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Things by Eloise Greenfield

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Things by Eloise Greenfield
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Things by Eloise Greenfield

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  1. Thingsby Eloise Greenfield

  2. Went to the cornerWalked in the storeBought me some candyAin’t got it no moreAin’t got it no moreWent to the beachPlayed on the shoreBuilt me a sandhouseAin’t got it no more Ain’t got it no moreWent to the kitchenLay down on the floorMade me a poemStill got itStill got it

  3. Way Down in the Musicby Eloise Greenfield

  4. I get way down in the musicDown inside the musicI let it wake me take meSpin around and make meUh-get downInside the sound of the Jackson FiveInto the tune of the Earth, Wind, and FireDown in the bass where the beat comes fromDown in the horn and down in the drumI get down I get downI get way down in the musicDown inside the musicI let it wake me take meSpin me around and shake meI get down, downI get down

  5. Riding on the Train I see Fences and fields Barns and bridges Stations and stores Trees Other trains Horses and hills Water tanks Towers Streams Old cars Old men Roofs Raindrops crawling backwards on the window

  6. I hear Ruggety-ruggety Squeakety-squeakety Rumbledy-rumbledy Woohn, WOOHN! Wil-ming-tonnnnnn I feel my leg jiggling My bottom bouncing My shoulders shaking My head rolling I’m getting s l e e e e p y.

  7. Inside my Heart by Zoe Ryder White Inside my heart lives One birthday party Two jazz bands Three wrestling puppies Four dancing birds Five laughing babies Six blasting spaceships Seven lucky fireflies and A sky full of stars.

  8. Happiness: Sadness Spiderman 3 Flowers blooming Doing math problems Georgia Mud Fudge Ice Cream Comparing Feelings

  9. 1. Add a pattern to your poem. • 2. Add a comparison to your poem. I/He/She/It is as ______ as ________ 3. Work on another poem. 4. Write a new poem.

  10. Bat My son is a bat.His eyes blink when darkness comes.His body stirs with life.His limbs gorge with blood as he sets out through the cave of nighthis roof the starsthe moon a big white eye watching.Attracted by the false lightshe mingles with his batty friendsweaving in and out of nightclubsendless partieseach other’s placestill sensing the sudden ebbof darknesshe flutters homea cloaked Draculato the hollow of his roomwhere he will sleep all day.

  11. My Mum My mum is a general.She stalks through the housetelling me what to do.She then sleeps throughout the night.But when she wakes up.....her medals clanking, stars shining& roars us to attentionshe barks orders as she chargesthrough the house:" Lisa, do the dishes ! "" Lisa, clean your room ! "then crawls back to her bedroomwhile we, her dutiful soldierscarry out her orders.