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Sloth . By: Gavin Sidhu. Sloths habitat. S loths live in rainforests in the middle of South America. Nicaragua through Columbia.

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By: Gavin Sidhu

sloths habitat
  • Sloths live in rainforests in the middle of South America.Nicaragua through Columbia.
  • They live in trees that they hang from. Sloths stay in trees pretty much forever. They live high in trees so its kind of hard to take a picture. Sometimes, they can live in different trees but they always live in the same areas. Sloths are easy to be found when they are hanging from trees, which they always do.
  • They also could be crawling in grass but they usually hang from trees. Sloths spend 3 quarters of their lives in their habitat.

- Sloths eat weird foods. They are herbivores so they eat leafs and drink leaf water. They also eat fruits and plants like shoots of bamboo.- Their predators are large snakes such as anacondas and cobras. Harpy eagle and tigers are predators too.

Sloth Food


Sloths Sloths are similar to us humans. Sloths are mammals like us, do similar things like us. Some humans can be slow just like sloths! Baby sloths are cute just like when humans are babies, we’ re cute too! Some humans like climbing and sloths climb their whole life! The thing that separate sloths is humans endangering them. Sloths Relation with humans

  • Sloths are similar to humans. Their mammal's just like us. Some humans can be slow just like sloths!
  • Sloths are cute when their babies just like us. Sloths climb trees like humans in fact, sloths can sleep, eat and mate upside down!
  • Sloths are different from other mammals because they spend most of their life upside down.

- People are cutting down trees when sloths are inside them and don’t wait for them to come down.- There are about 30,000 sloths left on the planet but it could be dangerous because they could be extinct in 20 years.

Why Sloths Are Endangered


How can we help sloths

  • Sloths are endangered and people want them to be saved.
  • We could help them by stop cutting down trees, do not kill them for their fur or even take care of sloths. Sloths are mammals like us so, we don’t have the right to kill them for any reason.
  • We could stop doing any thing that harms sloths.

Sloth Family Life

  • Sloths can live in 2 different families. There are 2 kinds of sloths, two toed sloth and three toed sloth.
  • Sloths look similar. Sloths mate, sleep, and live upside-down! Since they spend their whole life upside- down, they are really different from other mammals.
  • Also, sloths have secret talents like, being very slow, being very careful and being very fast in emergency's!


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