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  1. Teacher Suggestion: • Have the students take notes over the power point using the combination notes format. See the combination notes document in Unit 1 activities on COL for an example. • Have them number their slides in their notes. (this is useful for identifying where they found the correct answer when doing test corrections) • After taking notes they should complete their visual representation of the words and phrases in their notes on the right side of the paper and a summary at the bottom. Suggested visual representation for this presentation: Brace Map- Parts of Circulatory system and their functions – see example on next slide

  2. Circulatory System AKA: Cardio-Vascular System

  3. 1) Structure: Three Main Parts • Heart • Blood • Blood Vessels

  4. 2) Heart • Made of cardiac muscle • Never gets tired • Is a pump to force blood through the body – This causes the heartbeat. • Has 4 chambers • About the size of a human fist.

  5. 3) Blood Vessels • Arteries - Largest blood vessels. Carry blood away from the heart. This is where you feel your pulse. BIG. • Veins – Carry blood to the heart. Smaller than Arteries. MEDIUM. • Capillaries – can only be seen with microscope, connects arteries and veins, surrounds cells, supplies O2 and nutrients. TINY.

  6. 4) Types of Blood Cells • Contains 4 types of Cells: • White • Red • Plasma • Platelets

  7. 5) Function of Blood Cells • 4 types of Cells: • White- fight disease • Red - carry oxygen to the body cells • Plasma – mostly water 90% - carries waste to where it can be taken out of the body and important substances to where they’re needed. • Platelets – forms clots to stop bleeding

  8. 6) Circulatory System Functions • Pumpsblood through the body • Carries needed materials from the lungs and digestive system to the body. • Carries waste products to where they can be eliminated

  9. 7) Responding to Internal Stimuli • Heart rate adjusts to body’s oxygen needs. • Blood vesselswiden to allow more blood to reach areas that need more of the materials that the blood is carrying Examples: -- Oxygen to react to release of energy -- White blood cells to fight disease in an infected area

  10. 8) Maintaining Homeostasis • Taking oxygen and nutrients to your cells • Carryingwaste products to where they can be eliminated. • Helping to fight disease and injury by carrying things that will heal you. • Makingheart beat faster when your body’s cells need more oxygen

  11. 9) What would happen if the Circulatory System shut down? • Write down the answers.

  12. CPS Quiz • What type of blood vessel: • Carries blood away from the heart • Has walls that are very thin and allows for materials to be exchanged between body and blood cells • Carries blood back to the heart. • Arteries • Veins • Capillaries

  13. What type of blood cell had the following function? Carries waste to where it can be taken out of the body and important substances to where they’re needed. Fights disease. Forms clots to stop bleeding Carries oxygen to the body cells. White Blood Cells Red Blood Cells Plasma Platelets CPS Quiz

  14. Choose the best answer: What is the pathway for blood to travel throughout the body? What is the part of the Circulatory system that is made of Cardiac Muscle, works continuously and never gets tired? What part of the Circulatory system is made of plasma, platelets, red & white cells? Heart Blood Vessels Blood CPS Quiz

  15. What kind of stimuli is the Circulatory System responding to in the following situations? The blood vessels widening when your body temperature rises. The blood vessels widening when you hurt your ankle. The heart beating faster when you run. A. Internal B. External CPS Quiz