salt based nicotine a complete guideline n.
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Salt Based Nicotine – A Complete Guideline & Information PowerPoint Presentation
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Salt Based Nicotine – A Complete Guideline & Information

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Salt Based Nicotine – A Complete Guideline & Information - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Salt Based Nicotine or Salt Nic is extremely popular now a days. In this PPT, we have discussed about what is Salt Nic, why you should use it and what are the advantages of salt based Nicotine. For more information visit -

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Salt Based Nicotine – A Complete Guideline & Information

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“Salt Based Nicotine” is certainly not a new term for vape world. Recently its been discussed a lot throughout the vaping communities. In this presentation, we would be discussing what is salt based nicotine, what are the advantages and how you should use them.

We would be also covering few points on Salt based vape nicotine available on the market.

So buckle up, here we go …..

what are salt based nicotine

What are Salt Based Nicotine?

Nicotine salts are created by taking free base Nicotine and adding some acids which creates tremendous smooth and absorbable form of Nicotine. The main advantage of this absorbable Nicotine is it could burn in low temperature and could produce high vape.

Salt based Nicotine is also called Nic salts and it is being widely used by world wide vaping community for smooth throat hit and high concentrated Nicotine vape.

why use salt based nicotine

Why Use Salt Based Nicotine ?

The natural Nicotine gets harvested from tobacco plant leaves. This natural Nicotine is not actually a free base Nicotine since it normally exists with acids in form of salts. This natural nicotine is certainly less absorbable by human body.

However, when manufacturers mix natural nicotine with some acids, those acids help turn the nicotine into a salt and also, help free the nicotine in much larger quantity when heated.

So, Salt based Nicotine increases Nicotine satisfaction and high vape for all day fun.

advantages of salt nicotine

Advantages of Salt Nicotine:

  • Salt based Nicotine have longer shelf life and much less oxidation than natural Nicotine.
  • Much more smoother throat hit than natural Nicotine.
  • More amount of Nicotine gets inhaled. Helps people who would like to quit smoking.
  • Less amount of vaping required for Nicotine satisfaction. Helps to increase battery and vape kit life.
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