sloth by dylan l.
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Sloth By: Dylan

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Sloth By: Dylan. Do you want to know about everything there is to know about the sloth? If you do then slowly crawl over!!!. Sloths.

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sloth by dylan

SlothBy: Dylan

Do you want to know about everything there is toknowabout the sloth? If you do then slowly crawl over!!!



If you want to know what makes a sloth just like you, a mammal then keep on reading! The sloth is classified as a mammal because it has live birth, and also that it is warm-blooded. Do you want to know what warm-blooded means? It means that the animals body temperature stays the same. Its family is the megalonychi and bradypodidae. Lastly the sloth has fur and it breathes with lungs. Those are some reasons that proves that a sloth is a mammal.




If you want to hear exactly where the sloth lives, then come on in and keep on reading! First off sloths only live in rain forests in Central, and South America. Within those habitats, they live in the canopy, hanging upside down on branches or sit in forks between tree limbs. That is exactly where they live.




Chop! Do you want to know what the sloth eats, and what eats it. Keep on reading…if you dare!!! First I will tell you what eats the sloth! The Harpy Eagles, Jaguars, and Spectacled Caimans eats sloths. The Two-Toed Sloth will eat about any types of leaves or twigs, but The Three-Toed Sloth will only eat from Cacropia Trees. That is all about food and feeding for the sloth!

Food and Feeding



How long does the sloth live? Questions all about the life cycle will be answered in this section. If you want to hear the answers to these questions then keep on reading! First the baby is born live. The sloth is nursed for about six weeks, when it is two weeks old its mother will feed it leaves. The mother carries the baby around for about six months. That is the sloths life cycle and it will repeat and repeat.♥

Life Cycle

sloths adaptations

Sloths’ Adaptations

If you want to hear some amazing adaptations for the sloth then keep on reading! The sloth has many adaptations. First I will tell you the behavioral adaptations! They hang upside down when they are sleeping so it will look like a stump or branch, when they get hot they will lay on there backs cause their bellies have less fur which cools them down, sloths eat at night, and rarely drink cause it gets most of its moisture from leaves they eat, and also from licking dew from the surface of leaves, and branches. I will now tell you the physical adaptations. The sloth has long curved claws to hang upside down on trees, and sloths have keen sense of smell, and touch to find food. Those are the adaptations I found about the sloth.



I hoped you learned about everything there is to know about sloths. Now you can slowly crawl away!

Sloths In The End,




If you want to lean more ten I will tell you the recourses used. They are Sloths By: Bobbie Caman,