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Are You READY? PowerPoint Presentation
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Are You READY?

Are You READY?

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Are You READY?

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  1. Are YouREADY? Jessica Edwards, RN, BSN Connie Lindsey, RN, MSN Ann Reed, RN, MSN Iva Scroggins, RN, BSN Emily Snider, RN, BSN Tracy Tidwell, RN, MSN, CPNP Christy Zarski, RN Le Bonheur Children’s Medical Center Memphis, TN Service, Quality, Integrity, Teamwork

  2. Our story… • Recognized high level of family stress • Families continually voiced “feeling of loss of control” • Desire to improve patient/family satisfaction Service, Quality, Integrity, Teamwork

  3. READY…to Make a Change? Problem: Nurses on 5-South were frustrated with method of reporting and low patient satisfaction scores Families on 5-South were frustrated with lack of information and ability to influence plan of care Unit as a whole realized that we needed to focus more on involving the parent/patient in the decision process Bedside Nurse-to-Nurse Report was one of the methods selected to begin our “NEW” way of looking at things Service, Quality, Integrity, Teamwork

  4. Why we do what we do… A Picture Tells It All • Parents/Caregivers know their children best. • Involving the family in the care plan instills trust and cooperation • Everyone has a need to feel involved and important Service, Quality, Integrity, Teamwork

  5. Are YouREADY? WE ARE…Bedside Nurse to Nurse Report Is A Great Method of Practicing Family-Centered Care RReassures patients and caregivers that we work as a team E Ensures interaction between staff and caregivers A Ability to visualize and prioritize care D Decrease caregivers anxiety over plan of care Y Yields happier staff, patients, and families! Service, Quality, Integrity, Teamwork

  6. Our Research Team A group of nurses were selected from the neuroscience unit that all showed interest in being leaders to implement change & were interested in family centered care. ADN, BSN, and MSN prepared nurses Staff nurses, patient coordinators, director, upper management and nurse practitioner Various levels of experience on neuroscience unit

  7. Bedside Report Design A retrospective analysis to analyze data from the previous six month of patient satisfaction surveys A retrospective analysis of clock-out times of 5S RN’s over a six month period A prospective analysis using convenient sampling to collect data from the patient satisfaction surveys Nurses were asked to complete a questionnaire prior to and six months after the implementation of bedside reporting Data was statistically compared to determine, if any, correlation existed between bedside reporting and patient satisfaction surveys

  8. Data Analysis: Bedside Report Answers to the patient satisfaction survey were collected and plotted by the QI department to determine if there was increase in satisfaction after implementation of bedside reporting Answers obtained from nursing questionnaires were evaluated to determine if RN satisfaction with the reporting system improved after implementation of bedside reporting

  9. Measurement Tools • Patient Satisfaction Surveys • How would you rate concern of the nursing unit staff for your requests • How would you rate the availability of your child’s nurses • How well did nurses keep you informed about your child’s treatment and condition • Did the staff on your nursing unit show respect for you and your child’s needs • How would you rate the overall teamwork of the hospital staff who took care of your child

  10. Service, Quality, Integrity, Teamwork

  11. Service, Quality, Integrity, Teamwork

  12. Service, Quality, Integrity, Teamwork

  13. $18,494 $12,019 Service, Quality, Integrity, Teamwork

  14. Service, Quality, Integrity, Teamwork

  15. Advantages of Bedside Report • Accountability • Relay accurate information on patient • Both nurses visualize patient • Increased patient and family involvement Service, Quality, Integrity, Teamwork

  16. Disadvantages of Bedside Report Time consuming when staffing does not permit a free charge nurse Some families not receptive

  17. Outcomes of Bedside Report • Increase in Satisfaction of Patients/Parents/Caregivers • Increase in Satisfaction of Nurses • Decrease in the amount of time Nurses stayed “Over Shift”

  18. Future Recommendations Add other elements such as • 100% Utilization of Updating White Boards during Bedside Report • Computer Documentation Check • Ongoing evaluation of ways to engage parental/patient involvement in the formal plan of care