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Focus Skill: Main Idea PowerPoint Presentation
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Focus Skill: Main Idea

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Focus Skill: Main Idea
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Focus Skill: Main Idea

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    1. Focus Skill: Main Idea

    8. Best Friends Ginni and Juliana were best friends. They liked to do many things together. In the summer, they both liked to go swimming in the ocean and to build sandcastles. In the winter, they went ice-skating on the pond by their school. Their favorite thing to do together was to ride horses in the meadow near their homes.

    9. What is the main idea of the story? Ginni and Juliani lived close to each other. The girls loved to ride horses together. Ginni and Juliani liked to do the same things.

    10. What is one activity the girls liked to do in the summer? They liked to ride horses. They liked to build sand castles. They liked to go camping.

    11. What is one activity the girls did not do in the winter? They went ice-skating. They built snowmen.

    12. What was their favorite activity to do together? watching television swimming riding horses

    13. Nanas Visit My Nana is the best Nana in the world because she spoils me. She recently came to visit me for one week. She braided my hair. She baked delicious cookies. She bought me a toy when we went shopping. After seven fun-filled days, I was sad to see my Nana leave.

    14. What was the main idea of this story? Nana knows how to make yummy cookies. Nana always treats the author like a princess. Nana left after seven days.

    15. Why did the author like it when Nana took her shopping? Nana bought her a toy. Nana used a coupon to buy her a cake. Nana bought her some yummy cookies.

    16. What is one fun thing that Nana did during her visit? She played games with the author. She made a scrumptious dinner. She braided the authors hair.