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Class Project Pair up with someone. Next, identify two purchase situations, one high-involvement (e.g., new running shoes, clothes, cars) and one low-involvement (e.g., fast food, ink pens, soft drinks), which the person has some experience with.

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class project
Class Project
  • Pair up with someone. Next, identify two purchase situations, one high-involvement (e.g., new running shoes, clothes, cars) and one low-involvement (e.g., fast food, ink pens, soft drinks), which the person has some experience with.
  • Elicit the decision criteria that person would use (or used) in buying a brand in the particular product categories you identified earlier.
  • Begin the interview by stating...

"Assume that you are in the market for _________. What factors do you consider when you are deciding what brand of _______ to buy for yourself?”

  • Then ask...

"What two factors are most important to you in making your decision?“

  • Then, for each of these two factors,

"Why is ________ important to you?" Or, "What does ________ give you?"

  • Continue this process for each factor until your partner cannot go on.
  • Swap roles and repeat the process.
motivation and personality
Motivation and Personality
  • Motivation:
  • Personality:
motivation and personality3
Motivation and Personality
  • Basic Issue: Why do consumers behave the way they do? What are consumers trying to accomplish through the purchasing process?
  • Why does a person pay for water when it is free? Once they decide to pay for it, why pay a premium for Perrier or Evian?
  • Why do some people pay $5000 or more for a watch when a $19 Timex works just fine?
  • Must understand Goals to understand behaviors.
  • Consumer have many different sorts of goals
  • Consumers goals are not always obvious
  • Different groups (cultures, segments) may have:
  • Goals have both direction and intensity
needs based view of motivation maslow s hierarchy
Needs-based View of Motivation: Maslow’s Hierarchy

5.Self-actualization: This involves the desire for self- fulfillment, to become all that one is capable of becoming.

4.Esteem: Desires for status, superiority, self-respect, and prestige are examples of esteem needs. These needs relate to the individual’s feelings of usefulness and accomplishment.

3.Belongingness: Belongingness motives are reflected in a desire for love, friendship, affiliation, and group acceptance.

2.Safety: Feeling physical safety and security, stability, familiar surroundings, and so forth are manifestations of safety needs. They are aroused after physiological motives are minimally satisfied, and before other motives.

1.Physiological: Food, water, sleep, and to a limited extent, sex, are physiological motives. Unless they are minimally satisfied, other motives are not activated.



common motives and associated marketing behaviors
Common Motives and Associated Marketing Behaviors
  • Need for Consistency (use information from credible sources)
  • Need to Categorize (price lining, odd-pricing)
  • Need for Autonomy (custom products, “limited editions”, DIY)
  • Need for Stimulation (impulse purchases, new and improved)
  • Need for Tension Reduction (show recreation, leisure time)
  • Need for Expression (symbolic products, self-concept)
  • Need for Ego Defense and reinforcement (conspicuous consumption)
  • Need for Assertion (power, accomplishment, esteem)
  • Need for Affiliation (altruism, social consciousness, groups)
developing strategies around consumer motives
Developing Strategies Around Consumer Motives
  • Identify product and purchasing situation
  • Select most relevant product features and benefits that are consistent with goals.
  • All individuals have internal characteristics or traits
  • Consumer personality will many times impact motives
brand personalities
Brand Personalities
  • Brands have a set of human characteristics that become associated with that brand. This is an acquired image of the brand.
  • There are five core dimensions of brand personality, each divided into a set of facets:
    • Sincerity
    • Excitement
    • Competence
    • Sophistication
    • Ruggedness
Each facet is measured by a set of traits. The trait measures are taken using a five-point scale (1= not at all descriptive, 5=extremely descriptive) rating the extent to which each trait describes the specific brand of interest. The traits used for each of the facets are:
    • Down-to-earth (down-to-earth, family-oriented, small-town)
    • Honest (honest, sincere, real)
    • Wholesome (wholesome, original)
    • Cheerful (cheerful, sentimental, friendly)
    • Daring (daring, trendy, exciting)
    • Spirited (spirited, cool, young)
    • Imaginative (imaginative, unique)
    • Up-to-date (up-to-date, independent, contemporary)
    • Reliable (reliable, hard working, secure)
    • Intelligent (intelligent, technical, corporate)
    • Successful (successful, leader, confident)
    • Upper class (upper class, glamorous, good looking)
    • Charming (charming, feminine, smooth)
    • Outdoorsy (outdoorsy, masculine, Western)
    • Tough (tough, rugged)
describe the personality of the following
Describe the personality of the following:
  • Red Bull
  • Scion
  • Blockbuster Video
  • Wal-Mart
  • Toyota
  • Tab
  • Aquafina
  • Seiko
  • Texas Instruments
  • Chico’s