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Mobile Commerce Is Here! PowerPoint Presentation
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Mobile Commerce Is Here!

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Mobile Commerce Is Here! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mobile Commerce Is Here!
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  1. Mobile Commerce Is Here! Learn How mShopper™ Makes It Quick, Easy, and Affordable to Open Up A Mobile Store Let’s Go Mobile!

  2. Learning More About mShopper • The Mobile Opportunity • mShopper’s Mobile Commerce Platform • Features & Benefits • Driving Traffic To Your mStore • The Merchant Site (screenshots) • Pricing Made Easy • ROI Made Easy • Contact Us • Appendix

  3. mShopper Alert: ABI estimate is off by half: EBay: “$1.5 billion in 2010 mobile sales” Amazon : “Mobile sales >$1B (last 12 mos.)” • Mobile Commerce Is Here NOW • “…There is an enormous amount of ongoing market research, and though there has been a variety of numbers estimated and reported, they all conclude that mobile commerce is a profitable and rapidly growing market.” (from Mashable’s ‘Top 5 Mobile Commerce Trends for 2010’) Sources: ABI Research, “Shopping by Mobile Will Grow to $119 Billion in 2015”

  4. Your Consumers Are Mobile NOW Mobile Is Everywhere, For Everyone, and For Everything • 82% of U.S. adults have cell phones • 59% of U.S. adults are mobile internet users (access Internet wirelessly via a laptop or cell phone) • Mobile carriers are introducing more powerful, easy-to-use phones and faster services (3G, 4G, etc.) which makes mCommerce easier • 35% of all adults have cell phones with apps  Source: ABI Research, “Shopping by Mobile Will Grow to $119 Billion in 2015”

  5. Industry Leaders Are Mobile NOW …. and Amazon eBay Best Buy Macy’s

  6. And…Your Competitors Are Mobile NOW Computers Entertainment Electronics Apparel …. are you?

  7. Case Study: ECommerce ≠ MCommerce Walmart (web) Walmart (IPhone) Mobilized Bluefly (web) Bluefly (IPhone) Will Bluefly succeed in mobile? Could Bluefly’s current mobile experience hurt their brand? Not Mobilized

  8. Going Mobile Can Be Complicated… • Complicated technology • Ecommerce versioning (Firefox, IE) • mCommerce Versioning • Many platforms (IPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia/Symbian, HP/Palm) • Many manufacturers (Apple, RIM, Motorola, HTC, Samsung, Sony) • Apps vs. web apps • Complicated devices • Small screens • Less bandwidth • Complicated users • Mobile, out and about • Specific needs and questions • Short(er) attention span

  9. mShopper’s Mobile Commerce Platform Makes It Easy! • Here’s what’s included: • mStore™: Design and launch a customized mobile store with instant shopping functionalityin as little as two hours. You’re in the driver’s seat • Built-In Merchandising: Self-service content management tools let you promote featured products and special offers • Mobile Database: Quickly build a subscriber list using our permission-based sign-up toolplaced in any of your digital channels • GetFirstDibs™: An mShopper exclusive, a self-service SMS marketing program that drives traffic to your mStore and communicates to your on-the-go buyers • Marketing Support: Create your own apps for iPhone/Blackberry/Droid which link directly to your store. Add your mStore to mShopper’s mobile mall of 100+ retailers • Built-In Analytics: Use our integrated analytic tool to measure the performance of your mStore merchandising and marketing. We are committed to maximizing your ROI

  10. Benefits of the Platform For Merchants For Mobile Shoppers • Simple search using just a few characters • Intuitive browsing: brand, category, keyword • Fast page-load times • SMS text reminders about products & offers • Hot Deals at push of a button • Easy purchase: just enter mobile # and PIN • Accessible on all mobile devices • Mobile shoppers ≠ online shoppers • More in a rush • Typically multi-tasking • Easily distracted • Shopping with a smaller screen &keyboard • Software-as-a-service & turn-key (no IT!) • Self-service (you control your own store) • Customizable to your brand’s look and feel • No up-front investment or commitment • Marketing tools & best practices included • mShopper takes care of inputting orders

  11. Driving Traffic to Merchant’s mStores mShopper provides tools in red boxes PriceCrusher Mobile Mall Auto-redirect for mobile viewers Email to Database Form embedded on site Links to web sign-up form Mobile Search (Paid) Text alerts to product pages Mobile Sign-Ups Links to web sign-up form Social / Viral Media Mobile Search (Organic) Links to web sign-up form Bounce-back text link Paid Search Mobile Banner Ads Keyword Drivers in Print/ Radio Text XYZ to 1234 3 Branded Mobile Apps in App Stores (iPhone, BB, Droid)

  12. Let’s see how it looks… Let’s Go Mobile!

  13. 1. Welcome Screen

  14. 2. Create Account Begin the process by creating an account.

  15. 3. Data Feed Your data feed is the engine of your mStore. Upload through a partner, FTP or HTTP.

  16. 4. Design mStore Customize your mStore with logos or use the editing bar.

  17. 5. Today’s Hot Deal Feature new products on your mStore homepage for all to see. It’s easy to change frequently.

  18. 6. All Hot Deals Your mStore also features a button for All Hot Deals. You can add an unlimited number of products.

  19. 7. GetFirstDibs Sign-Up Form It’s time to collect mobile numbers of shoppers who want deals. Our custom tool makes it easy to build your mobile subscriber database.

  20. We provide tools to integrate your sign-up form into existing marketing efforts and quickly build your mobile database.

  21. Now it’s time to send our your alerts. Write your own message and schedule when it’s sent!

  22. Review all of your GFD analytics by opt-ins, alerts sent, transactions, sales amounts, time frame and most importantly we even calculate your ROI.

  23. Our mStore analytics convert data into various charts and graphs to review over any set time frame. Sales Loyalty(repeat v. new) mStore Traffic

  24. Manage your entire mobile commerce effort from one page!

  25. Order Processing Made Easy • Benefits • No tech investment required • Happens w/in minutes • Still tied in to your database for CRM and analytics Option 1(Recommend while sales volume is low) B A C Order Info Your Product Buy URL Merchant B. mShopper call-center rep manually inputs order info into your e-commerce site’s shopping cart, and buys * A. User logs in to account & purchases item from phone C. Order arrives to merchant similar to other affiliates (with our affiliate token). You handle transaction, refunds, shipping, order tracking, etc. Option 2(Necessary once substantial sales volume reached) A B Merchant API A. User logs in to account & purchases item from phone B. mShopper sends order info directly to your e-commerce system via API * If product is out of stock or Product Buy URL is incorrect in data field, call-center rep calls user’s cell phone and tells them item is out of stock

  26. Pricing Made Easy • Monthly Licensing • Small Retailer $99 • Medium Retailer: $499 • Large Retailer $999 • Per-Transaction Commission • Greater of: 5% or your published standard affiliate rates* • Text Messaging • 100K+ messages sent monthly = 1 cent each • <100K messages sent monthly = 1.5 cents each That’s it, nothing more!

  27. ROI Made Easy • Place GFD sign-up form on site (100K monthly visitors) • Place link to GFD sign-up form in monthly email (100K subscribers) Marketing • 5% of monthly site visitors fill out form (5K) • 5% of email subscribers click link and fill out form (5K) Consumer Response • After sending out 10K text alerts, 0.5% purchase (50 sales) • Average purchase of $50 with $25 profit margin • 50 sales * $25 profit = $1,250 RETURN Return • Text message cost: 10K @ 1.5 cents = $150 • Commission cost: 50 sales @ $50 * 5% = $125 • TOTAL CAMPAIGN INVESTMENT = $275 Investment • ROI = $1,250 / $275 = 455% Sample figures based on mShopper historical data– please adjust to match your company specifics Assumes only 2 traffic drivers (site and email). Results will improve when additional drivers added (ex: social media, paid search, etc.)

  28. Thank You! Contact us to get your first month free! Follow us on Twitter at: mCommerceMadeEZ • We’re happy to tell you more! • Kathryn Wardell (VP Merchant Sales & Services) • Ken Barber (VP Marketing) • David Gould (CEO/Founder)

  29. Appendix – FAQ Questions

  30. Appendix –FAQ Questions TOP QUESTION Why are mobile customers different than other customers? Mobile consumers are always on the go. They use their mobile device to perform practically all the functions of their desktop computer, but on a pocket-sized screen. Mobile consumers surf the web, make calls, send emails/text messages, take photos and videos, bank and shop--all with 24/7 connectivity. They require different information and in a different format than other shoppers. Shouldn't your e-commerce site and marketing plans be optimized for this unique consumer segment? Why do I need an mStore™? Won’t my e-commerce site work just fine? A custom-branded mStore extends your brand and opens up your mobile marketing channel for busy mobile shoppers. An mShopper mStore is a fully functional shopping channel accessed from a smartphone. mShopper's technology makes sure your mStore functions beautifully for all smartphone screens, operating systems, and browsers - your e-commerce site was not designed for this. What makes mShopper an easier solution than other mobile commerce providers? mShopper's software-as-a-service (SaaS) Mobile Commerce Made Easy™ platform is extremely user friendly! You control all aspects of the mobile experience, including: * designing a custom branded mStore, * creating a permissioned database of mobile shoppers who want product offers via text message * providing all the merchandising tools to create these offers * promoting the mStore with a variety of marketing tools to drive traffic * monitoring sales success through a dashboard of campaign and ROI analytics mShopper's solution is a fast, affordable and effective way to go mobile. Get started by uploading your product datafeed and logo and build an mStore in about an an hour. Once built, all the tools you need to create, merchandise, promote and measure performance of your mStore are available on one simple dashboard. Additionally, your new mStore will immediately be featured in mShopper's PriceCrusher mobile mall, providing access to new audience of mobile shoppers. No other company offers a feature-rich patent-pending platform that allows merchants to build their own store in about an hour, for under $100. No one. Can I build an mStore before holiday season? Yes! Your mStore can be selling products in under one hour. And the earlier you start, the larger your database of mobile shoppers will be in time to communicate your holiday promotions. I’m limited on time—how long will it take to create an mStore, and manage it? Completing the three steps in the mStore Setup Wizard (Create Account, Build mStore, Promote mStore) typically requires 30 - 60 minutes. Once you begin selling, you will need as little as 30 minutes each week to log-in to your mStore Dashboard and refresh your hot deals, create and send out text alerts, and monitor your traffic and sales charts. What do I need to do before I can start building my mStore? You will need to provide the location of your product data feed. This will include an FTP or HTTP location (URL) and possibly other associated details, such as filename/path and username/password (if needed). The mStore Setup Wizard will access your products from this location at the frequency you specify (i.e. daily at 4 am).</p> <p>We also recommend that you create a 320x40-sized header image to display at the top of your mStore pages. Most merchants create one using their e-commerce site logo and colors. If you cannot provide this image, you can use the mStore Setup Wizard to create your own header image (text and background color). Or contact mShopper's in-house design team to create a custom header using all mobile best practices in design.

  31. How can I apply my company’s current branding to my new mStore? You have full control over the header that appears at the top of every mStore page, the text color, the font style and size, and other formatting. You can customize the copy of key buttons as well. You also have control over the look of your mobile subscriber sign-up form that appears on your e-commerce site, since that may require a different design treatment. Further, you can brand your shopper's mobile shopping experience by purchasing a custom website address for your mStore. If your business is CEF's Cameras, for example, consider contacting your hosting provider and purchasing Later, you will re-direct this address to the mStore URL provided by mShopper and begin promoting, your new mobile shopping site, to your customers. How will my new mStore integrate with my existing e-commerce platform? Effortlessly. Your mobile order information is input directly into your existing e-commerce shopping cart, so your standard order and customer service processes still apply. Getting Started What is an mStore? An mStore is a customized mobile commerce storefront. Unlike mobile sites that merely present a redundant version of a merchant’s desktop website, an mStore is a fully functional mobile store. Your mStore is designed using best practices for mobile devices and mobile shoppers. These include limited images, 3-letter searches, drop-down menus to limit data entry, shorter pages leading to faster page load times, large, easy-to-click buttons, and saved shopper information to expedite future visits. What is provided by the Mobile Commerce Platform? Our software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform is a complete end-to-end mobile solution. It allows retailers of all sizes to design and launch a custom branded mobile commerce application in about 30-60 minutes, not months. A self-service wizard guides the retailer through uploading an existing product data feed, designing a custom branded mStore, merchandising hot deals, and marketing the mStore with text alerts, search, keywords, and even branded short codes. Built-in analytics allow the retailer to easily measure campaign and sales performance. Why is mShopper the right mobile commerce partner for my company? mShopper offers a fully featured mobile commerce solution in about an hour with marketing, merchandising tools and analytics to drive your ROI. mShopper's Mobile Commerce Made Easy is a fast, affordable and effective mobile solution. An mStore does not require any upfront investment or setup and there are no monthly commitments. It will not cost hundreds of thousands of dollars nor take months to create. The principal component of our pricing model is our affiliate fee on any sales completed through the mStores. mShopper is therefore committed to driving your bottom line results and mobile ROI. We not only help you serve your current customers with a custom branded mobile channel, we help you communicate to new customers by including your products and brand in our PriceCrusher mobile mall. We are only successful when we help you optimize your mobile ROI!

  32. Can any retailer create an mStore? mShopper serves merchants of all sizes and those that sell a variety of products. As long as you have a shopping cart on your website and are not a content or referral-only site, we can help. As mobile traffic is growing, we use your website traffic as a proxy for volume. If your merchant e-commerce site has more than 5,000 unique monthly website visitors, you can apply for an mStore and be on your way to having your brand be a force in mobile commerce. Why do I need an mStore? Won’t my e-commerce work for smart phone users? Typically your existing e-commerce site is not mobile ready. When users browse your site on their smart phones it is not configured to the smaller screen sizes and it does not produce a pleasurable mobile experience. More often than not this results in a missed opportunity. Go ahead, type in your e-commerce site into an iPhone, Android phone (example: Motorola Droid or HTC Incredible), and Blackberry and pretend you're a shopper ready to buy something. Then contact us! Will my mStore be viewable on all smartphones? Yes! Unlike an app which is only viewable on the phone it's created for, mStores are viewable through the browser of any smartphone. Shoppers simply type in your mStore address (example: or mStores have been developed for all iPhones, Androids, and Blackberrys. As new phones hit the market, mShopper ensures your mStore looks good and functions even better on these phones. Further, your mStore comes with a special re-direct code that, when added to your e-commerce site, sends smartphone users who type in your web address directly to your mStore for an optimized mobile experience. Can I build an mStore before holiday season? Yes! It only takes 30-60 minutes and your product data feed to build an mStore. With our marketing platform and software package you have all the tools necessary to manage and monitor your mobile sales. You can start building your mobile database with the sign-up form and other tools we provide. If you're a merchant who receives 50,000 unique visitors a month, we estimate that a properly promoted sign-up form could capture 5,000 names per month--enough to begin sending out highly targeted text alerts. Go to and learn about how to get started. Where do I register a mobile domain name (.mobi)? You can register a new .mobi domain with or most other DNS providers. A .mobi is the recommended way to promote your new mStore since Google recognizes it as a mobile site, helping your site show up higher when a shopper searches for a mobile site or searches from a smartphone. How much does it cost to build and promote my mStore? Merchants pay a minimal monthly licensing fee based on merchant size as low as $99/monthly, volume based pricing on SMS text messages sent ($0.01-$0.015/message), and a commission on all sales generated from their mStore (5% or your published affiliate rates, whichever is greater).

  33. What support do I receive while building my mStore, promoting it, and driving sales? mShopper's Mobile Commerce Platform includes a detailed Help Center on every page along with in-page help icons, recommendations, and instructional videos. When you become an mShopper merchant you also gain access to ongoing webinars that provide beginner and advanced training plus best practice tips and case studies. Create Account Can you use my existing product data feed? Yes, mShopper can use your existing product data feed as long as it contains the essential data needed to support your mobile store. mshopper can retrieve your data feed via your existing affiliate partner network, one of our partners (like Merchant Advantage), or directly through a unique FTP or HTTP web access you designate. After you update your data feed, mShopper pulls the updates on the schedule that you designate. Your data feed can contain an unlimited number of products. However, all products in the datafeed should be available for sale in your mStore. Lastly, pricing of your mobile store products must be consistent with the pricing for these same products on your website since mShoppers inputs mStore orders into your e-commerce site. What are the data fields required for my mStore from my product datafeed? The required data fields are: </b>Brand or Manufacturer Name, Category, Product Name, Product Description (short and/or long), Model Number, Price, Image URL, Buy URL, Shipping Cost. If Apparel: Color associated with each Product Name, and Size. Style #, Availability, and Quantity are optional fields. If Books and Music: Author or Artist, Title, Genre, ISBN# . Optional Data Fields: Manufacturer ID, Sale Price, Sub-Category, UPC, SKU, Keyword. What other info do you need? In addition to your product datafeed, you are encouraged to have a 320x40-sized version of your brand logo for your mStore header, in either jpeg, png, or gif format. We also encourage you to register a .mobi domain, or create a subdomain (ex:, which you will re-direct to your mStore. This makes it easier to promote your mStore and allows you to keep consistent branding. We can help with this step, if needed. Lastly, any major credit card can be used to complete your mStore transaction and begin selling to around 100 million U.S. smartphone users. Can you integrate with my current e-commerce platform? Of course! We work with any ecommerce platform provider and are glad to partner with them to support your mobile initiatives. Can you integrate with my current loyalty program? Absolutely! If you have a unique loyalty program, we can discuss incorporating it into your mobile channel when you are ready. Shoppers on your mStore would simply input this loyalty program info to access their account. How do you accommodate my shipping cost options? Your mStore's shipping costs should be the same as those on your e-commerce site. Your mStore provides 4 options: 1) All products have free shipping, 2) costs are product-specific and in your data feed, 3) costs adhere to certain price-specific rules (merchant can make these rules), and 4) costs are calculated using a major carrier like UPS or FedEX (this choice requires additional fields: the ship-from zip, shipping weight, and shipping dimensions.

  34. How does order processing work? mShopper is set up to input orders directly into your shopping cart through our PCI compliant Business Processing Center. All your mobile orders are processed just like any other order you receive on your website. Because the order goes into your ecommerce shopping cart, your standard confirmations, shipping notification, CRM system and consumer messaging procedures are utilized. Alternatively, higher-volume merchants can choose to implement a mobile API integration directly into their e-commerce shopping cart. Who handles charging the credit card, shipping, service after the sale, and returns? Your current e-commerce site handles this. All customer service functions that you normally provide take over once the mobile order is input into your ecommerce shopping cart. You are thus able to send follow-up communications confirming the purchase, shipping and tracking information, and also manage returns. This also allows the mobile purchase to be tied directly into your CRM system. Build mStore Do I need to be a designer to create my own mStore? Nope! your mStore includes a easy-to-use Design Tool that allows you to create, or upload a header image, select font sizes and styles, and choose font and fill colors from a palette of hundreds of colors. And, if you'd like mShopper to create your custom header, we can build an eye-catching image in the proper size and resolution, and applying all mobile device best practices. How do the ‘Today’s Hot Deals’ and ‘All Hot Deals’ merchandising tools work? These tools allow you to easily surf through your uploaded product data feed and select the items that you'd like to add to either your Today's Hot Deal section on your homepage, or the All Hot Deals page that is accessible from a homepage button. You will see a photo of the item, can click a link to pull up more info, can update the price, and even upload a new photo if you don't like the one in your data feed. How many products can I sell through my mStore? The sky is the limit. Your entire product listing can be available in your mStore as long as it is included in your data feed and available for sale. How can I add my Customer Service and Help information to my mStore? In the "Build Store - About Us" section there will be an opportunity to list all of this pertinent information about your company and customer service support. Promote mStore What is GetFirstDibs™? How will it help me drive traffic and sales? The mShopper exclusive consumer outreach program, Get First Dibs (GFD) is a self-service SMS marketing program that drives traffic to your mStore and communicates to your on-the-go mobile shoppers. You create, send, and track the alerts on your own schedule. Customers opt in and select what categories of product alerts they wish to receive from you. They can opt out anytime and they do not incur any cost from your alerts.

  35. How can I easily build a databse of opted-in mobile subscribers? Quickly build a mobile subscriber list using mShopper's permission-based mobile sign-up tools. From the mStore home page, customers can click the icon, "Sign up to GetFirstDibs on the Best Deals!" and follow the instructions to enter their mobile phone number and click on categories to receive your special offers and new product updates. Also, in the footer of your mStore, a consumer can click "Share" to send the mStore link to a friend who would be interested in the merchant's products. Their friends can then sign up for this merchant's product alerts as well. Should I add my GFD form to my homepage, e-newsletter, Facebook, and Twitter? Absolutely! Driving traffic to your mobile store is just as important as driving traffic to any of your other channels. The GFD form is designed to help you drive repeat traffic to your channels. Customers are spending more and more time on the web especially within social media spaces. The platform provides you with embed code to put a GFD sign up widget on your website and links to include it in your email and social media. Be sure to add your GFD sign up asset to these locations to reach more customers. This gives them multiple opportunities to sign up for text alerts on their favorite categories of product and continues to build your database of opted-in mobile subscribers to communicate with. How can the mShopper-sponsored $250 sweepstakes help me drive sign-ups? To help merchants drive GFD sign-ups for their mobile database, mShopper is offering a monthly $250 shopping spree sweepstakes to participating mStore consumers. mShopper will select one new subscriber monthly from all participating merchants and award that subscriber a $250 shopping spree in the mStore of the merchant where they signed up. The winning consumer's merchant will be notified in order to present the $250 shopping spree to the winner. mShopper will post the GFD Sweepstakes rules and feature monthly winners and their participating merchant at How will my current customers find my mStore? mShopper has designed multiple ways to inform your existing consumers about your new mStore. We recommend that you embed your GFD sign-up widget and creative assets into your ecommerce front page above the fold and/or in your navigation bar so it can be seen on every page of your website. Also link to your GFD sign up form from your existing consumer email and newsletters and include within your catalog or other print communications, and in your in store signage at no cost. How will *new* customers find my mStore? mShopper's marketing platform will also help you find new customers! New mobile shoppers can download your app for their smart phone device (iPhone, Droid and Blackberry) which will increase your reach and establish brand real estate on consumer's mobile devices. Secondly, your products are included in mShopper’s PriceCrusher mobile mall, which houses hundreds of merchants’ products for consumers to browse and buy from their smartphones. Also mShopper can redirect your e-commerce web URL, so that mobile users will access your customized mStore and have an optimized mobile experience.

  36. TECHNOLOGY PROFESSIONALS What IT resources are needed to build and promote an mStore? mShopper's mStore platform was designed to provide you a fully functional mobile commerce channel that does not require your IT resource. The only technical assistance you may need is to obtain a .mobi redirect site or subdomain for your branded mStore. When your mobile sales volume grows to require an API integration from your mStore directly into your ecommerce shopping cart then mShopper will provide you with IT instructions for this API integration. How are mStores hosted? Your mStore is completely hosted by mShopper – no need to contact any IT professional or even your current hosting provider. We take care of ensuring that your store is professional supported and can handle as much traffic and transactions as you can drive. Whose network handles sending out the GetFirstDibs alerts? mShopper's servers will handle all outbound GFD SMS text alerts. You purchase SMS alert credits on the platform, set up and schedule the date and time of when the alerts are to be sent. mShopper takes over from there and sends your alerts to the consumers opted in to receive them. There is no IT required! How is mStore data securely stored and transmitted? Your mStore information is safe and secure with consumer mobile numbers and consumer personal and credit data stored on our PCI compliant hosted servers. Please see our Privacy Policy posted on the mShopper website. Who owns the mobile subscribers to GFD? Each merchant owns the mobile subscribers opted in to receive that merchant's mobile alerts. Where can I find a media kit with mShopper’s business details, prices, assets, contact info, and other helpful mCommerce details? Please use the Contact section of to request this information. A Press Room with media kit downloads will added to the site shortly. Who are mShopper’s current clients? Our commercial launch includes: Beach Camera, Carolina Rustica, Surfside Sports, Smart Momma, Extreme Moto, Jewelry Shopping, Dr Skin Spa and numerous other merchants currently finalizing their mStores. The merchant number is growing daily with the upcoming offers being made available to merchants from mShopper’s industry partners. We expect to have 300 + merchants by the end of this calendar year. Where can I find previous articles and press releases about mShopper? All of our press releases can be found at How can the press or partners schedule a call with mShopper’s CEO/Founder, David Gould? For scheduling, please contact