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How a New Form of Designing is Emerging for Digital Products? PowerPoint Presentation
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How a New Form of Designing is Emerging for Digital Products?

How a New Form of Designing is Emerging for Digital Products?

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How a New Form of Designing is Emerging for Digital Products?

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  1. Evolution of Design How a New Form of Designing is Emerging for Digital Products?

  2. Products and Users Today, the definition of ‘products’ has grown to include ‘services’ as well when it comes to web designing. While anybody who is buying or either availing these services (and products) can be put under the term ‘user'. There are typically two classifications of products – online and offline. Designing for either of these is tough and requires a lot of things. In this PPT, we are talking about the designing process used in case of digital products as suggested by the practices followed by web designers in Lebanon. Designers are much more responsible now as they were a couple of years back. Designers today are expected to be responsible for far more than just the interface. Their job now includes conducting usability statistics, planning and executing design strategically over the period of a product’s lifespan while “keeping things in check”

  3. Usability testing The designer is no longer the sole advocate of user experience, their opinions based on personal intuition have constantly lost relevance in modern times. Today a product is judged by independent usability testing. This happens due to the following reasons. 1. Usability Testing has never been more available 2. People have a greater sense of design and quickly recognize good design

  4. Designing for MVP MVP as commonly abbreviated for Minimal Viable Product. Designers today are expected to keep with the face of founders and investors. A good idea is to build and release first before other people do, modifications and changes can become part of later steps. This is what experts of web design, Lebanon do. Designing for MVP means designing with a strategy. W means designing with less features to achieve an early release and then add features in future iterations.

  5. Communication and Facilitation Designers are no longer expected to be buried into headphones behind their works stations. They are expected to come to the front, become a team member who sees projects holistically and facilitates open communication about the product’s shortcoming. Designers today have better opportunities to make connections with people and take important decisions to keep the project alive and running smoothly on track.

  6. Getting it done Good design contributes actively to the execution of an idea. It has become important for designers to nix the billable hour so they aren’t reduced to mere replaceable units. To assert their importance to a project, they have to think and behave more like product managers. It is much better to test work in a working prototype. This facilities further broth and development.

  7. Understanding the real value of design The importance of good design today is recognized more than it ever was. Design briefs today have grown to incorporate users and product teams. The value of design has already been established so we are not fighting over it but for the value of the product. Designers today need to learn and do so much more than design.

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