location first until they had completed their shoot.

  10. 2. Will they use your furniture as props? How about electricity?

  11. Consider the special price that you will ask them in case they will be using your furniture and electricity. Many of the production projects have their budgets for props and location.

  12. If what you are offering is reasonable and if it fits their criteria then they will oblige with no question asked.

  13. 3. Get a good contract drafted by a lawyer to protect your property and your rights as homeowner. Although it is rare for problems to occur when you rent out your home as movie location but it is always better to be on the safe side. By drafting a contract early on, you can prevent problems from creeping in at the end.

  14. Indeed, it is important to know how to rightly rent your home for a movie shoot. It is wrong to think that marketing your property to these location scouts and getting it picked are the only responsibilities you need to have.

  15. There are actually other factors to consider, and the ones listed above are something to start with. So take them for consideration to guard your rights as homeowners.

  16. If you believe you are ready to market it even online, then you may start with something like

  17. It features a house that’s also open for filming rental. You can get an idea how to make your own house noticeable like how this one did.

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