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NEW DISCOVERY HOMEOWNERS’ ASSOCIATION. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING. June 7, 2017 7:00pm Menno Simons School. WELCOME. Meeting is open to all members of the NDHA and invited guests Homeowners with accounts in good standing are eligible to vote. AGENDA. Housekeeping

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  2. WELCOME • Meeting is open to all members of the NDHA and invited guests • Homeowners with accounts in good standing are eligible to vote

  3. AGENDA • Housekeeping • Welcome and introductions • President’s Comments • Finance Update • Landscaping Update • Capital Projects • Orders of Business • Appointment of auditor • Proxy materials • Nomination and election of Directors • Question period

  4. BOARD OF DIRECTORS • Paul Hodges President • Ali Asghari Vice-President • Ron ParisienTreasurer • ShaunePasaySecretary • Deji Gbobaniyi • Jolyan Oldershaw

  5. WHAT IS the NDHA? • Established by the developer in 2000 with a goal to maintain an on-going high standard for Discovery Ridge green spaces • Community led since June 2006 • Led by a group of volunteers that live in Discovery Ridge on a full time basis • Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association are available on the website www.ndha.ca/

  6. WHAT DOES NDHA DO? • Operates under a 25 year term Stewardship Agreement with The City of Calgary (Expires January 31st, 2032; 15 years left on the agreement) • Maintenance and upkeep of the green spaces in Discovery Ridge • Capital improvements to the green spaces in Discovery Ridge • Management of the annual operating and capital budget for the NDHA and associated long term investments • Excludes community or social related activities (DRCA) or Griffith Woods Park (City of Calgary)

  7. PRESIDENT’S REPORT OVER THE PAST YEAR: • Continued investigation of water loss and repairs of waterfall • Worked with ULS on strategic plan to prioritize and address areas identified for landscaping upgrades • Completed first stage of mulching program for Phases 1 &2, removed dead trees and replaced/added shrubs to multiple locations in community • Completed refurbishment of all wooden park benches • Requested City install two sport field benches adjacent to Phase 2 surface rink. Completed fall 2016 • Secured agreement from City to install 37 large trees into community. • Extended contract with ULS to take us to completion of ring road construction period. • Engaged our MLA, City Councilor/personnel, Alberta Transportation, Ring Road contractor (KGL) to try to ensure our entrance will be returned to upgraded standard post-construction. Special thanks to DRCA for helping us out by inviting us to join in!


  9. FINANCE COMMITTEE Highlights (since last AGM) - Monitor online payment app - Provide for accounting needs - Issuance of the 2017 invoices - Coordinate external audit - Maintenance of: Collection Policy Members’ Registry Capital Plan

  10. Statement of Financial PositionAs at December 31, 2016 ASSETS Cash $ 52,374 Short Term Investments 268,621 Accounts Receivable 22,425 Advance Receivable 50,000 Prepaid Expenses 1,926 Property 1 LIABILITIES Accounts Payable $ 20,264 NET ASSETS Unrestricted $ 375,083

  11. Statement of OperationsFor the Year Ended December 31, 2016 Revenues Association fees $ 494,400 Municipal funding 21,804 Interest income 2,035 Interest on late payments 2,788 Expenses Non-recurring $ 52,243 Operating 411,395 Administrative 25,461 Net excess $ 31,928

  12. 2017 BUDGET Revenues Association fees $ 495,000 Municipal funding 22,458 Interest income 4,376 Expenses Non-recurring $ 203,460 Operating 387,693 Administrative 26,821 Projected deficiency$ 96,140

  13. FINANCE COMMITTEELooking Forward Update Capital Plan Review investments and seek high yield, low risk alternatives Continued implementation of the NDHA’s Collection Policy Pursue the collection of remaining homeowner accounts in arrears Start the 2018 Budget

  14. COLLECTION POLICY Background Steps undertaken by the NDHA: - mailing of annual invoice: Jan / Feb - Newsletter article: Apr / May - boulevard sign: Jun - fees are due June 29 - in early July, all overdue accounts receive a friendly reminder letter along with a copy of current year invoice marked ‘PAST DUE’ - if no response received, turn over unpaid fees to NDHA lawyer

  15. COLLECTION POLICY- cont’d Steps undertaken by NDHA’s Lawyer: - issuance of a Demand Letter - redemption period provided - issuance of Final Demand Letter - redemption period provided - filing of Statement of Claim - redemption period provided - filing for Redemption Order (Order for Sale) - obtain an Affidavit of Value - home can then be listed for sale

  16. STATUS OF COLLECTIONS • As at May 26, 2017 • 1,650 residences have been invoiced for the 2017 Association fee of which 36.9% have already forwarded payment in advance of the June 29 due date • 52 accounts remain in arrears for the 2016 fee and/or prior (3.2%) $14,904 • - 37 owe 2016 fee + interest 12,428 • - 13 owe interest only 573 • - 2 with NDHA’s lawyer 1,903

  17. LANDSCAPING UPDATE ShaunePasay, Secretary

  18. RESPONSIBILITY • The NDHA maintains our own and the City of Calgary green spaces • If you have a concern please call or connect with the City through 311 before contacting the NDHA

  19. LANDSCAPE HIGHLIGHTS In May of 2017 the NDHA revised and extended our existing agreement* with ULS for ALL landscape maintenance in Discovery Ridge including: • Truck Watering (targeted areas) • Grass cutting & aerating • Weeding • Spring and Fall cleanup • Public areas tree maintenance (working with Urban Forestry) • Flower and planting beds & planters • Garbage pick-up of public waste bins • Snow clearing of pathways and public sidewalks Naiad Irrigation and James Electric are responsible for our irrigation system and waterfall pump, respectively. * Expires March 31st 2020 with two 1-year options to extend after the initial term

  20. TARGETED ITEMS for NDHAThis Year • Finish waterfall repair • Replacement of 14 median trees and installation of 23 new trees into park greenspaces (City involved) • Complete mulching program Phase 1 & 2 • Reconstruct beds at Phase 2 ridge lookout and Discovery Ridge Gardens cul-de-sac • Xeriscape median below roundabout • Secure agreement with Alberta Transportation for replacement trees at entrance, landscape maintenance access to TUC area & permission to rebuild shrub beds post-construction • Secure agreement from the City to rebuild pathway retaining wall in Phase 4 • Identify landscaping priorities for next year

  21. CAPITAL PROJECTS & Capital Plan Paul Hodges, President

  22. MEDIAN PROJECT – Summary to date To date, the NDHA has completed median Xeriscape work on Discovery Ridge Hill and approx. 2.1 km of Discovery Ridge Boulevard. This summer, another 450m of Xeriscape will be addedto the median below the Roundabout.

  23. CAPITAL PROJECTS PLAN • Discovery Ridge Blvd $505k • Discovery Ridge Hill $155k • Traffic circle planters $16k • Entrance Hill Median $145k • Discovery Ridge Lane $175k* • Traffic Circle $60k • Waterfall park $105k * Estimated cost to complete

  24. XERISCAPE - WHY? Riley Mills, ULS Landscape and Maintenance Inc.

  25. ORDERS OF BUSINESS • Appointment of Auditor • Authorization to destroy Proxy materials • Resignation of Board of Directors • Nomination and election of Directors

  26. APPOINTMENT OF AUDITORS • Motion to appoint CALVISTA LLP as auditors of the NDHA for the ensuing year at such remuneration as may be approved by the Directors of the NDHA.

  27. PROXY MATERIALS • Motion to authorize the Board of Directors to destroy all Proxy materials submitted by members for purposes of voting at previously held Annual General Meetings.

  28. 2017-18 BOARD NOMINATIONS • Board is made up of a maximum of 10 directors with a minimum of 3 required by the NDHA Articles of Association • Monthly meetings held at Javino’s(third Monday of the month) • Additional work outside of the monthly meetings to support our maintenance contractors, capital projects and the collection of annual homeowner fees

  29. 2017-18 BOARD NOMINATIONS Nominations received: - Deji Gbobaniyi - Ron Parisien - ShaunePasay • Other nominations? • Voting results will be posted on the website


  31. ADJOURNMENTS • Motion for adjournment • Thank you for attending • Contact us: www.ndha.ca T: (403) 237-9595

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