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What Does The Future Hold For Digital Marketing? PowerPoint Presentation
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What Does The Future Hold For Digital Marketing?

What Does The Future Hold For Digital Marketing?

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What Does The Future Hold For Digital Marketing?

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  1. What Does The Future Hold For Digital Marketing?

  2. With the way and rate at which technology is developing, it’s inevitable that the world of digital marketing will have to move quickly to keep up, and in fact, it’s moving at a rate of knots. With advances in voice activation and artificial intelligence, to the growing popularity of visual searches, here are a few insights into what the future holds for digital marketing:

  3. • Voice activated searches This technology is advancing all the time, and many modern U.S. households contain at least one device that functions using voice activation. For digital marketing, however, it’s proving difficult to use this tech to its full advantage, since it is yet to be monetised, making it hard for companies to make any money from it in the way that other channels of marketing do. That said, there is no doubt that voice activated searches will continue to feature in some marketing campaigns, especially considering their introduction into cars, which could lead the way for geo-targeting and for non-virtual stores to try and attract local business.

  4. • Artificial intelligence and machine learning: With data signals going off the charts, the sheer amount of data to be processed makes analysis and learning from statistics, incredibly difficult. Human marketers struggle to articulate their findings and put them to good use, paving the way for machine learning and artificial intelligence. AI can be used to automatically analyse data findings, and machine learning will then help optimise PPC accounts. With this technological assistance, human marketers are afforded more time to focus on other strategic sides of digital campaigns and can progress from mere optimisers to fully fledged consultants.

  5. • Visual searches: With research showing that visual searches on social media platforms have skyrocketed in recent months, it’s clear that the future of searching will centre around images instead of words. Many digital marketers are now investing in this type of technology, making it one of the year’s hottest trends so far.

  6. • Video: For companies and brands to stand out from the crowded digital market space, they must invest their time, money and energies in creating stunning videos that centre around quality, not mere quantity. Video content is all over the internet, and while this form of marketing will doubtless always prove popular, digital marketers need to keep up with trends and tech advances to ensure that their videos offer a compelling and effective multisensory experience for consumers. Video marketing needs to be seen as a complete strategy in its own right, and not just something that is played out on Facebook or other social media platforms.

  7. Digital marketing is becoming more popular and effective with every passing month, and these four trends are just a small example of the ways in which the industry will continue to grow well into the future.

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