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Overcoming Public Speaking Fear - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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You worked for weeks for this public speaking contest. You researched materials, mugged up the facts, prepared the presentation, tried to avoid the anxiety. Read more.

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Overcoming public speaking fear



You worked for weeks for this public speaking contest. You researched materials, mugged up the facts, prepared the

presentation, tried to avoid the anxiety. And the moment you go to the stage and see the crowd, your throat goes

dry, you began to stutter, and your brain goes empty.

So, what has happened to you?

This frustrating phenomenon where the mind paralyses on facing the audience is called public speaking fear.

According to a recent scientific study, about 40% of the urban population was found to have a serious phobia of

speaking in public. So, rejoice! You are not the only one afraid to face the crowd - almost everyone is suffering from

some degree of fear. Even the most professional public speakers can become nervous before an important speech,

and the reason of anxiety may vary from ‘not being able to begin the right way’to ‘the content not being very

good’.The common symptoms may include:

Blank mind

Shaky hands

Rapid heartbeat

Shortness of breath


sweaty hands

How to overcome this fear?

In order to overcome the fear of public speaking, it is important to remember, understand, and believe that this fear

is totally irrational. And the best way to do that is to train your subconscious mind or the belief system, in other

words, to reduce or even completely abolish the fear.

To tell the truth, the only way to train your brain for this is to get more experience. Every time you will speak, you

will find fear, but with every advancing step - it will get weaker. You would have heard: “practice makes a man

perfect”. And in this case, it holds the utter truth.

But the question is how and where to practice? Well, the most legitimate answer to this would be to get yourself

enrolled in a debate club or to hire a public speaking coach who can help you in building the confidence.

The other thing that you have to understand the concept of public speaking is that you don’t have to be perfect.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes during the speech because if the anxiety took over your mistakes, you will only

end up committing more blunders. The best way to deal with this is by accepting the fact that ‘mistakes are

supposed to happen, no one is perfect’. And that you should learn from your mistakes and apply them for your

future improvements. Still, if you want the content of your speech to be perfect, you can ask a writing coach for


One of the things that can make you anxious during a speech is presuming that something terrible will happen. This

can happen subconsciously, and the best way to deal with it is to visualize the speech in a perfect way. This will work

on your internal fears and assure your brain that everything is under control. A Little training may also help here.

If you want some help with finding the best public speaking training or leadership development program, please visit


Charlize Gordon is a trained professional associated with personality grooming training since eight years. She

believes that participation in activities where children and adults get to voice their opinion help in building a

confidence in social standings. She highly recommends Statesmandebate in high spirits.