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Consumer behavior

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Consumer behavior

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  1. Presentation Name : Sanaullah Nick name : Sunny / SunnyPakistani Student of BBA (Hons) 6th Semester, Govt. College of management Sc. Peshawar Mob : 0346-9015408 Fb/E-mail: sunnypakistani@ymail.com Made by : SunnyPakistani

  2. Consumer Behavior Chapter 1 Leon G.Schiffman Made by : SunnyPakistani

  3. Marketing Concept Made by : SunnyPakistani

  4. Production Concept It mainly Assume/Emphasize on: • Production & its availability • Low Price • Over all objective is to produce cheaply, Efficiently & distribute it. Made by : SunnyPakistani

  5. Product Concept It mainly Assume/Emphasize on: • Offer high Quality, Best performance. • More Features, function. • Add new Qualities that are technical feasible / Beneficial. (without knowing that consumer needs these or not.) • Marketing Myopia. Made by : SunnyPakistani

  6. Selling Concept IT mainly Assume/Emphasize on: • Selling products. • Persuading consumers to buy. • Just concentrate on sale. Made by : SunnyPakistani

  7. Marketing Concept It mainly Assume/Emphasize on: • Production of consumer want satisfying products. • Primary goal/focus is consumer needs & wants • The marketer should make what it can sell instead of trying to sell what it has made. • Focus on profit base on consumer satisfaction Made by : SunnyPakistani

  8. Main points of Marketing • Market segmentation • Market Targeting / Target Market • Customer Value • Customer satisfaction • Customer retention Made by : SunnyPakistani

  9. Digital Technologies & Marketing Strategies • Consumers have more power then Ever before. • Consumers have access to more Information then Ever before. • Marketers can & must offer more services & products then ever before. • The exchange between marketers & customers is increasingly interactive& instantaneous. • Marketers can gather more information about consumers more quickly and easily. Made by : SunnyPakistani

  10. Challenges MARKETERS face due to New technology Examples are: • TiVo digital recorder. • Online Marketing reduce the distribution channels. Made by : SunnyPakistani

  11. Marketing Ethics & Social Responsibility • Only beneficial needs is to be fulfilled. • Marketer concept. • Make User friendly products. • Using positive and Nice ads. • Its also the main reason of studying Consumer behavior. • It’s the important component of Organizational effectiveness & create positive image in the mind of Customers. Made by : SunnyPakistani

  12. A simplified model of Consumer decision making Made by : SunnyPakistani

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