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Citrix Web Interface

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Citrix Web Interface
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Citrix Web Interface

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  1. Citrix Web Interface and Interface Customization Services Presentation Title Your company name

  2. When we rolled out our first Custom Citrix Web Interface for my own endeavor, now called Cloud Technology, about ten plus years ago, I had been working with Citrix for about five years at that point, setting up Citrix XenApp systems (though back then it was Presentation Server – XenApp as it is now did not exist at that time).

  3. I had setup hundreds of XenApp systems for clients with the plain old out-of-the-box Citrix Web Interface, and it was just so boring. Citrix gave you the ability to add a logo here, changing a color of a line, and some other features. But there was no simple way of Customizing Citrix Web Interface. After doing the setup and installs over and over again, I was just so bored with the default look and feel.

  4. So when I started my first cloud endeavor, I decided we needed a Custom Branded Citrix Web Interface to match our ten-versions-ago website. This first generation custom web interface was all branding. I put it up on our site – we created a web page for the product. But my cloud endeavor never got off the ground. Shortly after that, my partners backed away and I was left with all these systems in my garage.

  5. I had a full time job at this point, so the cloud endeavor not going anywhere really didn’t matter. The idea would become the force of the industry years later. But at the time, what I was left with was a web site, web site design, ASP and .NET Development and a Custom Branded Citrix Web Interface.

  6. But, like I said, we had created a page for Custom Branded Citrix Web Interface on our site That failed cloud endeavor would lead me to what I would do for the next ten plus years. Interface Customization Services became my life. Out of the ashes of failure came something completely unplanned for – an idea that I believed in, but others around me said was a waste of time.

  7. Contact US Techstur Wappingers Falls, NY 12590 Tel: +1-877-990-7887 Email: - Visit:-