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Hazing. Hazing is…. Any activity expected of someone joining a group which humiliates, degrades, or risks emotional/physical harm. Three Main Types of Hazing. Subtle Harassment Violent. Subtle Hazing.

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Hazing is l.jpg
Hazing is…

  • Any activity expected of someone joining a group which humiliates, degrades, or risks emotional/physical harm

Three main types of hazing l.jpg
Three Main Types of Hazing

  • Subtle

  • Harassment

  • Violent

Subtle hazing l.jpg
Subtle Hazing

  • Any activity or attitude directed towards a pledge which embarrasses, humiliates, or ridicules.

    • Examples

      • Silence Periods

      • Demerits

      • Scavenger hunts for meaningless objects

      • Requiring pledges to carry handbooks or paddles everywhere to get signatures

      • Calling pledge “pledgie” or other demeaning name

      • Requiring pledges to do power point presentations on the meaningless topic such as Hazing.

Harassment hazing l.jpg
Harassment Hazing

  • Any activity which confuses, frustrates, or causes the probationary member undue stress through mental anguish and physical discomfort.

    • Examples

      • Requiring ridiculous costumes or activities

      • Requiring probationary members to perform personal services

      • Verbal abuse

      • Any form of questioning under pressure or in an uncomfortable position

      • Etc.

Violent hazing l.jpg
Violent Hazing

  • Anything which causes physical or emotional harm

    • Example

      • Forced alcohol consumption

      • Forced consumption of vile substances

      • Sexual violation

      • Assault

      • Burning

      • Forcing probationary members into life-threatening situations

      • Etc.

Hazing laws l.jpg

Hazing Laws

Across America

Virginia l.jpg

  • Hazing is unlawful

  • Automatically a Class 1 Misdemeanor, unless injury constitutes felony

  • Any victim has the right to civilly sue the person or persons guilty thereof, no exceptions.

  • Upon proof of guilt, the hazer or hazing party shall be immediately expelled from their respective academic institutions and organization charters shall be revoked.

Massachusetts l.jpg

  • Persons found at guilt of hazing will receive a fine not to exceed $1000, or a term not to exceed one year in a correctional facility (or both).

  • When a collegiate organization is found guilty of hazing, the college or university can no longer recognize said organization for any reason.

Texas l.jpg

  • Any hazer, or person who fails to report said hazer will receive a fine between $500-$1000, and a jail sentence between 90 and 180 days.

  • Any other hazing offense which culminates in the death of another is punishable by a fine between $5000-$10000 and a jail sentence not to exceed 2 years.

States without hazing laws l.jpg
States without Hazing Laws

  • Alaska

  • Hawaii

  • Michigan

  • Montana

  • New Mexico

  • South Dakota

  • Wyoming

Alternatives l.jpg


Because Hazing Sucks

Foster unity l.jpg
Foster Unity

  • Work together on a community service project

  • Work together to improve chapter room

  • Work together to plan a social or sporting event

Instill a sense of membership l.jpg
Instill a sense of membership

  • Plan events for the whole chapter to meet for a specific event

    • Concert

    • Movie

    • Meals

    • Study Session

    • Church service…

Promote the future l.jpg
Promote the Future

  • Take advantage of University tutoring services

  • Designate study hours

  • Invite speakers on test taking, study habits, etc.

  • Use college resources for seminars on writing resumes, time management, etc.

In conclusion l.jpg


Hazing is unnecessary, unhealthy, and destructive to any persons or organizations who practice hazing rituals.

Sources l.jpg

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