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Presented by: Nicole Venditte
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Presented by: Nicole Venditte

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  1. Sports in Other Countries Presented by: Nicole Venditte


  3. SET: • To begin class, a video will be shown of the sports to be learned throughout the next week of class. The video will only last five to ten minutes.

  4. OUTCOME: • Students will demonstrate the basics of sports performed in other countries such as cricket by teaching it to the class and performing it.

  5. ACTIVITY: • Students will be placed into groups of three. Each group will be assigned a sport that is played in another country. They will then learn the basics of that sport by using the library for resources. They will then learn to perform the sport and then they will present it to the class. The class will help learn it by participating and performing it as well.

  6. MATERIALS: • The materials needed are based on the sports learned during the activity. Each sport may require different materials such as balls or rackets. Also, each student should have paper and a pen to write down what they find out about their sport and to write the five questions.

  7. GUIDED PRACTICE: • On the second day while students are putting together what they learned, the teacher will walk around giving any assistance needed. This could include making sure the groups are heading in the right direction and answering any questions the students may have.

  8. INDEPENDENT PRACTICE: • Students will be practicing each sport together as a class. The group that learned the sport will help guide playing the sport along with the teacher assisting them if needed. After a few minutes, if students can continue playing the sports on their own, then the teacher can just step aside and watch.

  9. ASSESSMENT: • Each group will write five questions about their sport in which the class will answer after the presentation. Each student will also receive a participation grade for each of the sports. Also, each group will receive a grade on how well they worked together and how well they present the basics of the sport in which they taught.

  10. CLOSURE: • Review each sport as a class. Name a few key factors that lie within each sport learned. Also, the questions could be reread and answered by the class. To get the class’s opinion on the activity, a few questions could be asked such as: • Which sports were your favorite? • Did you like learning about them? • Is there anything you disliked about them?

  11. STATE STANDARDS: • Standard 5: Exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in physical activity settings. • Standard 1: Demonstrates competency in motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activity.

  12. TIME FRAME: • Time frame is a week. • Day 1: Set, break into groups, start researching • Day 2: Finish researching, plan to teach the class. • Day 3 and 4: Groups will present and play the sports. • Day 5: Same as days 3 and 4, but with the closure.

  13. THE END