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Baker Solar. Winter 2009. Baker Solar is Focusing on Delivering Advanced Technologies to Wafer, Cell, and Thin-film Production . Source: IEA Photovoltaic Power Systems Program. Baker Solar Focus Areas.

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baker solar

Baker Solar

Winter 2009

baker solar is focusing on delivering advanced technologies to wafer cell and thin film production
Baker Solar is Focusing on Delivering Advanced Technologies to Wafer, Cell, and Thin-film Production

Source: IEA Photovoltaic Power Systems Program

Baker Solar Focus Areas

Market Map: All Traditional Solar Cell Companies Need Baker’s High-Speed Wet-Process Equipment to Grow & Compete

Source: IEA Photovoltaic Power Systems Program

market map large rewards are attracting capital for fast growing pv wafer cell producers
Market Map: Large Rewards Are Attracting Capital For Fast-growing PV Wafer & Cell producers

Baker Solar Focus Areas

Source: IEA Photovoltaic Power Systems Program, Company Reports

baker s technologies know how are well positioned for these markets
Baker’s Technologies & Know-how Are Well Positioned For These Markets
  • Batch Systems
    • Existing technology re-used for solar
    • First solar batch-system orders have been accepted and are in-process
  • Continuous-Flow Silicon-Wafer Wet-Process Systems
    • Take our leading edge PCB-processing technology to solar applications
    • Use innovative designs to increase solar cell manufacturing productivity
      • Disruptive technology for manufacturers currently using batch processes
      • Significant productivity and overall operating costs improvements for leading-edge producers, 4X Production for 160% of traditional equipment costs
  • Thin-film Solar Manufacturing Systems
    • World-leader in flexible substrate metallization
    • High-volume production equipment for PCB can be adapted to Thin-film-on-glass production for minimal costs
  • Advanced Metallization Technologies
    • Eliminate slow process and expensive materials from solar cell production
    • Game-changing technology improvement sought by leading solar producers
    • Baker’s deep plating and metallization experiences in a diversity of industries gives us the ability to innovate and win solar applications
baker has deep design storehouse to apply to solar batch applications
Baker Has Deep Design Storehouse To Apply To Solar Batch Applications
  • Silicon Wafers & Ingot Production
  • Baker has a long history of designing & building automated batch processing systems for difficult chemistries and environments
  • Baker’s systems offer many benefits
      • Modular
      • Flexible
      • Automated control
      • Easy to use Man-Machine-Interface with PC-based graphics
  • Accepted $400,000 order for prototype silicon etching for large, emerging solar company. Quoting larger line for new, state-of-the-art, 80MW solar cell production plant
baker s silicon wafer processing technologies address a pressing industry need
Baker’s Silicon Wafer Processing Technologies Address A Pressing Industry Need
  • High-speed, high-yield continuous-flow, conveyorized wet process systems
      • Decreased handling increases yields; uses less chemicals when compared to batch processing
  • Baker is one of three suppliers worldwide with the know-how to deliver these systems
      • Process chemistry
      • Handling of fragile materials
      • Management of difficult chemicals
  • Baker is developing patentable improvements
      • Improved guide systems to significantly decrease broken wafers
      • High speed systems capable of much-higher throughput
      • Lower maintenance and chemistry consumption
  • Currently in discussions with three major solar companies for near-term projects
baker has unique technologies for thin film pv
Baker Has Unique Technologies for Thin-film PV
  • Unique roll-to-roll plating and metallizing systems
    • High-volume systems for creating precision metal coatings and finishing on flexible backings
    • Supplied equipment for all facilities of a Fortune 100 company producing very-high-volume inkjet printer cartridge flex-circuits
  • Currently is discussions with two solar companies for roll-to-roll thin-film PV metallizing lines
baker is uniquely positioned to advance metallization state of the art for solar cell production
Baker Is Uniquely Positioned To Advance Metallization State-of-the-Art For Solar Cell Production
  • High-volume, high-efficiency systems are needed to replace current silver-paste or batch metallization systems
    • Metallization currently largest bottleneck in silicon-wafer solar cell production
    • Silver-paste based systems also consume expensive silver paste which can be replaced with lower-cost metals like copper
      • Silver paste also has poor conductivity, requiring large traces which shadow more silicon than advanced metals, reducing efficiencies
  • Baker is a world leader in continuous-flow metallization systems for PCB applications
    • Orders won based on quality of plating and system throughput
    • Deep experiences in diverse applications creates store-house of techniques to solve yield and throughput challenges
    • Baker has strong ties to industry leading chemistry suppliers like MacDermid and Rohm & Haas
baker solar offers advantages to solar factories
Baker Solar Offers Advantages To Solar Factories
  • Low cost of ownership
    • High grade of standardization
    • Low/no adjustments needed during preventive maintenance
    • Low chemical consumption
  • Flexible modular designs
    • Quickly & efficiently built to customer’s chemistries
    • High-speed systems improve throughput
  • Patentable guide system improvements
    • “fish-scale” horizontal guides
    • “touchless” vertical control in flood zones
baker team has u s and international experience
Baker Team Has U.S. and International Experience
  • Stephen Roiter: President, M.E. Baker Company
    • 20+ Years as President of M.E. Baker
    • BSEE Tufts, MBA University of Chicago
    • National Board Member, Metal Finishing Suppliers’ Association
    • Past President & Board of Governors, Longwood Cricket Club, Brookline, MA
  • Eric Roiter: Vice President, M.E. Baker Company
    • BA with Honors, Economics Williams College
    • Board of Directors, IPC Suppliers’ Council (Chicago, IL) 2007 – present
    • Negotiated and closed exclusive distribution arrangement with WKK International for representation in Asia, 2006
    • Negotiated and closed two M.E. Baker acquisitions, 2002 – 2006
  • Michael Chilson: General Manager, M.E. Baker Company
    • BSBA Eastern Nazarene College, MBA Franklin Pierce College
    • Engineering & Operations management experience includes senior positions at Wang Laboratories, Parlex Corp., Unitrode Inc., Gould Inc.
    • Product, Business Development and General Manager at MacDermid Equipment
    • Colonel, Field Artillery Massachusetts Army National Guard (30 years – retired reserve)
  • Gerold Mueller-Ensslin: Director of Technology, Baker Solar
    • Dipl. Ing., University of Cologne
    • Established Höllmüller Planungsbüro GmbH (MD, Owner)
    • Established Schmid Vertriebs GmbH, Freudenstadt (MD, Part owner)
    • Buckbee Mears Europe GmbH, Manager R&D and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Peter d’Entremont: Director of Corporate Development, Baker Solar
    • BSME UVA, MBA with Highest Distinction from the Amos Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth
    • Senior Associate at Watermill Advisors, responsible for market research, strategy development, management and execution for Watermill’s Advisory mandates, 2003 – 2008
    • Held operational and strategic roles in private equity backed companies for more than 12 years, 1991 – 2003
    • Significant operational experience implementing operational and strategic plans
baker solar has secured experienced pv solar representation
Baker Solar Has Secured Experienced PV-Solar Representation
  • GME, GmbH
    • Led by Gerold Mueller-Ensslin
    • Independent Manufacturer’s Representative
    • Formerly represented Höllmüller, Schmid
    • Based in Germany
    • Worldwide contacts at most solar cell manufacturers
      • Contacts include contracted sales representatives
    • Actively engaged based on future commissions