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Enterprise Human Resource Services

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Enterprise Human Resource Services. 2013–2015 Human Resource Service Rates Department of Administrative Services Mark Rasmussen, EHRS Administrator. Agenda. Overview Current State – assessment- rates Future Direction - full-cost recovery model Intermediate Steps Agency Feedback

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Enterprise Human Resource Services

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enterprise human resource services

Enterprise Human Resource Services

2013–2015 Human Resource Service Rates

Department of Administrative Services

Mark Rasmussen, EHRS Administrator

  • Overview
  • Current State – assessment- rates
  • Future Direction - full-cost recovery model
  • Intermediate Steps
  • Agency Feedback
  • DAS Decision Points
  • Next Steps
  • HB 5002 (2009 budget note) directed DAS to examine its organizational and funding structures
  • June 2010 – HB 5002 workgroup issued a report recommending adoption of an entrepreneurial management model
    • Separation of policy and service functions
    • Separation of assessments for policy functions and; rates for service functions
  • Enterprise HR Services – composed of HR Management and Consultation staff and DAS Employee Services staff. This Division will also deliver statewide HR systems including PPDB, iLearn and eRecruit
  • A customer board will be established to maintain our commitment to provide you with the services you need, at a service level you help define.
current state assessment hr client rates
Current StateAssessment-HR Client rates
  • Client-agency services are mostly paid for by DAS assessment of all agencies
  • Rate set at $18.00 per FTE per month (67-70% of cost picked up by DAS assessment)
  • Small agency of four (4) staff pay $1728 per biennium
  • Value and services received
    • Personnel policy interpretation and application
    • Recruiting to fill vacancies, appointments, & orientation
    • Assisting with performance management, discipline/dismissal, grievances and complaints
    • Writing position descriptions and classifying positions
    • Administer collective bargaining agreements
    • Responding to HR audits, BOLI complaints, Tort and Unemployment claims
    • Prepare biennial Affirmative Action Plan
    • Personnel actions and personnel file maintenance
future direction full cost recovery model
Future DirectionFull-cost recovery model
  • Full cost for 2013-2015 would be $99 per employee per month
  • Using the same example of a four (4) staff the cost would be $9,504 for the biennium
  • Value and services you will receive:
    • Everything that $18 bought, plus…
      • Family and Medical/Workers’ Compensation leave administration
      • Safety assessments, planning and OSHA compliance
      • Ergonomic assessments
      • Supervisory/Management training
      • Professional workplace training for staff
      • Representation in collective bargaining
      • Obtaining legal advice on contested employment actions
full cost recovery benefits
Full-cost Recovery Benefits
  • Provide human resource functions every agency needs to perform but allows the agency to focus on their core business
  • Support every state executive needs
  • Comparable or less expensive than open-market human resource service providers
    • HR Answers (retainer plus $105-$225/hr)
    • Cascade Employers Association - $5k per month, full-time accessibility with additional charges
    • RUSH Human Resources – monthly retainer plus $125-$185 per hour for actual “project” work performed
  • Our structure is need-driven versus hourly
full cost recovery funding model synopsis
Full-cost RecoveryFunding Model Synopsis
  • Pays for over 10 FTE/$2,616,188 (4.5 Client Agency HR Managers, HR Assistant, Safety Manager, plus PT services from 3 Recruiters, 1 Classification Specialist, and 1 Training Specialist)
  • Expected total program cost of $3,078,990 (includes + DAS overhead, and services such as legal)
  • Serves over 1300 employees in 18 state agencies
  • Resulting cost per employee per month is $99
intermediate steps
Intermediate Steps
  • Move incrementally to full-cost recovery in next several biennia
  • Reduce full-cost rate through improved efficiencies and economies of scale
  • Your direct costs may become incorporated in the rates you charge customers
  • The question: What is the first step?
agency feedback
Agency Feedback
  • Signaled $36 per employee (+/- 1% of your budget)
  • Is it doable?
  • If not, what would be?
  • What, if any, services would you choose to do without?
  • Survey – any quick hits or comments?
    • Research the ideas generated?
    • Follow up with group?
agency survey
Agency Survey
  • Sending out after this meeting, essentially asking:
  • Is your agency able and are you willing to absorb an increased rate from $18 to $36?
  • If not, what rate would you be willing and able to absorb?
  • What services or support would you be willing to forgo in order to have a lower rate?
  • What would you do if the rates are set at a level you are not able/willing to pay?
das decision points
DAS Decision Points
  • Determine 2013-2015 rate taking your feedback into consideration.
  • Identify how many of you can and will remain customers. And, how does that impact our rates?
  • Identify services/costs could we eliminate to curtail to reduce rates, if necessary.


Thank you for your time.